Monday, July 29, 2013

Final Dream Notes--and Other Notables

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Before we wrap up Dream Month, I have a few last shares. I'm pretty sure these these won't put you to sleep!

My Latest Astro-Dream

We've talked in the various dreamwork articles about how astrology can worm its way into your night movies. I had such a great example recently; I just have to share it. On July 17, transiting Jupiter entered my 3rd House. This was my dream on waking the next morning:

Suddenly, I want to move to Italy. More than that, I want to study all the romance languages. I love them all. (In waking life, I took French, Spanish and Italian in high school and college.) I can't make up my mind which one to focus on first. French is my favorite, but since I'll be living in Italy, doesn't Italian make more sense? I want more! I want to study them all. Can I do it all?

When I finally "came to" from this one, the deluge of foreign languages was so Jupiter in the 3rd house, it really made me chuckle. Make that J'ai ri in French; Me rei in Spanish; and since I was on my way to Italy, here's LOL in Italian: Ho riso ad alta voce. By the way, Italy's "birth chart" has a triple conjunction of Sun, Uranus and North Node in Gemini. My subconscious sure knows a lot that my conscious mind doesn't. Apparently, it's got a pipeline to the Akashic Records and AstroDataBank!

The Science of Dreams

I already posted this on The Radical Virgo Facebook page. (Please visit and Like if you haven't already. It really helps grow the RV community. ) This link is worth repeating for the entire reading audience. "How Stuff Works" is one of my favorite websites. I thought you'd all enjoy, as a finale to the series, How Dreams Work. This will give you a complement of dream physiology and the science stuff.

A Book Virgos Dream Of

UK Astrologer Mary English has written a book that the Virgos reading this blog will appreciate. How to Soothe A Virgo sounds like something to buy for yourself, friends and loved ones. Available in both Kindle and paperback, How to Soothe a Virgo is part of Mary's larger "Surviving the Zodiac" series, available at Dodona Books. I'm delighted to introduce you to Mary and this book series. If you have books you think other Radical Readers will enjoy, please Comment or email me.

Sleep Health

Do you snore? Or does someone you love sound like a buzz saw sleeping? Do you or your partner suffer from insomnia? These conditions are no joke and can be related to sleep apnea, where you stop breathing on a regular basis during the night.

Sleep apnea can lead to exhaustion, spaciness, high blood pressure and other conditions. It is ultimately dangerous. I urge any reader who even remotely suspects this is true of yourself or your loved ones to seek medical advice. Both my husband and I have sleep apnea. His is much more serious than mine, but mine had me dragging through life like there was no gas left in my engine until I began CPAP therapy. With patience, anyone can find the right mask and breathing machine to make the effects of this condition disappear, and your pep and perkiness reappear.

Take it from someone who lives with it nightly in her bedroom. Yes, this is probably TMI--too much information. If I help one person from this share, any embarrassment I might have admitting it pales by comparison. And so what if Tim and I both look like Creatures from the Black Lagoon when we're all masked up? It's part of the humor in our marriage, and I hope that as I continue to lose weight (excess pounds being a major factor in the condition), it will disappear.

That's a nice dream to wrap up this month's journey to the Land of Zzz's.

Dream big, and dream often!


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Happy Grand Sextile/Star of David!
 Today, July 29, 2013, a rare aspect configuration comes together in the heavens. There are several links for exploring it in my Summer Sky post. I encourage you to hop onto your search engine today and to enter either of these terms. Take a sampling of what  various astrologers have to say about these two interlocking Grand Trines, one in Earth--the other in water. One friend of mine pointed out that these are feminine elements. This may well be a sign of the tipping point toward more feminine ways of viewing and dealing with things on Earth, something long predicted by those who read symbols. Certainly, there will be wells of emotion--perhaps the counterbalance of cleansing that will make the difficult changes aroused by Uranus square Pluto easier on our nervous systems. I'd love to hear your experiences over the next few days as this aspect pattern is in play.

The geometry of it alone is beautiful ... and not to forget, the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus has often been depicted as a six-pointed star. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there weren't some element of Second Coming that we'll soon discover. Many spiritual teachers feel the Second Coming is the birth of our inner consciousness. "Christ" means anointed one, and following  the Christian symbols, this inner rebirth would make us dedicated to spiritual service.

