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A Gift Exchange with “The Radical Virgo”

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In the original article, The Radical Virgo, the namesake of this blog, I hinted that Rads are a little less fussy and compulsive than your typical Virgo. The time has come for this Radical Virgo to get better organized! With new events, publications, and other goodies popping fast and furiously, I’d like to be able to contact those interested in my writing, products and appearances. If you want to get discounts and specials on services and publications and the first heads-up on events, please share your e-mail with me. And did I mention? I’ll write some things in my monthly newsletter I don’t put on the “public wall.”

Don’t miss my first New Moongram in time for the August 9th Leo Moon! Each monthly Moongram will have a short New Moon meditation and some of the other goodies already mentioned. Thank you in advance!

What I Won’t Do

Don’t you hate those sites that won’t let you get your toe in the door till you give up your e-mail address? Am I the only who finds this offensive? Maybe even bullying? Especially when you try to leave and all kinds of “but wait!” messages pop up, along with confusing tricks to make it difficult for you to click out.

I would like to avoid such tasteless tactics and honor the fact that when you share your e-mail with me, it’s a gift. It’s one I promise not to abuse! I’ll never sell my list and will operate in a tried and true e-mailing system with Safe Unsubscribe. I won’t deluge you with so many e-mails, you’ll want put a padlock on your e-mailbox and yank out the “@” key from your keyboard.

What I Will Do

1. Give you discounts for letting our communication be a two-way street. Starting in September, special offers will be exclusive to readers on e-mail list. This is my first gift back.

2. I will make sure my e-mails are worth opening—interesting, colorful, and worth at least 5 seconds of your time to determine whether or not you’re interested in what I’m writing about.

3. Finally, I’ll make it easy to jump off the list if your interests change and you want to hold off on hearing from The Radical Virgo for the time being. We can only process so much. Separating the wheat from the chaff (the good e-mails from the junk) takes a lot of energy. It takes a Virgo to know!

The gift exchange starts here. See the sign up box on the sidebar, top item.

Thanks and warm regards to all,

PS – Another reason to sign up: Pre-publication discounts on books. I have a new one coming out this fall!


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Paranormal Connection: “Big Change Signs in the Sky”


Calling all Radical Readers! Here’s an opportunity to watch “The Radical Virgo” instead of reading her. Dänna Wilberg, host of The Paranormal Connection on Access Cable in Sacramento, asked me to share my thoughts about what on earth is going on in the sky lately. It was great fun, and I wish she had interviewed all of you, too, so I could hear instead of read your thoughts in the Comments! (I really wonder what some of my “regulars” look and sound like!)

Big Change Signs in the Sky airs on Monday, August 2nd at 9 pm PST for Sacramento area locals, on Channel 17 with encore showings Tuesday, August 3 at 1 pm, and Wednesday August 4 at 5 am. All times PDT.

Anyone can watch via the Internet at these same times on Access Cable.

Here’s more information about the show on Danna’s blog, Paranormal Connection. You can also become a fan of the Paranormal Connection on Facebook.

Hope to feel your virtual presence! I’d love to have your feedback, if you watch the show, in the Comments for this post.

May all your changes have silver linings and hidden gold.


Photo credit: Change Sign © Lipov Dreamstime

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Auntie Joyce Talks Turkey About How to Tone Your Mercury

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Auntie Joyce, known for her funny and pointed astro-aphorisms, just arrived at the door of The Radical Virgo in her gym shorts to talk about Mercury. She thinks we could use the equivalent of a Pilates class to get our Mercs in better shape for this crazy cyber sprint we’re all signed up for, this marathon of Mercurial madness called the Virtual World. (Not to be confused with the Virtuous World.) Auntie says:

Your Mercury has never been more important. If you’re past your midlife transits, chances are you digest more information in a week than you did, as a kid, in a year. This can lead to Information Indigestion and near-permanent dizziness, like you just got off a fast spinning merry-go-round. My theory is that the Information Revolution has required us to morph faster than our physical vehicles can keep up with … but each Mercury sign, if tweaked and toned like your body during a good workout, can work in your favor. Your enhanced Mercury muscles can help you navigate the chaos of a bazillion websites, social networking communities, Skype, e-mail, YouTube, and an onslaught of images groping for your attention at all times. (Whew! Just writing about it wore me out.)

