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Astrology and Past Lives

The Nodal Axis: The South Node and Where We Come From

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For 21 years, I have combined Past Life Therapy and Astrology. I realize there is more I don't know about karma than I do!  But working in both mediums enables me to get past conjecture.  In some cases, too, I have the privilege of seeing karma working out or dissolving.

A word about Karma:  It is time to view the subject with less terror than viewed in other centuries and cultures.  It is an automatic system of justice, and we all love justice.  

We can work to mitigate it, first, by not incurring more, i.e. through non-violence and harmlessness, but also by being proactive, authentic and not allowing ourselves victimhood.

I picked up my first book on Astrology in 1970, before modern psychological astrology had taken hold and  before computerized research was possible. Many of the books at the time were still very fatalistic in their approach.  Back then, the interpretation of the North Node was where “the Lord giveth” and the fear-inducing South Node where “the Lord taketh away.”  I did not find this very appealing, and left the Nodes out of the equation until 20 years later when I came upon the Karmic Astrology of Martin Schulman, and the revelatory interpretations of regression therapist Judy Hall.  Here were approaches I could work with.  My view now is that the Nodal Axis is a continuum, and while some sources indicate abandoning the past-life habits of the South Node, I see the axis as a path to wholeness. 

I am offering here 12 possible Archetypal South Node portraits or vignettes, built up from different sources and partly from the experiences of clients but told in such a way as to avoid revealing their intensely personal stories.  There is nothing subtle about the following vignettes. Indeed they are often one-dimensional, so you may or may not resonate with them, but at least may find them thought-provoking.  They may reconnect you with your South Node, if you are at the second stage of your journey, for many people cut off their South Node mode of being when they step towards their North Node karmic mission at a specific point in early adulthood. They may not be able to carry the South Node ways of being, and it is simpler to drop them.  Some consciously dismantle their South Node Archetype, or feel it would hold them back. Not everyone is destined in this lifetime to attempt the third stage, which is to combine the North and South Node in wholeness.  The journey starts with the South Node (Stage 1), and babies display the characteristics of the South Node more purely, before their karmic path has started. We can scoop up our past-life talents (Stage 1) and draw upon them as we venture forth to perfect the qualities of our North Node (Stage 2) and bring the two ends of the axis together (Stage 3).

Developing the North Node and planets located near the the North Node are subjects for future writing.

How to Read the Portraits for Personal Application

  1. If you have a planet conjunct your South Node find that, e.g  Mars conjunct South Node under Aries.
  2. If you do not have a planet conjunct your South Node, read the sign of your South Node.
  3. If you have a planet square to your Nodal Axis, you will find a description under the sign ruled by that planet.
  4. If you do not know your South Node sign read your Sun sign, i.e. read South Node in Aries if you are Sun sign Aries.

South Node in Aries

Mars conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Warrior
Place:  England
Time:  A.D. 61

I am Bodicea and it has fallen to me to stand up for my tribe.  I have to protect and defend my people and when the invaders are in the way. I have to assert our rights and deal with them.  I live in the moment - it’s the only way to get things done!  None of this past-life nonsense for me.

The past life gift I bring with me is to be my authentic self.

Mars square to the Nodes:  This signifies the need to integrate the warrior aspect harmoniously into life.

North Node in Libra: The karmic mission is to promote peace, to harmonize with another in close relationship, marriage or business partnership.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Aries and Libra:  This entails knowing when to assert yourself, when to be peaceful, when to be selfish and when to yield.

South Node in Taurus
Venus conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Artist
Place:  Lemuria
Time: 60,000 BC

I am Croar and I live close to the earth and nature and am inspired by its beauty.  I reflect that love by creating pots and tools, making them as fine as I can using the natural materials around me.  I love my family and our animals but my connection with the Earth is stronger than anything.  I’m a troglodyte, engraving  petroglyphs,  and dodging pterodactyls!
The gift I bring with me from my past life is an appreciation of the beauty in nature, and an ability to express this through art forms.