Seems like the perfect conversation for repeating my favorite words of the Hopi prophecy related to the current times unfolding: "We are the one's we've been waiting for."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Humor: Auntie Joyce Does Dreamwork, Part 2 of 2

I can't believe she had the nerve to do this again.

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Auntie Joyce has a new job—Dreamwork Shrink! See Auntie Joyce Does Dreamwork 1 for Aries to Virgo. Here are the rest of her best advice column comments for Libra to Pisces. 

Libra Dream: I join and go to my e-mail daily, excited about the prospect of a new romance. After two weeks, there’s not a single match. I wonder if I was too superficial, asking for tall, dark and handsome. I decide that eHarmony might be better, so I reveal some really personal stuff in the questionnaire. Again, two weeks pass and not a single match. Desperate and depressed, I go to my friendly neighborhood bar. The only guy who hits on me introduces himself as Charlie Not the Marrying Kind.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Venus Girl, have you ever heard the expression you’re trying too hard? Are you familiar with the scent of desperate? You must have heard the one about squeezing sand and how it runs right through your fingers. By the way, the Scent of Desperate is not a French perfume. It actually stinks. If you don’t learn to be alone for 10 minutes, you won’t smell nice and you’ll have sand all over yourself. You wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Read a romance novel and give it a rest.

Scorpio Dream:  I’m a dominatrix on an island of sex slaves. It’s a vacation paradise for kinky travelers. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Then I wake up.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Dom, of course they have these clubs you dream about in real life. There’s probably a Club Med that’s a floating brothel for all I know. Still, I’m willing to bet a dollar to a donut that you wouldn’t go there unless you could sneak in under an assumed name wearing nothing but your sunglasses and trench coat. Call me when you have this dream again and don’t wake up.

Sagittarius Dream: I live in a hick town with white picket fences. I feel like I’ve reincarnated as Leave It to Beaver. People say golly and gee whiz. There’s no place to go, nothing to do. The entire town just sits around and acts plain vanilla, like they’re stuck in the 1950s. There are no moving vehicles and I can’t escape.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Archery Boy, you’re missing the point! It’s your biggest adventure and journey yet. You have time traveled. Say hi to Wally for me. If you add root beer to the vanilla ice cream, you can make yourself a nice Black Cow or root beer float. We’ll miss you.

Cap makes Goat of the Year
Capricorn Dream: I make the cover of Time as Man of the Year. My company is making so much money; I can’t even count it. Business is booming and just as I’m starting to think I might finally take a vacation, I have a heart attack and die.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Old Goat, if you need me to interpret this dream and don’t have your travel agent on hold, please call your lawyer to be sure your affairs are in order. It’s been nice knowing you.

Aquarius Dream: I finally create utopia. I’m even the mayor! Everyone is nice to each other, plays by the rules and does random acts of kindness. After about three weeks of this shit, I’m so bored; I’m ready to kill something. Then I remember this horrible old Twilight Zone on this same theme that I thought was so weird when I was a little kid … and now I live there.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Unusual One, you’ve probably heard the expression things look better on paper than in person. Utopia is one of those things. But you have learned a valuable lesson from this nightmare. Evil is fun! Dealing with crap is a wonderful pastime. I know I risk a scolding by my readers for all my clichés, but after all, what doesn’t kill you will make you strong. Stop dreaming about the perfect place and just be your rebellious, unruly self. Your greatest enemy is boredom, and I trust this brush with the B-word will put you back on the straight and narrow, making trouble.

Pisces Dream: I enter this emporium called Whatever Floats Your Boat. You can do whatever you want, say whatever you want to say. Everything is legal there—smoking grass, doing it with your cousin. It’s this crazy free for all. And it just goes on and on and no one stops anyone. After a while everyone is so high on substances or some meditation kick; there’s no time, just space.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Cosmic Cadet, there may be a charity called Doctors Without Borders but People Without Boundaries become charity cases. Wake up and smell the coffee. Come back down to earth before you float away. Namasté.