Let’s take a spin around the zodiac and talk about how you can tone up and tune up your Merc.

Tune-Up Your Mercury Every 3,000 Keyboard Miles

(Will someone with Mercury in Aquarius hurry up and invent the keyboard odometer?)

Mercury in Aries - Full speed ahead, your mind is on fire. You read, write, and communicate in all ways quickly. You’ll be the first to try out a new technology or widget. You leave others in your wake. That’s the problem. To make meaningful cyber connections, you need to pick up your head from the Ram “horns down” position and let some of your fiery energy sink to your heart chakra. This means slowing down a little. No problem surfing the Net in overdrive, but when it comes to those people connections on Facebook, Twitter, and My Space, be sure you take the time to make thoughtful comments, to help your fellow cyber buds, and to think of others. You may garner thousands of followers, but if you only give them a glancing hello on the run, do you think they’ll buy your friendship, much less your products or services?

Mercury in Taurus - If Mercury in Aries is Speedy, you’re Pokey. You mull things over. Pretty and luxurious stuff attracts your attention, along with moneymaking schemes. You need a motto or affirmation that commits to a single sentence why you use the internet. Example: I use the Internet to make friends, make sales, and make it with men (or women). Keep coming back to your goals. You’re likely to get lost looking at your Cousin Joe’s vacation photos from a lush, tropical island. You like to click through on those alluring promises of making millions on the Internet. Since you click at the speed of dirt, like most Mercury in Earth signs, you don’t have as much time to waste. Focus! Use the “5 things a day” rule of thumb. Do five things every day that further your goals. Uh, Mercury in Taurus? Get out of that art gallery site. I’m talking to you!

Mercury in Gemini – The Brave New World of Constant Communication was made for you, which is both your blessing and curse. You flit here, there, and everywhere. With your curious mind and tendency to bore easily, you’re in hog heaven on the wide cyber turf of nearly 27 billion websites. But what about depth? To have true knowledge, you have to dig deep into some things to glean the archeology of how they work and to unearth their wisdom. Similarly, if you do dating sites, you probably have wondered how such great mind connections sometimes flop when taken a step further to coffee or another form of in-person meeting. It’s not how much or well you talk or on how many subjects; it’s how well you reach your “subject.” Your quicksilver mind can become easily obsessed with games, chats, and that made-for-Gemini phenomenon, the tweet. Choose one thing in your huge chain of multi-interests and get to know it well. Maybe it’s one social networking site. Maybe Facebook will become your community and ground your lively Mercury, enhancing its greatest gifts--but only if you offer your friends more than chitchat.

Mercury in Cancer – You’re a touchy-feely communicator, and this bodes will for the potential to make deep friendships on the Internet. One thing about cyber connections. When made between mature adults who know how to sense a kindred spirit, this form of “sight unseen” relationship can be among the deepest you’ll ever know. Without physical or cultural context, we communicate online heart to heart and mind to mind. There’s no interference of the unconscious stereotyping we all do but hate to admit. Mercury in Cancer can enjoy that kind of deep friendship if she pays close attention to necessary safety factors: don’t disclose too much, too soon. Be sure your new friend is trustworthy, someone you got to know because of a shared interest or friends. Above all, don’t crab, cry, or mother-hen people on the public wall. Monitor your public persona and don’t reveal too much where everyone can see, even if they are your chosen Facebook friends. Certain levels of intimacy belong in one-on-one e-mails. Don’t cry, Mercury in Cancer. I know you wish you’d have read this sooner. Better late than never!

Mercury in Leo – Like the MGM lion at the beginning of that studio’s movies, your communications come in with a big roar and lots of spotlights on—YOU! Like Gemini, there’s a certain sync between how you naturally communicate and what social networking sites are all about. They make us all stars in our own constellations. However, it’s important to know when enough is enough. After you’ve gleefully seen who has left messages or tweets for you today, take time to remember your Leo generosity and do at least as many back. Yes, it’s All About You here—but it’s All About You for everyone! Your warm way of expressing yourself, your humor, and your command of a crowd will keep your followers in the thousands. Just be sure the applause goes both ways. Applause sends waves of appreciation from heart to heart. (See Getting the Clap.)

