Friday, January 6, 2017

All Planets Direct: A Month-Long Window for Manifestation

Jan. 7 – Feb. 6, 2017

© 2017 by Joyce Mason

A Radical Virgo Vision in Action Post

Here’s an article I invite you to consider on the website The Usual Routine (T.U.R.). It states that the ancients saw all planets moving in direct motion as opportune times of great fortune. It’s tantamount to the entire cosmos shouting as we journey through space, “All systems go!” All planets on deck and the people on them!

This cosmic event is the perfect time to kick off my first Radical Vision in Action post. The two levels where we can help ourselves and the world condition are on the inner plane and in the outer world. For this first Radical Vision/Action post, I’d like to focus on the inner plane or the energy field surrounding all living things.

From here on out, I’ll refer to it simply as “the field.” Most people underestimate the power of the thoughts and feelings we pump into the field. I like this paragraph from Noetic Balancing on how this all fits together:

“The energy field surrounding living things is difficult or impossible to measure using current scientific techniques. However, science and spirituality are on a convergent course. Eventually, we will have instruments that can reflect an individual’s state of balance. When we turn the corner from science, we must consider the universal characteristics of energy. Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable and the String Theory suggests that differences in physical matter are simply variations in energy vibrations. In a similar fashion, each human is composed the divine energy of the Soul in the form of body, thought, and spirit. Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person, the energy is the person, the core. This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. Since the body is a manifestation of human energy, dis-harmony in the energy field will cause dis-ease in the body. If the human energy field is out of balance, the body will be out of balance.”

The same goes, of course, for collective bodies like families, political parties, countries—and indeed, the world. To help yourself balance and heal yourself, to take advantage of a period where you can surf the cosmic waves easily helps not only you but the entire universe.

What is this world coming to?

If you find yourself thinking or articulating some variation of this phrase, know you have the power to help change it on the inner, in the field, especially during this month-long window of opportunity.

For the next 30 days, I invite you to participate in a Radical experiment. Here are my suggested game rules:

1.   Do not feed your fears.
2.   Envision the world as you want it to be.
3.   In your visions, do no harm to others or yourself.
4.   Participate in collective meditations affirming peace and wisdom in our world, such as Rare Astrology: All Planets Direct Synchronized Meditation or The Liberty Bell Minute Meditation. (For the latter, after affirming May Wisdom Prevail in the United States of America I affirm three times: May Wisdom Prevail in the World. There’s no reason why those living in another country can’t do this meditation and substitute your own country's name. While the Liberty Bell is a US symbol, it’s also a universal one. The desire for Liberty is a value most people on Earth share. It’s a great rallying concept.)
5.   Note any changes that happen as a result of these practices. (I’d love you to share them in the Comments.)

Feeding Fear, the Mortal Sin

Apologies to those who were also raised Catholic, but the metaphor is too spot-on to overlook. I first saw Please Don’t Feed the Fears on Facebook as a sign, a play on “Please don’t feed the bears.” If you feed the fears, they’ll feed on you. You’ll find yourself an entrée to all your demons. You’ll fill the field with fear and more fear. Fear energy and thoughts are highly contagious. You not only hurt yourself; you hurt everyone else.

For those worried about the results of the US election, Brexit and any number of terrorist and scary events happening worldwide; this is for your consideration. The way the world works, things manifest from the inside out. The more people who focus on the world as they want it to be, the more their vision will become “matter” in the real world. I’m not talking about rose-colored glasses but rather a refusal to buy into doom and gloom, no matter how things look on the outside. If we buy into “what we see is what we get,” that’s what we’ll get. There’s no change possible.

What we see on Earth now is part of a process—one we can contribute to by how we think, feel and act. Certainly, act on what you do not accept. Write letters, protest, elect officials who support what you believe is life-affirming. But the most important thing we can do is an inner job to hold ourselves to spreading love, not fear. I know that isn’t easy, to assess what is an imminent threat opposed to identifying and letting go of worst-case maybes. (We have an inner alarm system for a reason.) The other important mental picture to hold: Any current chaos is the precursor to knowing what on Earth is going on. Confusion precedes new creation and clarity.

Time Well Spent

At the beginning of this month where the planets all are direct, consider working from the inside out to accomplish whatever you want for yourself and others. After that, you might want to keep going—stoking positive visions and letting go of fear.

Together, we might just change the world.


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Happy Epiphany on Jan. 6, The Coming of the Three Astrologers

Monday, January 2, 2017

Radical Repost: The Winter Signs

A Quiet Contemplation of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Article © 2013 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

If you covet your alone time and replenish yourself with things such as meditation, quiet reading, or writing your innermost thoughts in your journal, you are an introvert. If you charge your batteries among people, the more the merrier, you are an extrovert. Vive la différence
I call these distinct orientations Innies and Outies.  Some of us are a bit of both, but the true test is the battery charger. If the last place you want to go is to a party when you’re tired and need replenishment, you are an Innie. If you avoid crowds like a computer virus--Innie. Can’t stand to be alone for very long, even when you’re blue? Outie.
These perspectives have a lot to do with managing winter.
The Innie 500
Extreme introverts usually have no problem identifying themselves as such. All their lives they have been called shy, wallflowers, reserved or withdrawn. People more in the middle of the two extremes, but who are introverts by the recharge test, often don’t realize this fact about themselves until later in life. I know many people, myself included, who tested in their younger days as extroverts on the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory.  Later, as they individuate and express who they really are, they are surprised to go from an “E” to an “I.” The Inventory tests your preference on four personality pairs:
  • Extraversion or Introversion E or I
  • Sensing or Intuition S or N
  • Thinking or Feeling T or F
  • Judging or Perceiving J or P