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 Hope you’ve enjoyed watching Dr. Auntie Joyce “on the job” for Dream Month on The Radical Virgo. Don’t call her for a session. You’re not that desperate.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Humor: The Doctor Is In! Auntie Joyce Does Dreamwork, Part 1 of 2

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Like Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon who puts out her shingle asking 5 cents for Psychiatric Help, Auntie Joyce has donned her Dr. Dreamwork hat. Dr. Auntie J. is offering you a deal you can’t refuse at a price you can afford—free. Where else can you get her two-cents for what it’s worth? Here are some of her best mental health advice column comments. They come from around the zodiac, 12 diverse dreams and dreamers. Today we’ll cover Aries through Virgo—tomorrow, Libra through Pisces.

Aries Dream: I run the Olympic Marathon in 2 hours flat. All the media is focused on me. I’m the center of attention, getting my gold medal, basking in all the cheers. I’m already wondering what I can do next to top myself, when my girlfriend marches in, looking disgusted. She yanks the medal off my neck which turns into a big pacifier. She sticks in my mouth while others stare, laughing.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Rambunctious, spend a little less time running around and more time weaning yourself from yourself. Come back to see me when the binky turns into a sippy cup. 
PS – Your girlfriend has your number.

Taurus Dream:  I’m on the Good Ship Lollypop! Bonbons are swaying, peppermints playing and Shirley Temple is singing that catchy tune about candy, candy everywhere. My belly looks like the Buddha’s. I’ve got chipmunk cheeks. Suddenly I burp and gold coins and hundred dollar bills come billowing out. One curls into a big index finger, wagging at me.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Little Bull, take an Alka Selzer and call me in the morning. Bring the money. The rest of the sessions aren’t free.

Gemini Dream: It was a nightmare! I woke up from surgery with this diabolical doctor twirling his mustache. My mouth had been sutured shut! Pretty soon I started blowing up like a balloon. All the words and air I couldn’t get out kept inflating me up, up and bigger and thinner until I burst and splattered all over the operating room.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear Yakkity Gem, I’m sure they are dissolving stitches and you’ll be back bending ears in no time flat. Meanwhile, meditate on quality versus quantity in communication. Less talk, fewer words to eat, fewer people wanting to shut you up. PS – I’d change doctors if I were you.

Cancer Dream: It was worse than being childless! All my children refused to speak to me or acknowledge me. They all changed their names to something other than what I named them. If I called Susie or Joe, they looked around to see who I meant. Everyone was a stranger. I invited them home and they kept asking me, “Who are you again?” Worse yet, my cookies tasted like crap.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Dear MoonParent, it is time to take a long vacation from meddling in your children’s lives, especially the grown-up ones being strangled by your apron strings. Keep this up and you’ll end up tossing your cookies.

Leo Dream: I am King of Everything. I have a ginormous throne and a regal red robe with white fur trim. But there’s no one there, just me! No servants, no subjects, just echoes in the big palace. Everything glitters but I’m all alone.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Take heart, dear Lion. It’s a performance anxiety dream. These are the facts of life on stage—all the lights are on you, everything glitters, but you’re on your own to be the entertainment. Do a good job and the audience, invisible behind the footlights, will come to life, clap and you’ll have your kingdom of fans restored. Don’t bomb …but just in case, you can sell the robe on eBay.

Virgo Dream: I’m a social worker on probation in a new job. I have to visit a certain home and take care of whatever these clients need. It’s a test I have to pass to be permanent in my position. I knock at the door. The Three Little Pigs answer! At first I’m taken by their cartoon cuteness until they let me into their sty. The filth is unimaginable. The biggest pig tells me the test is to clean the place to spotless without benefit of disinfectant. I have to do the whole thing with soap, water, one rag and a toothbrush.

Dr. Auntie Joyce: Germaphobic little Virgo, you have been sniffing too many cleaning chemicals. You are having a Lysol reaction. You’re drunk on the rubbing alcohol from all that hand sanitizer. This is affecting your dreams in an adverse way. I prescribe a mud bath at a spa to get better acquainted with the upside of dirt. Then we’ll do some sessions on lucid dreaming. Maybe you can get back into this one and see if you can renegotiate for two rags and a scrub brush.

What relationship advice will Dr. Auntie Joyce give to lovelorn Libra? Stay tuned tomorrow for her answer.


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