Mercury in Virgo - Here’s the thing. I know that many social networking sites with their short status lines were originally set up for close friends and family to catalog their every move. But do you have any concept how boring that is? No one uses the status line for its original purpose, or at least not often. No one cares that you ate Earth-Friendly Granola for breakfast, a scant half cup with skim milk. Not even your mother. Keep details down to a minimum and boring unnecessary ones down to none. Now to open Merc in Virgo’s gift in today’s 24/7 worldwide Internet Café—research! You find things no one else can, and you’re both thorough and accurate. There is precious little of that going around. You’re a blessing and counterbalance to Internet rumors that take on lives of their own. Keep finding the facts. Keep us honest. Keep being right—in a nice way. But, of course, I don’t have to tell Mercury in Virgo to be polite. Virgo must be the Mercury sign of Miss Manners!

In the Little Prince by Saint-Exupery, the fox defines taming as “establishing ties,” that once tamed, two beings need each other. Isn’t that what the Internet and interdependence are ultimately all about?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Conscious Convergence, A Wave of Unity: July 17-18, 2010

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

Are you ready for the “second Harmonic Convergence?” If you were gathering with large groups of like-minded, cool and cosmic people on August 17-18, 1987, it’s time, once more, to focus our minds on a single intent. Time to jumpstart a new level of inner evolution and its impact on an Earth in metamorphosis.

What is the Conscious Convergence?

Quoting from the Conscious Convergence page on Facebook:

The Conscious Convergence is global event, which paves the way for the ninth and last wave of consciousness in the Mayan calendar system. It's called unity consciousness. It's also the end of dualistic consciousness where we are separated into East and West, male and female, black and white, spirit and matter and so on. In reality, we are all ONE with no need for separation.

This echoes what I wrote in Chiron in Pisces: Integration and Integrity. We have an opportunity during a weekend, worldwide mind-meld to set our intention to heal the consciousness of duality. This is a very big deal. The pain of duality goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. (More on that in a minute.)

Carl Johan Calleman is a Swedish toxicologist who fell in love with the Mayan people and culture. He has studied the Mayan calendar extensively. In a recent interview, Carl describes how the 1987 Harmonic Convergence prepared people for the onset of the 8th level of Mayan consciousness that occurred in 1999. The 8th wave put us more in touch with our right brains. Holistic thinking became more prominent in that change of awareness.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t speak Mayan (my best friend does, however, and often translates for me). I have never bought into the idea that the world will end literally in 2012 when the Mayan calendar runs out, but I do agree that the world as we’ve known it is on the brink of destruction. The current Big Change Transits portend it, too, and frankly, I’d like to throw a party to celebrate, even if getting there isn’t half the fun. I’m ready to let go of many things in the world as we have known it that simply don’t work for a peaceful, loving, integrated humankind.

Two to One

Carl Callemen admits outright: There’s no way of knowing for certain what the 9th wave will bring. We do know the general subject matter, and it’s the end of duality. He says dualistic consciousness is “like cancer cells in the body of the earth.”

In the same interview already mentioned, Carl talks about the parallel between the Mayan and Hopi prophecies on the matter of duality. While the Hopi prophecy has no timing, the Mayan calendar places this new way of being in our immediate future. You’ve likely heard what the Hopis had to say.

The one-hearted people will come back.
“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
~Hopi prophecy
For the past 5,000 years, dualistic thinking has been the general mode of being among the people of Earth. We are two-hearted people.

A synchronicity: I recently heard a local Unity minister tell the story of the Garden of Eden from the perspective of its metaphysical, metaphorical, and allegorical meanings. Rev. Kevin K. Ross reminded us that God asked Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with the emphasis on knowledge. When the snake tempted Eve and the domino effect of the whole rotten apple was set in motion, Adam hid because he felt naked. “Who told you, you are naked?” God asked. Before that, there was only good—Paradise—and no shame. When it came to knowing duality, it was the one thing where God said, “Don’t bite.” From this, Rev. Ross concludes, we were meant to have everything good, and it’s only our inability to “remain innocent” of evil that keeps us from the Garden.

