Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Announcement: Humor Month on The Radical Virgo

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No kidding. April is National Humor Month in the USA. It makes sense that April Fool’s Day would kick off a month of pranks and funny business.

As you know, anything Radical is a little offbeat with the rest of the world and marches to the beat of a different drummer. To keep you laughing long after the National Humor Month celebrations, May will be Humor Month on the Radical Virgo. Here are some of the features you can anticipate—until you get the punchline and the posts themselves “in person.”

May 9 – Interview with Swami Beyondananda You’ve already met him through his Daily Laughsitive on the sidebar of The Radical Virgo. Learn more about what’s happunning with the Swami, AKA Steve Bhaerman, and his Wake Up Laughing campaign. His website is your one-stop spot for consciousness and comedy, for new age humor,

May 18 -  Astrology and Humor – How humor is built into astrology and why it’s a miracle.

May 23 - Funny Movies for Your Sign – Need a lift? Here are some movies that will have you zodi-yukking it up.

Astrology is funnier than you thought.


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