The reason some introverts ever tested as extroverts is because the Western world rewards extroversion and most introverts adapt their behavior toward outgoing to reap the rewards of their culture. Go-getters get the job, not those who are a man or woman of few words who enter the interview in a calm, meditative state. Americans, especially, love people with big personalities.
The majority of introverts become very adaptable, feigning extroversion to survive. This switch of orientation is rarely asked of extroverts—unless they become inner seekers and learn the value of stillness and listening to their own thoughts. The great gurus and avatars tell us every truth we ever need to know is within us.
Going within is the reason for winter, the most introverted season of the year.
Annual R&R
Winter asks us to slow down, regardless of whether we’re Innies or Outies. It’s a time everyone needs to recharge, even if society doesn’t support it—and even if you’re an extrovert with little experience directing energy inward. I’m not saying you need to quit your job or go on a retreat from Winter Solstice till Spring Equinox; however, a retreat sometime during these three months isn’t a bad idea, and creating at least mini-retreats during this time is crucial to remaining a well-functioning human being.
It occurred to me that the winter signs would have some hints about ways we can do that in an optimal way, complementing the Sun’s movement through each sign during the dark months of the year.
Winter into Spring is not just the name of one of my favorite New Age albums by George Winston; it’s a good tagline for the winter signs, as it grounds us clearly in the process Capricorn through Pisces represents, going from most dark to the cusp of increasing light—from slowdown to “springing” into new activity. Here are some thoughts on how this works.
Capricorn.  (Dec. 21, 20012 – Jan. 18, 2013.) As the Cardinal sign that “opens” for winter in the carnival of animals in the sky, a Goat greets us as we plunge into the darkest night of the year. It’s a great time to learn more about the mythology of Capricorn. You’ll learn about Pricus, father of a race of sea-goats who live near the seashore. They are intelligent creatures who think, speak and are said to be favored by the gods. (Hear that, Caps? You’re smart and lucky!)

Chronos, the god of time, created Pricus. Chronos is also Father Time, the old man dressed as Death as another year passes and the baby New Year is born. I’ll leave it up to you to read the full tale in the link, but it has to do with manipulating time. When the Sun is in this sign, every January 1, we change calendars to a new year. It’s a great time to ponder where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing with the days, months and years you’ve been allotted—and if the sand is more on the bottom than the top of your hourglass, a time to prioritize and ponder if you’re going to get done everything you set out to do this lifetime. Touching base with time is very therapeutic and important to pairing your purpose with progress.
My New Year ritual includes a systematic review of the year that just passed. Capricorn (my Moon) loves organization, structure and getting serious about things. As an Innie, I keep a journal, writing down dreams and observations throughout the year. I relish New Year’s Day, when I review the previous year’s journal. It is often revealing about where I’ve been and where I’m headed. I’m often too busy in the doing to understand the nuances of what I’ve been through and how much I’ve grown. This annual review is the literary equivalent of my height recorded periodically as a kid in pencil on the pantry door. I recommend this or any other kind of evaluation of where you stand in time against what you want to accomplish, modified by asking yourself the most important final question, Am I happy? Happiness trumps any amount of shoulda’s.
Aquarius.  (Jan. 19, 2013 – Feb. 17, 2013) This time of year suits extroverts, since the sign of Aquarius is friendly, communicative and loves groups. As the middle month in the winter cycle in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the best time to take a bit of a break from the slowdown to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day and to think about your friendships and community relationships. Both Outies and Innies do this best by being with people, then taking some contemplative time later to ask if your friendships and community are serving you well—and how you’re serving them. This would be an ideal time for looking at synastry between your chart and your closest friends. The same works for groups. If you volunteer for a charity, it had a start date (usually when it filed its nonprofit papers) and a birth chart. Same with your neighborhood or community. When was your city incorporated? Are these friends and communities of various kinds in your life still a fit? Are there areas of stress that need repair?  Sometimes the detached, astrological viewpoint can be a guiding light for making changes during the livelier months of the year, if you reflect on them during the most natural season of downtime.
Pisces.  (Feb. 18, 2013 – Mar. 19, 2013) When the Sun is in Pisces, it’s “the dark of the Sun,” parallel to the dark of the Moon—the last weeks before the darkest season of the year fades and life bursts forth into the light of spring. It’s a time of endings and dying. This is perhaps the most important time all year for quiet and rest. It is the end of the cycle of the natural year which is born anew on Spring Equinox. Think of the Pisces Fish and go underwater.
This is a time to contemplate your emotions, sensitivities, dreams, and whatever brings you bliss—meditation, prayer, music or silence. What ingredients do you contribute to the cosmic soup? How do you lose yourself in others or because of them? How are you doing with saying those necessary noes? And what does it feel like to be lost? Let yourself be directionless and egoless for a while; allow yourself time in the fog. You’ll pick up all kinds of information on intuitive levels that you’ll bring with you into spring. It can be a true balm to simply float and let information come to you from the inside out. Innies are probably already very familiar with this process. Outies may be surprised at what you’ll discover.
Late winter can be a time when we’re more prone to illness and need much more rest than normal. Plan your life to embrace this need and postpone new projects and amped up activity until late March. Relish this time of final gestation before for nature’s rebirth—and yours on the Spring Equinox.
Whenever you honor the wisdom of winter, your spring is bound to be a clean slate and a true, new beginning. This cycle of beginnings, fulfillment and endings is the continuous gift of life.
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Postcript: The Jung Typology Test or Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, like astrology, can explain a lot about you. I’d encourage readers who haven’t already to take the test and read some of the write-ups about your configuration. I’m an INFJ. Please comment and share your four!