Venus square to the Nodes in Fixed or Mutable Signs:  This creates a greater challenge to express relationship and Art in a wider way which takes into account the needs of a group.

North Node in Scorpio:  My karmic mission is to face the transformative nature of life, including my own fears, and to search for the hero within.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Taurus and Scorpio:  Balance between the material and non-material worlds and to understand when it is time for new beginnings, when forms in life are to be sustained and supported, and to know when the time is right for endings.

South Node in Gemini
Mercury conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Teacher
Place:  America
Time: 1920s

I am a born teacher.  My name is Carina and I live in
Chicago in 1920s.  I am stimulated by all the exchange of views going on here, and the inspiring architecture.  My friends discuss the evolutionary theory of Darwin and the new science of Psychology as developed by Sigmund Freud.  Very interesting in theory, but I wouldn’t actually want to go to see an Analyst! I love knowledge, and I love my subject, and that’s what motivates me. 

The gift I bring with from this past life is the ability to focus the mind and the mental agility to communicate my knowledge to people.

Mercury square to the Nodes in Mutable Signs:  The drive to communicate can sometimes be taken to extremes or be inappropriate, or result in losing sight of other more instinctual needs.

North Node in Sagittarius: My karmic mission is to widen my area of consciousness and to explore mentally, if not also physically.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Gemini and Sagittarius:  To master the principle of communication and understand at what point in the continuum information needs to be placed.

South Node in Cancer

Moon conjunct the South Node
Archetype: The Parent
Country: Africa
Time:  1875 A.D.

My name is Ndola.  I live in a roundhouse, as part of a community and tribe.  I am an elder, right now devoted to my grandson, the newest member of our tribe!  I am happy as long as the milk is flowing for our babies.  Mother Earth sustains us, and we collectively honour her, in ritual and ceremony.  We also use her special plants and herbs for our healing.  Whenever I hear our drumbeats, I attune to her rhythms. Our tribe lives and moves as one, trance dancing to the patterns of the bright star Sirius.

The gift I bring with me from my past life is the ability to bring my tribe together.

Moon square to the Nodes:  A need to build constructively the power of nurturing in your life.

North Node in Capricorn: To understand the need for structures in society, which can serve the needs and emotions of the people.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Cancer and Capricorn: To balance responsibility and nurturing in a supportive lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

South Node in Leo

Sun conjunct South Node
Archetype:  Royalty
Time: 44 BC

My name is Cleopatra and I am Queen of Egypt.  Don’t you believe me?  I know, you’ve heard it all before.  Everybody wants to be me or thinks they are me!  But I am really the Queen.  Can you not tell I have the taste, and the breeding?  I want to express myself and be creative and joyful, and in order to do that I need to be in control of my world and all the subjects in it.  My Soul Group is working on divine rights (or diva rights).  My leading man Mark Anthony and I, we’ve have had our ups and downs, but you’d expect a little drama in the life of a Queen.

The gift I can bring to my current life is a sense of self-worth (if I can allow it in), keeping the crown jewels of nobility, integrity and self-esteem.

Sun square to the Nodes:  May bring the urge to challenge power in others or in society.  Need to foster positive models of power.

North Node in Aquarius:  Working towards ways of being in groups without dominating but in an empowered way.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Leo and Aquarius:  Ability to stand in own individuality and in a group and contribute in a positive way without overpowering others.

South Node in Virgo 

Mercury conjunct South Node
Chiron conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Craftsperson
Place:  Switzerland
Time:  1850

My name is Hans and I am a specialist precision watchmaker in
Zermatt. People don't try to take the trouble to do a fine job anymore, but here I uphold that tradition and hope it continues in generations to come.  I do not presume to understand the world, but I know my place in it.  I start with a spotless environment--you won’t find any dust in my watches!

The gift I bring with me to this life is the ability to apply myself in my work and attend to detail.  My nervous system remembers the patterns of coordination I used in the past.

Mercury square the Nodal Axis - A need to be more sensitive and alive to varying demands in teaching roles.