We were meant to have life and to live abundantly. We started one-hearted.

Law of Attraction

Much of the reason for gathering, whether in person or in virtual groups, is to harness the law of attraction (LOA) to create the world we want to live in. For this shift of consciousness to “set,” individuals need to be open to receive. The vision has to come from within you. The idea behind the event is to set the intention to manifest oneness consciousness. In capsule, this mind meld is about co-creation.

Shared Intention

The Conscious Convergence web site opens with the following statement of intention:

Shared Intention Agreement

I, as a sovereign being, join together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of harmony and reconciliation and I am grateful for the wholeness I bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.

How to Participate

You can meditate on this intention on your own on the dates of the Convergence—make it low-key from inside yourself—or join many of the groups gathering in specific actual or virtual locations. Details are on the CC website, but gatherings and ceremonies are planned in such places as Singapore, Scandinavia, South Africa, and among the Maya. Mayan elders will support the consciousness with special ceremonies, giving a unique opportunity for contact in spirit with their elders to all who participate in this worldwide event.

I plan to attend the global telecast, which begins July 17 at 7:00 am PDT. It’s the first of all the CC events listed on the website.


According to Carl, the CC isn’t just about two days in July. The weekend events are like setting up a base camp with repercussions of the linked intentions reverberating of a long time to come. I like to think of events like the Convergences as time-release capsules that continue to bring healing long past their original ingestion. As many readers know, I created my own “Chironic Convergence” in the Pelion region of Greece, Chiron’s mythical homeland, in 1996. The Convergence concept really speaks to me, and I can report from personal experience, that gathering together with healing intent is a merging that never stops giving.

The Astrology of It

The latest event to focus intentions on healing the earth--this time of duality consciousness—got me wondering about the astrology charts of these events. I should say, first off, that there are those who would argue that Western Astrology does not belong in a discussion of an event derived from the Mayan calendar system, which has its own cosmology. Also, there are vast technical issues with both charts. The Harmonic Convergence is the trickiest in terms of determining a time and place of the global event that makes sense for the “event chart.” Johnny Mirahiel, who did a lot of research on the original Convergence while preparing for an event he sponsored called the Harmonic Concordance, learned that the Harmonic Convergence was slated to open at sunrise on August 16, 1987, wherever one was located on Planet Earth. Since my astrology software does not accept Planet Earth as a place, nor does the time slot accept “dawn everywhere,” I have chosen what I hope is a logical locale and time—sunrise in Greenwich, England, which took place at 5:46 am that day according to my research. As the Prime Meridian and 0-longitude, ground zero from where we count our planetary time zones, Greenwich would be a logical center point for viewing a planet-wide event.

For the Conscious Convergence, I’m using the date, time, and place of the first event listed on their website, which is the teleconference at 7:00 am, originating in San Francisco, on July 17, 2010.

Click charts to enlarge

While I don’t want to look at these charts in depth here (they’re provided as a service for those who do), it’s hard to miss the flowing kite formation in the Harmonic Convergence with Chiron in Gemini at the apex. The Grand Trine is in Fire. How different the Conscious Convergence chart looks with the Cardinal T-Square Plus featured as the prominent aspect configuration and Pluto at its focal point. There is only one degree of the zodiac in common between the two charts: North Node at 3-plus Aries in the Harmonic Convergence and Jupiter in the same degree in the Conscious Convergence. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is Aries 4: Two lovers are strolling through a secluded walk. For those who choose to get into these two charts or any other variation of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments.

Another Way to Celebrate the Latest Convergence

All this hoopla around the Mayan calendar got me curious, once more, about my Mayan Dreamspell Galactic Signature. In that system, I’m a Yellow Cosmic Human. This tickled me from the get-go, because “cosmic human” reminds me that I’m a starry being (spirit) walking the earth or human path. Yellow as a color denotes joy, playfulness, and humor in many personality systems. I do love to walk in joy, and regular readers know I can’t go too many paragraphs without a laugh.

I need to tell you: My review of my galactic signature knocked my socks off. I hadn’t seen it in years, and meanwhile, I apparently have expanded my consciousness to take in more of it. It’s a summary of my key issues so far this lifetime, and I will be rereading it often. It explains so much! Google Mayan Astrology for more resources and to connect with your personal Mayan mysteries.

