Sunday, May 30, 2010

Evolution: Homo Sapiens Morphs from Homo Asinine to Homo Improvement

Whadda ya say we all lighten up a little on the Big Change Transits? [1]

I’ve had so much piled on me—husband’s stroke (see Shocking), a dear friend dying, and a variety of personal challenges that could make my head spin. Yet I’m still putting one foot and chuckle in front of the other. I hope I’m a trendsetter. Do you think this is why Jupiter joined Uranus in the opposition to Saturn? To send us lightning bolts of laughter while problems as big elephants are standing on one or both of our feet?

I admit; I told someone recently that I was going to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head, and not come out until 2013, assuming there’s still an Earth. After a good night’s sleep, rapid evolution doesn’t seem quite so awful. Actually, it’s exhilarating.

Scuba Gear and Lemonade for PUNCs

For years, I’ve written that the discovery of Chiron in 1977 heralded a new species. I call our new evolutionary line homo improvement. I don’t think anyone would argue that we could use a new and improved human race, considering the havoc wreaked by the people in the really “off”-shoot species, homo asinine. You know, the Missing Their Link. The folks who destroy their home, wage bloody wars in the name of the divine, and collapse an entire global economic system out of personal greed. The George W. Bush Administration was just a preview of what we’d have in store if we keep teaching our kids miscreationism. No more kid stuff! God/dess is asking us to grow up, and it’s about time.

Chiron is the bridge to the outer planets, spanning the turf from Saturn (the old way of doing things) to Uranus (the new and progressive). Thanks to the healing teachings of Chiron, we can get from Here to There when it comes to great change without having to deep-sea dive in the Ocean of Chaos without scuba gear. I know, it still feels like we’re 20,000 leagues under the sea in thick debris with no visibility, but:

Here’s where two of Chiron’s most appealing teachings help: humor heals and you can make lemons out of lemonade.

Some of us have lived our entire incarnation at the lemonade stand. We are what I call outerplanetary (extraordinary) people, those with the outer planets prominent in our charts. [2] I also call us PUNCs for Plutonian, Uranian, Neptunian, and Chironic. In the near future, I will be revising and updating my OPP (OuterPlanetaryPeople) series [3] that appeared in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine in the ‘90s to give us PUNCs more scuba gear for plunging the depths of change. We are the people who live on the leading edge of evolution who need it the most in the current universal shake-up! Pack your sense of humor in a watertight back.

Something to think about: Those heroes Chiron mentored did extraordinary things. These extraordinary times call for the development of inner heroism. When I think of Chiron’s students, the three that pop to mind first are Jason, Hercules, and Asclepius. Jason went on an epic quest for the Golden Fleece; Hercules had legendary strength; and Asclepius grew up to become the Father of Medicine. To me, this implies:

Chiron helps us in the quest for hidden gold in our lives, in finding our inner strength, and in developing our healer within. All the resources are inside us and the journey is deep into ourselves.

Something I’ve noticed about the “thick” energy and impact on my most personal planets by the Cardinal T-Square Plus is the fact that there is so much going on; I can only deal with one challenge at a time. I’m learning to live in the Now, that virtue spiritual teachers tout. I have no time to worry about what’s next, except for a vague peripheral awareness that there’s a lot more on my plate. I need to keep up my strength, to focus it in present time while keeping some in reserve for what comes next. The urgent nature of today’s problems brings to mind my definition of hero:

A hero is someone who acts unselfishly from his or her Higher Self in urgent circumstances.

When life is coming at you hot ‘n’ heavy, it’s trusting your inner wisdom that gets you through the day. These are times to gather our wits, including being witty. (Don’t put your head in the oven. Go for the laughing gas instead!)

We don’t have to go through the birth canal butt first and create a struggling, breach rebirth for ourselves—another symptom of acting like homo asinine. Whenever there is a large-scale emergency like 9/11, New Orleans, or Haiti, to name a few examples, we get to see what we’re made of and our huge capacity to help one another. We don’t have to wait for localized earth changes to do the Chiron thing—to help others in spite of our own pain. You probably have friends, family, and colleagues who are up to their eyeballs in alligators from the Big Change Transits. They need your time and attention and sense of humor. By being there for them, you can ease their tension and help them get back to center where their power and resourcefulness lives. Giving and receiving are a flow of energy that heals the healer and the healee. We’re all hurting in these times, and we need to focus on love and laughter, not on holding our breath till we turn blue. The more I have reached out, the more my own challenges fall to the background. They are put into perspective in a web of rapid evolution toward living more from the heart.