Chiron square the Nodal Axis - Very individualistic. Can find unusual solutions to problems.

North Node in Pisces:  Subtle ways of being, and of giving service.  Perfecting the spiritual path.

Integration of Nodal Axis of Virgo and Pisces:  The ability to give service, in the community and in the world.

Vignettes from Libra through Pisces continued below ...

 “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar.”

~ William Wordsworth

South Node in Libra

Venus conjunct South Node
Archetype: The
: Ancient Greece
Time: 421 BC

My name is Demis. I live in Corinth and try to smooth relations between  Athens and Sparta. I can see both their qualities and greatness and feel that I can bring them together.  There are plenty of people practising the art of war, but not enough cultivating the art of peace.  I love justice, too, having been educated in philosophy and law and hope one day that all people will accept the balance it brings. I am proud, too, of the artistic achievements of my country, which I think are outstanding. For beauty is truth and truth beauty, as you can see on this urn that I have before me. Maybe one day a poet will capture that essence.

The gift I bring with me to this life is the ability to bring people together by emphasizing their similarities, and creating harmony.  Deep in my heart, I desire peace.

Venus square the Nodal Axis in Cardinal or Mutable signs The path of true love does not always run smoothly.  Dedicated to working out karmic relationships and to working problems out peacefully.

North Node in Aries:  To develop individuality without fear or guilt.  To learn self-assertion.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Aries and Libra:  This entails knowing when to assert yourself, when to be peaceful, when to be selfish and when to yield.

South Node in Scorpio
Pluto conjunct South Node
Archetype:   The Seafarer
Place: Scandinavia
Time: 1002 A.D.

My name is Erik and I am a Viking.  I have a lot of emotional drive and energy. Weaving through our local waters, I just have to look into the fjords to regenerate myself.  I couldn't live my life cut off from that source like some lands we have visited.  I like a challenge and don’t necessarily do things the easy way.  The force of the Norse gods is with me!

The gift I bring with me from this past life is to be unafraid of deep water, whether in nature or in one’s own psyche.

Pluto square to the Nodes:  To see the challenges of life and society and not to shy away from them.  A bit of a revolutionary.

North Node in Taurus: Working towards a more creative and constructive lifestyle or spiritual path.

Integrated Nodal Axis of Taurus and Scorpio: Balance between the material and non-material worlds and to understand when it is time for new beginnings, when forms in life are to be sustained and supported, and to know when the time is right for endings.

South Node in Sagittarius 

Jupiter conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Explorer
Place: South America
Time:  1836 A.D.

I am Rodriguez and I am an explorer. I have been everywhere, searching for...something.  Last year I came across an ancient temple, pyramid-like, resembling something from Babylon. Hidden away behind thickets it was. I'm a Christian but I've always been fascinated by the sacred, where man communes with God or the gods. Anyway, you'll never believe it (why am I telling you this?) but I ran. I ran right away because I couldn't handle the responsibility!  It's the thrill of the chase, for me, with temples.

The gift I bring with me from this past life is open-mindedness, especially towards other religions.

Jupiter square to the Nodes:  May have the Explorer Archetype in past lives, and may need to balance your restlessness in this lifetime.  There may also be residual religious guilt to release.

North Node in Gemini: The need to focus the mind and develop the Inner Teacher

Integrated Nodal Axis of Gemini and Sagittarius: To master the principle of communication and understand at what point in the continuum information needs to be placed.

South Node in Capricorn
Saturn conjunct South Node
Archetype:  The Politician
Time: 1905

My name is Piotr, and I whisper in the corridors of power. But even the whispering has rules. You speak only when you are spoken to by someone above your rank. You only speak that which is necessary and the bare minimum and for a serious purpose.  Every word is weighed carefully.  And information is classified, on a need-to-know basis.  Sssh!  I cannot tell you anything at the moment.  Sometimes you'd think this was an old Trappist monastery.

