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Chiron and Chi

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Chiron begins with the letters “chi,” the same ones that are pronounced “chee” in Oriental medicine. Chi is the vital life force regulated by acupuncture and healing practices like t’ai chi and qi gong, also written without a space, qigong. (Qi is the other spelling for chi, pronounced the same way.) The practice of feng shui is based on these same principles—the free movement of energy that helps human beings function well in their living spaces.

Since 1986, acupuncture has been a major part of my personal health care and in the past year, I have taken up both t’ai chi and qigong. I find Spring Forest Qigong to be a particularly powerful healing practice for me. I now believe I that my health was “off” since autumn of last year, in part, so I could discover the relationship between Chiron and chi!

Stuck Energy

Chiron of mythology became a “wounded healer” because he was stuck. This is both literal and figurative! He was stuck with a poisoned arrow—an accident—and because he was immortal, he could not die. He was stuck in a body with no hope of escape.

Whether our pain is physical or emotional, it is being stuck that causes most, if not all our grief. That stuck factor is parallel to the blocked energy flow that the Oriental healing arts aim to correct. It’s ironic in the case of acupuncture that being stuck with something—a fine needle—can actually correct stuck energy.

One can have too much chi or too little chi flowing along the meridians of the physical body. In qigong, all the exercises aim to balance yin and yang and that energetic circuitry. After a session, I feel physically and emotionally rewired in the best possible way. I buzz with vitality.

If this analogy is true, the key (Chiron’s glyph) to healing our Chironic wounds is to change the energy flow around them. This task can have both a mental and a physical component.

Going with the Flow

Changing the energy flow around pain or wounding, as the Oriental healings arts do, reminds me a profound idea I heard about Chiron by astrologer Stan Riddle many years ago and have repeated on The Radical Virgo many times:

Pluto transforms; Chiron transmutes. Transmute means to experience the same thing but to look at it differently.

That energetic transmutation is the alchemy in ancient texts, the idea of creating gold. The gold is a change of attitude that shifts a manifestation from the inside out.

To make this attitudinal shift means letting go of resistance. A vicious cycle develops when it comes to pain. The fear of further hurt causes us to tighten and resist energy flow in the present. Our body/mind replicates the same reaction pattern. The reaction pattern becomes fixed. Then we find ourselves stuck in pain, whether or not we have actually experienced any new trauma. Whatever pain we have is made worse-- or it can’t transmute itself--because we have jammed our circuitry in a knee-jerk reaction. These patterns can tend to be as hard and thick as cement.

Healing Practices for the Chiron Signs

Any of the practices mentioned below can be an effective path to healing and releasing energy blockages, regardless of an individual’s astrological make-up. The following pairings are my “hits” on what would work will for the Chiron signs, combining intuition with .astro-logic. Not all of them come from the Oriental traditions, but they all move energy and are very Chi (chee) – ronic.

Chiron in Aries - The martial arts. These practices help vent aggression and replay for release the Chiron-in-Aries wound, often caused by violent or hostile behavior. The martial arts have both a fighting and an energy-balancing component to them—t’ai chi, for example. Acupuncture would also be helpful as a sharp object that brings healing, counterbalancing the literal and figurative wounds a Chiron in Aries often experiences from being “wounded by the sword” in some way through violence, war, or emotional sharpness.

Chiron in Taurus – Acupressure and bodywork aimed at releasing energy from the musculature. Aromatherapy appeals to healing through sensuous pleasure. A little dark chocolate therapy now and then couldn’t hurt, either, especially given the antioxidants and other benefits.

Chiron in Gemini – Talk therapy, especially the type that involves dialogue with different parts of you, such as the Gestalt technique. Since this Chiron sign often is wounded by family communication patterns in early life, it allows those patterns to come up again naturally for therapeutic intervention. Singing is also healing for this Chiron sign. A good vocal coach could release all kinds of blockages, not just to the notes coming out, but vicarious blockages of long- suppressed speech. A spoken voice vocal coach or speech therapist, in case of literal speech handicaps, would work, as well. Think of the movie, The King’s Speech. [1] This Chiron sign needs to heal self-expression.

Chiron in Cancer – Water massage techniques, such as Watsu, swimming, and long soaks in a tub with aromatherapy are naturals for this Chiron sign. Increased self-nurture is an important practice to counterbalance pouring all of him- or herself into family and other intimates.

Chiron in Leo – Nothing moves energy better for this Chiron sign than channeled drama, such as Psychodrama or Astrodrama. Raucous play of a physical nature can also do the trick. Who says adults can’t play on the playground? Take a kid if you feel silly.

Chiron in Virgo - Qigong. Virgos heal with their hands, and qigong uses flowing movements of the hands to move and balance energy. T’ai chi, a closely related practice, is also helpful. It’s important for the mental sign of Virgo to get physical a little bit, every day, to avoid stagnation of chi.