“The Sky is Falling”

The prevailing tension and worry about the Big Change Transits brings to mind the old fable, The Sky is Falling, about Chicken Little or Henny Penny. An acorn falls on the chicken’s head, so she thinks the sky is crumbling. I was fascinated to discover in the linked Wikipedia article that the story, told for centuries, has different endings. Sometimes Foxy Loxy eats all the other animals (that one’s for the Scorpios) and in differing versions, Foxy may or may not get comeuppance for his heartless murders.

The happy ending version suggests not to be a “chicken,” to have courage, and not to believe everything you’re told. This goes for the Big Change Transits, too. Or to quote my favorite line in the Wiki article:

The Chicken jumps to a conclusion and whips the populace into mass hysteria, which the unscrupulous fox uses to manipulate them for his own benefit, sometimes as supper.

Let’s do our best to avoid whipping the world into mass hysteria over the current outerplanetary line-up, lest we get eaten alive. My mother had a great expression for folks who are slow on the uptake, “Some people need a house to fall on their head.” Let’s help others—and ourselves—get the point of the personal growth the current planetary line-up requires of us. Let’s start when the impact is that of an acorn and not wait till it’s a house falling on our head or the whole sky falling down. Above all, let’s offer a helping hand instead of hyperbole to both others and ourselves during interesting and intense times.

To-Do List

I believe the vast majority of the readers of this blog are PUNCs, because I think the content of The Radical Virgo would appeal primarily to outerplanetary people. Here’s a checklist I offer as a summary of this article, in lieu of The Sky Is Falling, to help yourself and others navigate changing times:

  • Never leave the house without your sense of humor, even if it’s gallows humor. The only way to navigate heavy energy and intense challenges is to lighten up.

  • Help someone, and don’t wait till your friend or family member has a challenge of crisis proportions to offer a hand. It’s in helping that we’ll heal during fast evolution.

  • Set aside time every day to plunge your own depths. Deep change comes from within and cannot occur without regular introspection. Some suggestions are meditation, journaling, or looking at your own astrology chart regularly with “beginner’s mind.”
  •  Monitor your language. We are what we say we are; things become what we affirm. In talking about the current tension among the planets, remind yourself and others how all growth comes from discomfort and resolves to something new, usually better, and often comforting. Look at the squares and oppositions in the charts of famous people and your own evolution for confirmation. Focus on the positive outcome, not the uncomfortable “getting there.”

Species Renaming Contest

Do you think you can improve on homo improvement? In light of this “conversation,” I am beginning to like homo hearty for a new species moniker, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Comment with your idea(s) for a new species name through June 13, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of my new e-book, Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs. Winner announced in the June 14 post.

[1] As of this writing, Saturn has retrograded out its Cardinal position in Libra. Since this is temporary and it’ll be back to Libra shortly, I’ll still call the Pluto/Saturn/Uranus line-up The Cardinal T-Square for the sake of simplicity. When I refer to The Cardinal T-Square Plus, I’m including some of the other challenges like Chiron/Neptune quincunx Saturn and the join-up of Jupiter with Uranus by conjunction.

[2] I consider the outer planets prominent when two or more of the outer planets (Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in close aspect to personal planets in your chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars). You are especially outerplanetary when all the outers aspect your personals. Outer planets placed near the angles or aspecting the angles also qualify as prominent. An additional qualifier for outerplanetary is four or more planets in the signs the outer planets rule: Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio. For these purposes, I count Chiron as an outer planet because of its role in helping us understand and handle the energies of the planets beyond Saturn. With its rulership controversial, let your personal opinion govern which sign to count, if any, as the sign Chiron rules. See Wholeness and the Inner Marriage. I always say, if Chiron has to rule a sign (and I’m not convinced it does), it would be Virgo because it is the transitional sign from the sign of One to the signs of Other and Many Others.

[3] See Articles by Joyce Mason on A Place in Space starting with Outerplanetary (Extraordinary) People, Part 1.

Related Material: Christine Grant has another great checklist and article about navigating the Big Change Transits in her most recent newsletter. Sign up on her website.

