Tuesday, March 16, 2021


A Spring Equinox Poem

© 2021 by Joyce Mason


Photo via Pinterest

Every spring’s

An invitation to a new beginning

Even if you’re not up for it.


Winter cold and darkness slows us.

Slogging through quicksand snow,

Real or symbolic,

The heavy feeling of no end in sight,

That you’re going to “just die,”

A prayer to St. Roseanne Roseannadanna

Especially during our long Covid winters of forced confinement.

These months of hard scrabble introspection

beg us to reevaluate and escape to extroversion.

Too much of a good thing,

As winter insights roast on an open fire,

They are a slowdown,

A breath to review our merry-go-round

To see if we really want to jump back on.



Look at the sparkle in a loved one’s eyes,

That magical light that makes them who they are,

Firing on all cylinders.


Think your best possible thoughts for the future.

Look at your own spark in the mirror.

Look at the Aries Rambunctiousness in the curve

Of your eyebrows

Pushing you forward to explore Mars.

Imagine little green buds on your limbs

Like Brother and Sister Trees.


Don’t try. Just be.

Pause and let spring come to you

Packing hope and do-overs,

The only carousel worth riding.