Chiron in Libra – Practices that focus on you as an individual, as this Chiron sign is prone to enmeshment with others to the point of Self loss. Solo dancing, especially in front of mirrors, is an energy shifter while literally focused on self-image. Yoga is excellent for Chiron in Libra, as it focuses on balance of body, mind, and spirit—and the individual’s relationship to All That Is. Food for thought: This is the rarest of Chiron signs, as Chiron transits in Libra only 1.25 years out of every 50. If the world needs each of us to be our unique selves and to contribute our special gifts, we need Chiron in Libra to find him- or herself as much as he or she does. It's the perfect Chi/Libra solution, taking care of others and yourself at the same time.

Chiron in Scorpio – Like Chiron in Leo, this sign benefits from channeled drama, such as Psychodrama or Astrodrama. Chiron in Scorpio finds release in ritual. When energy is stuck or pain lingers, create a ceremony with an object that stands for the hurt or stagnation. Literally, toss it in the air, boot it, or burn it in the fireplace to transform it. Seal it with positive affirmations, such as, My energy flows freely. I am free. OK, Chi/Scorps. No dark side stuff with voodoo dolls on other people. Remember, the law of karma is everywhere, and the person you stick back, even in ritual, is likely to mean more pain for little gain. (Since this is my own Chiron sign, I know the temptations!)

Chiron in Sagittarius – Travel therapy is just as important to Chiron as the Sun in this sign. When you need healing and a long journey just isn’t possible, jump in your car and head for the nearest college campus. Visit the cafeteria, commons, or library. Bring a good book or look one up. See if you can jump into some conversations with students. Just hanging out in the higher educational vibes and walking the campus of in institution of higher learning will move your energy and put you in an environment that’s naturally healing for you. If you’re really stuck, book a quick getaway, even if it’s only for a few days.

Chiron in Capricorn – Like its opposite sign, Cancer, Chiron in Cap needs to nurture him- or herself, especially because of workaholic tendencies. The best thing this Chi/sign can do is to take mini-vacations from the office. That means coming home early, or if you work at home, closing the home office door. Create a daily end-of-business time and stick to it. Since the sign of Capricorn rules bones, chiropractic or bodywork focused on realigning the skeletal structure can be helpful. Examples: Rolfing or Svaroopa yoga and its complementary embodiment work. (My Cap Moon and senior body swears by the latter two.)

Chiron in Aquarius – This Chiron sign does well with bodywork that’s “electric” in nature, such as electronic acupuncture. If it’s unusual, too, this Chi/sign is likely to resonate! Try out something that’s offbeat, but do your homework to be sure it won’t harm. Bowen therapy may be a pain reliever and energy reorganizer that this Chi/sign likes a lot, because there is minimal invasion by another and you are left to let your energy body realign itself after some barely hands-on techniques. Another that comes to mind is network chiropractic or network spinal analysis. (If its “network,” it must be Aquarian!) It is also a minimal hands-on technique that simply stimulates the energy body to readjust itself in relation to your physical being.

Chiron in Pisces – Dance therapy and improvisational music like jazz are natural healers for this Chi/sign. Since this sign loves movement, it may be one of the lesser likely to get stuck often. It’s another sign that would appreciate water therapies, too, when it does. (See Cancer.)

Instant Alchemy

In the short-term, the best thing to do with stuck energy is to “do something different”. That’s why I celebrate Do Something Different Day every month. Create a habit of mixing things up, whether it’s taking a different route home, eating a different kind of cereal, or just getting up in the middle of whatever you’re doing and walking around. This awakens your whole being to the idea that energy shifts are exciting and helpful. Instead, we tend to dig deep ruts with our routines and habits. We often operate like the stuck needle on an old 78-RPM record. Here we are, back to needles again!

Needle (verb) - Informal. To prod or goad (someone) to a specified action: "We needled her into going with us." ~

Perhaps language itself offers a hint for the cure. If we “needle” ourselves in the sense of nudging ourselves to be more comfortable with change, we won’t just foster healing. We’ll deal well with the current time where change is the air we breathe.


Next: Guest blogger Elizabeth Wescott, a teacher and practitioner of Spring Forest Qigong, tells more about this form of energy movement and her healing journey.


[1] King George VI of the United Kingdom, whose story is told in the movie The King’s Speech, actually had Chiron in Libra. (December 12, 1895.) His severe stuttering and struggles with language are suggested in his chart by Sun/Mercury in Sag opposite Pluto and Neptune in Gemini.

Disclaimer: This article is provided purely for informational purposes. Readers are asked to make their own determination regarding the quality of the services and products described above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.

Photo Credits: Yin-Yang © Divinior; Acupuncture needles © Jochenschneider


Christina said...