Photo Credit: Cartoon Prehistoric Man © Clairev

Monday, May 24, 2010

Astrology and Tarot: The “Astro-Tarot” Reading

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

#2 of 3 of the Astrology-Plus Trilogy

My post on Astrology and Dreams got a lot of nods from readers who like the interface between the stars and their night movies. As an eclectic practitioner over the years with a lot of different tools in her trick bag, I admit that my all-time favorite kind of consultation is the “astro-tarot” reading. (This photo reminds me of myself when I’m in full regalia with my mixed bag, because I often use a pendulum to dowse for flower essences—but that’s another post!)

Astrology in and of itself is a fabulous GPS on the Road of Life. In order to keep a client empowered with the full possibilities of the symbols, it’s often helpful to tap the unconscious of both the reader and seeker. Astrology can put you in the ballpark of the symbols, but tarot can sometimes pin down the exact seat of meaning. Astrology starts in a more left-brained linear way, as we have learned the various generic meanings of the planets, signs, and houses. I’ve found that by inviting Tarot to the party, a right-brained intuitive energy helps me hit a home run on accuracy. The best part is that my clients and I have so much fun with the process!

If you haven’t already read the article Oracular Spectacular or How I Read Tarot Cards on my Writer Joyce Mason website, check out these links! I love involving my clients in sorting out the symbols where we merge our intuition and often come up with guidance gold. I’m telling you, we tingle and laugh with delight over the surprises we discover together.

I find tarot to be especially helpful in giving a deeper understanding to transits. Let’s face it, with any symbol system:

We have to be careful we aren’t just being control freaks trying to predict the future to make life less risky and growy.

When we bring in tarot, dreams, or any other system that mines the subconscious, we are often getting at the stuff a client isn’t even aware is an issue, much less “the” issue. Tarot helps dig out hidden challenges, feelings, and relationships among events that’s tougher to do with astrology alone. So, the person is having a Neptune/Venus transit. What about that helps us find out the actual growth mission lurking beneath the surface of Neptune’s trip to our client’s Planet of Relationship? We have possibilities, but what if we had a way of discovering, together, the most probable lesson? The core information that will make a difference on how s/he acts?

It isn’t our job to impress the client with our psychic skills. It’s much more empowering—and powerful—to show her methods to discover the answers for herself.
The results of this composite way of reading are sometimes highly amusing. I love watching the expression on someone’s face when they “get it” and the insight is surprising. It’s even greater then they’ve helped pull out the hidden thread of meaning. I’ve seen things “pop out” in the cards that have nothing to do with traditional meaning but everything to do with the client’s undiscovered core issue around a transit or natal configuration.

I’ll repeat my all-time favorite. Once I was reading the Death card, which in the Motherpeace deck has a detail of notches in a tree with a snake and skeleton nearby.(My gag reflex has improved since watching Bones and the CSI’s.) My eyes went straight to those notches, and pretty soon, I heard a song in my punny mind, an old train tune, but with a slightly modified title: “The Notches and Topeka and the Santa Fe.” Of course, the actual title is the Atchinson, Topeka, etc. But the tune would not stop, so I asked my client if there was something going on that involved training or trains. After running it back and forth, I got intuitively that someone was trying to “railroad” her, make her do something she didn’t want to do. This actually turned out to be the final death knell of the relationship involved. The key to her ability to act on it was to grasp, completely, the battle of wills. Of course, there were both Pluto and Saturn transits involved, but how much more colorful and close to what she needed to know we got, thanks to the tarot card and the information it evoked.

Maybe I fell in love with the Motherpeace because the cards are round like horoscopes, but it’s very important, if you choose to experiment with this dual reading, to find your deck. (See discussion on A Tarot Blog of round decks.) My Oracles page on has a list of some of my favorites and places you can discover yours.

I would love to hear from readers regarding your experience either giving or receiving mixed media readings. How do you think they enhance astrological information? Are there other combos that work for you, too?

Until you comment, I think I’ll pull a tarot card to figure out why I’m asking you this question, just out of curiosity …


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Healing Poems for the Chiron Signs

As soon as Chiron entered Pisces on April 20, I noticed a trend. Astrology bloggers and their readers were waxing poetic. Posts or comments on Chiron in Pisces contained poems. As a poet, my brain shot into aha! pyrotechnics! Within a week, I gave birth to a new e-book, Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs.

