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NEW E-BOOK! Astrology 101 Primer: How to Interpret Your Chart

A Beginner's Primer, A Continuing Student’s Handy Reference Notes

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If you’re new to astrology, do you ever wish you had a shortcut to “getting” those pizza look-alikes called astrology charts? (My pepperoni is trine bell peppers! Sausage opposes artichokes conjunct bacon!)

If you’re a continuing student of the stars, did you ever wish you had a handy reference tool with key words and shortcut reminders for those times you feel on information overload for all that you see “in the round?”

Better yet, did you ever wish you had an easy way to ‘splain it all, as Ricky used to say to The Redhead on the old TV show, I Love Lucy? We all have a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or cousin we’d just love to introduce to astrology. They won’t care unless we can’t give them some idea of how it works and colors our world. 

Learn the ABCs of astrologese.
Make charts make sense.

In any of these cases, I have a new e-book for you. Astrology 101 Primer: How to Interpret Your Chart was written with newcomers to astrology in mind. It takes the complex and often overwhelming visual of a horoscope and gives you the key words, symbol translations and concepts you need to begin deciphering its messages. Everything you need is tightly woven into this 16-page reference. If you eliminate the introductory and bonus material, you only need to print out six pages to have your own condensed chart interpretation guidebook.

There are pages with symbols and keywords for Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

Astrology is a language, a symbolic shortcut for understanding yourself and others. Like most languages, it involves putting astrological “words” down on a page (in your astrology chart) for reading, sharing, or analysis. It’s good to remember from the start that the zodiac pie is a two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional happenings in the sky. It’s “not to scale” or dimension. Eventually, your brain will make that switch, as you learn more, going from photos of the sky or stargazing to the flattened Zodiac Pizza, as I like to think of it.

Astrological language is made up of:

  •  Planets - in your natal or birth chart, the position they held when you were born
  • Signs - the area of the zodiac where the planet was located at birth
  •  Houses - the area of life in which the planets primarily express themselves), and
  •  Aspects - the geometric angle between the planets in the sky at your birth. The aspects represent how parts of your personality get along—or not.

Astrological “sentences” are made by putting together these language bits. We speak of the meaning of a planet (Mercury) in a sign (Virgo) and house where it resides (the 7th)—and, finally, its aspects to other planets (square Moon, conjunct Venus). If the information in parentheses was from an individual’s chart in the foregoing sentence, I can tell that this person is quite communicative in relationship yet has difficulty expressing his or her deepest feelings.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the initial appearance of complexity. Astrology is both simple and complex. You gain its many gifts by learning the simple things well, which build up to understanding additional, layered messages. Think of how a child first learns to talk and grows fluent in language. If he likes talking, he may go onto become a public speaker, politician, or preacher—or she may choose any other profession where words are an important medium like acting or teaching. It all starts with the same ABC’s!

The planets and signs each have an archetypal meaning. I like this definition of archetype ...

The Astrology 101 Chart Interpretation Primer is a way in, if you’re new to astrology and a way out of those times of overwhelm, even if you’re an old hand at it. This chart interpretation primer gives references for getting free charts online and provides enough key words to help you begin to unlock the meaning of any horoscope.

You can purchase this new tool for $4.95 in the sidebar. Let me know how it works for you!

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