Friday, March 10, 2023


A Winter into Spring Poem

Poem © 2023 by Joyce Mason

I am waiting for Godot . . .

slurping the bottom of an iced drink from last summer

through a flattened straw,

patience drowning in an empty cup,

hoping to coax Spring to show herself,

even if only out of pity.


I am losing my faith in her.

I am nearly convinced she’ll never come,

that winter will never die, at least not by natural causes.


So much in one season!

Sickness, depression, grief

Isolation, loneliness, cold …

wondering if I might be dying.

sleeping so much, as if practicing—

my story for too many winters.


Yet as predictable as freckles on skin,

one day the dark breaks open and the Vitamin D Orb

is back pulsing heat and hope.

Life courses through my veins again.

Buds defy snow.

Newness becomes a religion.

I leave winter in its catacombs

To visit with candles

in the next Holy Season of Inner Renewal.


Join me.

Now go meet your New Self.

You’re going to just love you.



Photo Credit: Rebirth © motortion |

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