These dozen poems can read on screen or printed out individually and framed or put on your bulletin board to inspire you. They make great gifts, too. Framing the poem for your Chiron sign it is a nice way to keep your journey to wholeness in mind and in perspective. The other eleven poems make great gifts framed, too—or tools to better understand your partner, boss, kids, or that cranky neighbor. Each page contains a single, beautifully illustrated and poetic capsule of one of the Chiron signs. These are more than poems; each has an energy that poured through me in the creative and artistic process.

People can only heal themselves. A healer is someone who sets up an environment or energy that invites and supports the healing process.

Here’s an excerpt from Chiron in Scorpio:

Dots on the skyscape
Tsunami tears frozen
too distant to twinkle

From this abyss of disconnection
clusters of the lost
merge into galaxies

And a snippet from Chiron in Gemini:

Painfully alone
My fragile mind
on the cusp of shattering
I long for a tribe
That speaks my language

I stand up for those who can’t speak up
Or speak out

You can enjoy Poems to Heal the Healer for only $5.95, delivered by e-mail as a PDF file. There are extras! An Introduction about Chiron in Pisces and the arts, an “About Chiron” section, and key words to encourage you to write your own Chiron poem(s) or to explore Chiron through other artistic avenues. See sidebar to order.

I am thrilled with this project, which combines my love of poetry and graphics while healing others and myself in the process. It was an honor to “channel” it. I’m still reverberating!

May Chiron in Pisces bring you much personal integration over the next nine years—and plenty of poems, music, dance and dreams.


Photo Credit: Hands Holding the Sun © Dumitru Andrei ~

About Joyce the Poet: Joyce Mason wrote poems for dozens of literary journals, primarily in the 1970s, and taught in California's Poetry in the Schools program. Two of her poems were recently accepted by Sacramento News & Review to appear on their cultural pages. She plans to publish her first poetry collection in 2010.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chiron’s Keyword Corner: Halves and Composites

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

Chiron of mythology was a half-breed—half-human, half-horse. His top half represents our divine nature in human form, his bottom half our baser instincts. Many scenes in Chiron’s story contrast his gentle nature as a mentor of heroes to the wild centaurs that ran around raping and pillaging the Greek countryside. Those two types of centaurs represent the extremes of character in our human adventure.

We, too, are half-breeds as spirits in bodies, trying to realize the pains and pleasures of bringing heaven to earth. Chiron is a symbol of incarnation and how we do not leave our divinity behind when we inhabit a body. Sometimes we forget it’s there. Finding it means using our heads or upper halves. Many of us probably have had phases of our lives where we lived in our lower chakras or energy centers, where our drama involved pure survival, unrestrained sexuality, and/or fear.

For perspective, it’s good to remember that the Greeks had a flair for drama. After all, they invented it! Leave it to Greek mythology to make the point about coming to terms with our dualities by creating a giant, misfit—the outcast that got wounded at a Big Fat Greek Wedding. A wedding is another metaphor for a merger of two parts of a pair, the marriage of opposites where, with a little work and a lot of love and luck, the opposites morph into complements. Normally in ancient Greece, Chiron with his bizarre birth defect would have been left on a hillside to die. Fortunately, instead, he was saved and fostered by the Apollo and Artemis in the guise of the Sun and the Moon. When I was growing up, Chiron would have been forced to make a living as a circus freak. Thank heaven for our evolution toward accepting diversity.

Accepting Our Own Diversity

I was thrilled when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. As mentioned in my recent Chiron in Pisces post, what a Chironic character and symbol of personal integration. He has one of the most prominent placements of Chiron in the 1st House. From a racial perspective, he is both black and white. Because his genes for dark skin dominate, people identify him as black—the first black President. However, he is just as white as he is black from an ethnic and cultural perspective, raised primarily by his white mother and her family.

One of President Obama’s biggest challenges in office parallels the blending of his own Chironic halves. Our bi-partisan political system (two halves of our body politic, Democrat and Republican) must be integrated to tackle the huge issues of the day. Who would know this better than someone who grew up bi-racial? Someone who had to learn to be comfortable in his own skin as a composite being?

