Monday, September 17, 2018

Autumn/Fall Seesaw

Poem ©2018 by Joyce Mason

Wiping the sweat of Virgo off my brow,
I flash back to summer: fast growth, Sun and Moon rulers chasing their unruly children into new experiences on life’s playground.

I stop, breathe in all the blues and blessings of the last season.
Sit for me on the other side of Libra’s Scale.
Balance with me, the ups and downs of this teeter-totter life.
Watch your growth whiz by in the replay.

Take a deep breath, exhale and make room for what’s to come:
autumn, such beauty it borders on pain.
The heart-expanding Season of Gratitude melting into the Rebirth of Light.

This seesaw, Zodiac Circle always perfect if we have the eyes
to see what we saw.


Photo Credit:  © Prazis Images -