What a useful and practical post. You always make me look at Chiron in a new way. thanks

crystal rose said...

absolutely wonderful post! i have been getting acupuncture treatments for the last 7 months, as well as studying Chiron, but I hadn't made the "Chi" connection! I also loved what you wrote about learning to change our perspective toward change and energy shifts. thank you, this post really spoke to me :)

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Christina. Chiron keeps whispering new things in my ear, and I've got to share! :) Glad you enjoyed this new set of aha's.

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Crystal Rose--Isn't acupuncture the best? I am trying to practice what I preach on being more flexible to small changes, so the big ones seem par for the course. (This is an extra big challenge for me as a Virgo Sun/ Cap Moon, who takes routine to the point of ritual.) I feel some of these concepts are truly sent through me, and I'm there to listen and learn with everyone else ... and try out what comes out fingers on the keyboard. So good to know this resonated for you. I was quite taken with how Chi and CHIron are so related, not to mention that Chiron rules acupuncture, those kinds of healing practices like qigong, and all kinds of hands-on healing and energy work. I stuck with it and finally got the message of stuck!

Violet said...

OMG, Joyce I am so happy to have found your blog!
I am Virgo Sun, Cappy Moon too and I have Chiron in Aries in 6 house on DSC opposite to Uranus in 12th on ASC. I love Eastern medicine and healing and I am studying Chinese Medicine now and going to start with my study of acupuncture next September! I couldn't understand what it was all about before I learned more about Chiron and consequently found your blog. I just bought your two Chiron books and from your little poems I am actually both Chiron in Aries and Chiron in Virgo, is such a thing possible?

catherine stevens said...

Catherine Stevens said...What a gret post! I love how you looked at the connection between Chi and Chiron. I love to play with words too. I have Chiron in Libra and Iam more and more finding and expresing my unique self and helping others at th same time.

Joyce Mason said...

Violet, we also have in common Chiron's house position in our charts, though mine is in Scorpio. With Mars its co-ruler and ruler of Aries, no wonder we resonate! :) (Mine is opposite Ceres.)

Lately, I've been saying that Chiron is like having your Sun in that sign wounded. I look at Chiron as the core wound. But any planet in our chart can have wounding involved, especially if it's in certain signs like Virgo, where self-doubt and self-esteem are such big issues. My Virgo Sun is square Uranus. That's the signature for my pain of not belonging and of the challenge to be true to self and still fit in. So, yes, you can resonate to both poems. Some people feel an affinity to several.

So glad to know you. Consider taking the Chiron 101 Summer School as a complement to your acupuncture studies. I'm on vacation and can't wait to get home to a treatment in early July.

Joyce Mason said...

Catherine, what an aha it was when I "got" the cosmic pun of Chi-ron. Words are often so literal in guiding us. I'm happy to hear that you're doing well and evolving your lovely Chiron in Libra. Remember, your sign is the most unique among all the Chiron signs, since Chiron only passes through Libra 1.25 years out of every 50. To compare, it's in Pisces and Aries 8-9. Chiron has an affinity to that sign for its role of creating well-roundedness in people, which also comes from balance, that wonderful Libran trait.

Blessings and thanks for stopping by to comment!

Violet said...

Thanks Joyce, I can identify myself with both Chiron in Aries and Chiron in Virgo from your books. I feel like a wounded warrior who lost his power after being stabbed in the back and who is trying to get his strength back by healing himself.
I am also VERY much mental because I have a stellium in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Mars) conjunct by Pluto in Libra and squared by Saturn in Gemini. And I also love healing and all things medical... Would be happy to take the Summer School, very nice idea!

Joyce Mason said...

Violet, I too am very mental (predominant air). I think Chiron teaches us about balancing upper and lower halves of ourselves--head and heart/physical. If you're not already on the New Moongram email list, sign up in the sidebar. I'll see that you get the current news that just came out. There's a $14 of coupon for Chiron Summer School. You'd be such an asset to our class.

Violet said...

Thanks for the tip Joyce, just subscribed myself! I am dreaming about doing research on body-mind connection actually, I need the knowledge of human energy system for that. So I think what you said is very much fitting! Another thing that I have heard is that Mercury represents the left and Venus the right hemisphere of the brain, and I have Mercury as final dispositor and Venus as chart ruler! They don't seem to be working very well together and I guess that Chiron might be the key. Are we going to discuss such questions during the Summer School too?

Joyce Mason said...

Violet, there will be plenty of time for questions on your individual chart related to Chiron. The class is designed to focus on the charts of the group. Off to send you a newsletter.

Violet said...

Such a beautiful newsletter Joyce, just got it! I am having similar thoughts concerning the coming eclipse and its sabian symbol. I definitely need to re-discover myself this summer. What a pity that I haven't found you earlier! Blessings, Violet