We are all composite beings, in one form or another. One form finds our spiritual and earthy halves competing for some semblance of balance and wholeness. We have other parts of us that are mixed bags, too—the opposites or differences within us that beg us to come to terms with them. (From an astrological perspective, it’s your oppositions and squares and other tense relationships between planets, representing parts of yourself that don’t blend easily—or at least not right off the bat.) Blending the competing parts of our selves is not much different from bringing Republicans and Democrats together to solve national health care or other significant issues. “I’ve gotta get it together” is a universal mantra. If we succeed at the personal level with this blending bit, maybe we can decide on a doctor, health care plan, or whether or not we should take a medicine that has a list of side-effects the length of an arm … or if we should go Chiron’s route of more holistic healing options. When you consider our personal struggles on this topic day to day, small wonder there has been lively debate on health care in Washington, before you even add the political and economic dimensions.

Exaggerate + Humor = Help

Humor is healing and very Chironic. Exaggeration can help a person visualize the patchwork of his or her competing parts to bring them into a tapestry of wholeness. I was e-mailing a friend recently, writing about my own ethnicity—half Greek, a fourth each Hungarian and Slovakian. I envisioned myself in goofy, archetypal terms as a plow woman in my great grandparents’ little village of Kista (Slovakia), pushing my plow in the field with a table in my teeth (à la Zorba the Greek in a drinking/dancing scene) while wearing a black Dracula type cape from my Hungarian roots near Transylvania. What a mental sight!

Have you ever noticed how often people of mixed heritage are exotic and beautiful? From a physical perspective, nature seems to have no issue with diversity. This is certainly not limited to humans. The most gorgeous cat I’ve ever had is a mixed breed. Who hasn’t had a “mutt” that’s not only good looking but has a better temperament than many dogs with a pedigree?

In my mind’s eye, my silly ethnic fantasy scenario represents my hard work/hard play opposition (ploughing fields and bringing the taverna and scent of ouzo with me). The touch of Dracula adds my love of mystery, both the cloak-and-dagger type (I was wearing a cloak in this thought bubble) and the bigger mysteries of life. Those life mysteries are what I always want to sink my teeth into—they’re my life’s blood, all puns intended.

You can as easily apply this concept to the planets in your chart or the issues they represent, and the more comical you make your mental images, the more insights you’ll likely mine from the experience toward integration. Maybe your Sun is in Aries but it’s in the 7th House—the ultimate Me planet in the consummate house of Us. What image would represent that daily dilemma? (I might create a batch of Me Clones so I’d have reinforcements to not lose myself in relationship with others. Safety in numbers!) Two of my friends have Grand Water Trines, and in the case of one of them, we refer to it as her Grand Whine. When she gets going to one of her own pity parties, she drowns her sorrows in a wave of misery and everyone else’s within a 10-mile radius. I picture Niagra Falls barreling out of her eyes, her loud moaning that sounds like an air-raid alarm, and people evacuating in life boats. It makes me laugh to myself when the strength of her emotional tsunami is sending me for the life boats myself.

Not Either/Or but Both/And

Chiron helps us see choices and life in shades of gray. Decisions and approaches to spirited living do not have to be either/or. The best of all worlds is both/and. This talent for alchemy and blending our mixed bags of energies, personality facets, and character traits (or flaws) is why Chiron was an herbalist, surgeon, and his discovery coincided with a surge in holistic or complementary healing, the latter term combining the blend of the best.

Only in the most radical circumstances of a severely diseased part do we “perform surgery” and cut off a part of ourselves. The rest of life is about putting ourselves in a mixing bowl and seeing what we can whip up with our own special blend of ingredients.

Happy Healing, and to quote that beloved kitchen character, Julia Child, bon appétit! Don’t forget to spice yourself up with some good medicinal/cooking herbs.


Photo Credit: CENTAUR © Esplendido...

Chiron’s Keyword Corner was a feature in the former Chironicles newsletter (1992-95). Most of the Keyword Corners from the original newsletters have already have been republished on The Radical Virgo. (Use the Search feature to locate others.) This is a new Keyword Corner. The feature lives on.

Queen of Synchronicity - Don’t miss my post on Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights about how to court synchronicity and its role in staying in tune with the “divine symphony.” If the stars guide, synchronicity is cosmic feedback that you’re heading in the right direction.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Astrology and Dreams

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

#1 of 3 in the Astrology-Plus Trilogy

As my post Boundaries 101: A Course for Neptunians illustrates, our dreams can enlighten us about our astrological profile. Dreams can dramatize natal aspects or transits.