The gift I bring with me from this past life is discipline, the ability to be measured and work quietly towards my goal.

Saturn square the Nodal Axis:  Being so focused and goal-orientated, there’s a need to remember to keep the heart open. 

North Node in Cancer:  Family values and parenting nurtured and the strong sense of the tribe and its needs.

Integrated Nodal Axis for Cancer and Capricorn: To balance responsibility and nurturing in a supportive lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

South Node in Aquarius

Uranus conjunct South Node 
Archetype:  The Technician
Place: Atlantis
Time: 50,000 B.C.

My name is Barbarella. I live in Poseidia, and I am androgynous, but that might change in the future.  I use lasers and crystals in my work, and my group is helping to develop a large crystal we call “the Collider", which has great potential.  Tremendous intelligence is networked within the group, and I’m excited by all the new developments.  I certainly know the work we do is powerful… sometimes I do wonder about the consequences, but brush any such thoughts aside.  It'll be fine. I'll just press this button and....

The gift I have brought into my current life from Atlantis is future vision and a love of progress and technological advancement.  I have the capacity for dispassionate scientific thought.

Uranus square the Nodal Axis: Indicates the need to apply knowledge and inner knowing ethically and safely on behalf of groups and society.  There is a desire to shake up the existing order.

North Node in Leo:  The need to develop a stronger relationship with one’s own power, the integration of the personality, and to strengthen self-esteem.

Integration of the Nodal Axis for Leo and Aquarius:  Ability to stand in one’s own individuality and in a group and contribute in a positive way without overpowering others.

Confusion is the highest state because it comes just before knowing. ~ Suzuki

South Node in Pisces
Neptune conjunct the South Node
Archetype:  The Mystic
Place: Polynesian islands
Time: 1200 A.D.

My name is Enui, and I come from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).  Well part of me lives here, but I come from other places, too.  We have a mystical consciousness, moving and shape-shifting in and out of different dimensions.  As a fishing race, sea creatures are sacred to us, especially the Turtle.  I have seven parallel lives, including one on the Pleiades.  I can see you find that hard to believe.  Why limit your consciousness?
The gift I have brought forward into my life is multidimensional consciousness, a way of being which is still in the memory banks for access.

Neptune square to the Nodes:  Confusing to yourself and others, but at the same time challenging them to open their minds, confusion being part of the transition state.

North Node in Virgo:  The karmic mission is to hone your skills, be aware of detail, moving away from scattered thinking and action.

Integration of Nodal Axis for Virgo and Pisces:  The ability to give service, in the community and in the world.


Lana Wooster has been working with Astrology for 41 years and Past-Life Regression for 21 years. She also has experience in leading a variety of meditation groups. Lana has the Sun in Sagittarius, Ascendant in Taurus and Moon in Libra. Visit her website, Astrology and Past Lives for complete bio, information on her services, and her blog. To reach her:

Photo Credits: Starry background of deep outer space © Clearviewstock | Mandala and Wordsworth quote from Lana Wooster’s website, used with permission.


Harriett Broughton said...

Fascinating! I'm 11th House Pisces SN with Mercury square Nodal Axis. Your information resonates with me from all three perspectives.

I'm 5th House Virgo Pluto at 1o conj NN. Really interested in your thoughts about planets conjunct NN.

Lana said...

Thank you, Parin! I am so glad this had the ring of truth for you. I am hoping to write more about this line of work, and your comment has given me great encouragement.
Pluto conjunct NN people have a very special role, in bringing up the shadow. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones has this, and I once read in an interview that he said he held this role in the group. So when it comes to any therapeutic work, you really have the power to do some deep work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lana. Wonderful post on a very intersting subject! I have SN conj Saturn in Aquarius 3rd house. Neptune in Scorpio 12th is squaring it. I have to say the SN Capricorn resonated with me almost more than the Aquarious (although I think being a scientist without some inner spiritual guidance is dangerous indeed). I'm very secretive. (Could of course be my Scorpio Asc). The conj is also the focal point of a Yod. The NN in Leo is my only point in fire, so it's strange to me in many ways, and hard to get to. How would a planet opposing the NN play out?

Lana said...

Hi Natalie!
Thank you for your comment. I am not surprised to hear you say how much you resonated with the SN Capricorn, because the planet at the SN overshadows to some extent the sign it is in. Having it in the 3rd House of Communication is going to point to some past life training in Silence! Then the Neptune and Scorpio added to the mix, as you say, are going to reinforce secrecy. The planet on the SN, in this case the strong influence of Saturn, may be holding you back from forgeing ahead with the NN development. But recognizing the power of this may itself help you move forward, focussing on the element of fire first then the expression of Leo, until you find the right note. The placing of your NN in the 9th House will give you space to blossom once you find your expression, as the 9th House has many avenues of possibility.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great answer. I have a very strong 9th (a 4-planet stellium in Virgo), and I make my living as a fiction writer. This is a solitary job, and suits me perfectly, but I do have to promote myself and my books from time to time, and that's really pushing me out of my comfort zone! Altough my first instinct is to hide under the neares table, I can't do that. (for one thing my publisher would kick my behind if I tried). If I want to sell books so I can keep writing, there's just no other way! Because of this, my confidence has grown. I'm almost enjoying it now! So perhaps I've found a way to express that NN after all.
Best Wishes

Lana said...

Dear Natalie
It’s good to know you are finding the creative path of your Leo NN. It seems to have an interesting role too, in publicity! That certainly adds an extra quality to your 9th House. Good wishes for future writing! Thanks for your story.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list of atributes. I found that the closest one ot how I feel was the one that reflected the house that the nodes were in ie; south node in 7th,north in 1st reading as south node in libra and north in aries which are the natural rulers of those 2 houses. aloha

Lana said...

Thanks very much for these observations. They are valuable to note, and to contemplate.
Best wishes to you,

Mandi Lockley said...

My Sagittarius SN is smiling...thanks for the great article Lana

Lana said...

Thanks so much, Mandi, my Saggy Sun is smiling right back at you!

Anonymous said...

Joyce and Lana,

Thank you SO much for giving us this wonderful article. Lana, you never stop amazing me. I couldn't have told my story better myself. And the Wordsworth quote really speaks to my heart. So beautiful.


Lana said...

That is so sweet of you, auntiemoon! And indeed huge thanks go to Joyce, because I wouldn't have written it if she hadn't invited me to (my Taurus Ascendant just wouldn't have found the energy!). And I did obtain permission from Wordsworth...! Love to you, and thank goodness for the existence of the astroblogosphere, without which I wouldn't have "met" you both!

Anonymous said...

I have South Node in Virgo. It's hard for me to stop thinking.

Unknown said...

Fantastic article. For my SN in pisces and neptune square Nodal Axis it is like singing from the future and past together :).
Thank you (from Czech Republic)...

Lana said...

Dear Vladmira

So heartwarming that you could relate to this work, and fascinating that you are so clear about your Neptunianness!

Thank you for your comment,


jana said...

I have Neptune squaring my north node in my natal chart. Any thoughts on this confusing aspect? 🙄

Lana said...

Lovely to hear from you, Jana!

My interpretation of Neptune square the Nodal Axis would be:

One of your most important karmic missions in this lifetime is to sort out illusion from reality or reality from illusion. A pure diet is good to aim for to create good conditions for clarity of mind to start with, , e.g. through Meditation. The North Node representing the karmic mission may indicate an artistic or musical path or an interest in film studies, which starts out as a hobby and then becomes a path of joyful service. The square to the Nodal Axis may also represent the need to work in co-ordinating groups of people for spiritual or artistic purposes. Spiritually, it shows a mystical path. It goes without saying that a regular practice of grounding is an essential. As indicated in my blog, it can indicate spiritual themes in past lives, island lives, and past life experiences involving water. An example of a famous composer of film music who has this square is Ennio Morricone.

With Much Love, Lana