“But wait—there’s more!” Even though I have worked with clients in both systems, I never thought before about how much astrology and dreamwork have in common and why the parallel is important.

Honoring the Dreamer—and the Astrology Client

Honoring the dreamer is one of the sacrosanct rules of doing dream circles, where people get together in a bond of trust to share their dreams. Feedback from others and their ideas about what “strikes” them in the dream of the person sharing it can help the dreamer sort the possibilities. If you’re the dreamer, it’s all about that “thunk” in your gut that says yes, that’s it. You and only you are the ultimate authority on your dream, gauged by that gut reaction. Sometimes you arrive at some sense of the dream’s meaning thanks to the suggestions of others. You may have sorted their ideas into categories: likely, maybe, or no way. Even sorting what a dream doesn’t mean gets you to what it does mean for you faster. Just as often, the conversation about your dream stirs things up in your psyche, allowing you to connect the dots and come to your own conclusions after letting the possibilities percolate.

I do astrology the same way I do dreamwork. I approach a reading as a facilitator who is exploring with the client the interpretation of the symbol set s/he got at birth as guidance—and in the case of transits, how that natal pattern is lit up now.

The natal astrology chart is much like the symbol set we get in a memorable dream. In the case of astrology, though, your birth chart is your one big dream of a lifetime!

I’ve had several dreams that are bigger than life. They seem to be pointing to lifelong issues and provide ongoing direction. I call them seminal dreams, after the definition highly original and influencing the development of future events. I always record them in detail for reference year after year. I review the seminal dream anytime I have a subsequent dream with similar imagery—or anytime life events evoke the images.

Back when—and why astrology still has a bad reputation in some circles—the astrologer used to be The Authority. The astrologer was often out to impress the client with his or her psychic and predictive skills. That’s one kind of astrology. I’m not comfortable with it because it leaves out growth and free will. One way I make sure people know my stance is by making a clear statement in my brochure and publications that I do not make specific predictions. I explain my philosophy and why I have it. There are plenty of astrologers who are happy to be the authority and give predictions, and if that’s what someone is looking for, I am happy to send them onto someone who works in the style they seek.

I see the natal astrology chart as one of those seminal dreams that keeps on giving, guidance that is fluid and helpful with different angles and interpretations depending on your personal growth cycle.

Interpreting the natal chart: It would be a shame to fence in that kind of perennial assistance, to box it into one conclusion you have to live with for the rest of your life.

That’s the beauty of symbols—their fluidity and ability to be there for us wherever we are. It’s why Jesus, Buddha, and I’d venture to say most of the great teachers spoke in the symbol systems of metaphor and allegory.

If the astrologer is not the authority and the natal chart allows for personal evolution and choices, an individual’s horoscope becomes a living entity. Even if all the planets in the birth chart are in the same houses with the same aspects to each other 20 years from now, the client who works with an astrologer from an evolutionary perspective is living that chart at a higher level by then—and hopefully learning astrology along the way. Transits light up certain issues from the natal chart for “inner growth work” stimulated by another planet’s or planets’ energies that beg reckoning. Progressions are another way of looking at the evolutionary spiral.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Auntie Joyce’s Astro-Aphorisms #3

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Originals by Auntie Joyce, except as noted.

Aries: “The quicker the faster.” ~ Sr. Stella, slap happy 1950s nun and knuckle rapper. Speciality? The Ruler. (And Auntie Joyce does not mean “chart ruler.”)

Taurus: Too many cookies spoil the broth.

Gemini: Put up! I can’t shut up.

Cancer: Necessity is a mother.

Leo: The cure for the common old.

Virgo: Out of right, out of mind.

Cultural Dictionary

aphorism [(af-uh-riz-uhm)]

A concise and often witty statement of wisdom or opinion, such as “Children should be seen and not heard,” or “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.”

Libra: “Be careful or they’ll find you in attempt of court.” ~ Mary Mason, my malaproppin’ mama

Scorpio: The expression is birds of a feather flock together.

Sagittarius: Don't exSaggerate.

Capricorn: Boss is another name for the Goat-to person.

Aquarius: There’s no place like Om.

Pisces: Give a man a fish and he eats for one night. Tell a man he’s a Fish and he drinks like one for life.


Photo Credit: FUNNY NUN © Creatista

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