Happy Convergence!


Photo Credit: Global Unity © Alice789

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Moonwalk: Cancer

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

A new moon teaches gradualness, and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. ~Rumi

The moon is calling me! I’ve never felt much pull until now to write about the Moon. I figure we have plenty of astro-experts who have already covered it well from Donna Cunningham and her classic Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World to Dana Gerhardt and her MoonCircles. Several of my astrologer friends do monthly New Moon updates, including Larry Skybear’s New Moon Astro-Alert and up until recently, Johnny Mirahiel’s New Moon LA for people living in California’s Southland. There is continuous coverage of the Moon and the lunation cycle in the astrological community, much like the 24/7 news on CNN.

But Spirit is tapping me on the shoulder, reminding me why I probably have something unique to say about the Moon. I’ve lived in lunar overdose all my life with Moon out-of-bounds. While I’m no expert in declinations, I was intrigued by Steven Forrest’s article on the subject in The Mountain Astrologer (June/July 2010). I was especially fascinated to learn some of the common characteristics of people with out-of-bounds (OOB) Moon. For us OOBies, at least one planet, in my case, the Moon, is located at a declination greater than 23-degrees, 28-minutes North or South. I resonate to all nine characteristics Steven mentions for people with Moon out-of-bounds, but I think the ones I like best are being a bold, groundbreaking genius, a theological outlaw, and a zany character. (He said genius; you know a Virgo hates to brag.) From my personal experience with OOB Moon, I’ll offer a poem:

Moon Out-of-Bounds

Big silver breast,
You suckled me dry

I cannot imagine
a planet
with a pair of you.

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

Lunar Issues/Voyages

All my “life issues” are about mother, mothering, abandonment, nurture, food, emotions and all the things you’d expect from a Capricorn Moon square Neptune, Venus and Sun, sextile Chiron. One thing I’ve learned under all this lunar pressure is to trust my Moon, even though I can honestly say she didn’t feel very trustworthy in the beginning.

The Moon is my directional device, my God/dess Positioning System (GPS). This lunar GPS operates through my feelings, sensations, inklings and sense of “just knowing.”

My GPS has led me to reunite with all my lost loves and to embrace everything meaningful in my life. Now it’s asking me to write about the Moon and it’s influence on us—whether or not I feel like it, regardless of whether or not it scares the sap out of me! To be so “out there,” talking feelings! Come with me on a journey of radical trust! Fly me to the Moon.

How This New Feature Works

I’ll write the Moonwalk monthly near the New Moon, usually a few days ahead, giving you plenty of time to contemplate things I “channel” about each Moon sign or features of this particular lunation. Since I’m following feelings as my rudder, the format will be flexible. I’ll cover the sign, starting appropriately with the Cancer New Moon on July 11, 2010—the Moon “in its own sign.” Other than that, there may be poems, metaphors, mythology, references to other great Moon resources, synchronicity and surprises. You’ll be the first to know, along with me, as we step out of the lunar module for our monthly exploration.

New Moon Rituals

First, this is a great time to reacquaint readers with Dana Stone’s New Moon Manifestation Ceremony. My goal is to do this ritual or some form of it on every New Moon, and when I can get from intention to action, the results are always transformative.

Second, I look at where the New Moon falls in my astrology chart every month. The July 11, 2010 New Moon is at 19 Cancer 24. I note which house it’s visiting and any aspects to natal planets. I take this into consideration when setting my monthly goals for the current Moon cycle.

I would love to hear your New Moon rituals! Now, let’s launch this first Moonwalk with another poem. (I love the synchronicity that the actual first walk on the Moon was a Cancer event—July 20, 1969 at 9:30 pm Houston time.)

Moon Rising

Inner life is nocturnal
a cat who comes alive
when ink blobs the sky
star mice twinkle in catnip galaxies
cattin’ ‘round the universe
while we sleep, a trance
perchance to spin dream reals
in our night movies

Then light fall
cat goes comatose
finds a large patch of light
through a window
to charge its solar panels
while it sleeps through its day/your night.

To really understand yourself
you must be reborn
on the cusp of catnip
and capture sunlight
in your fur.

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

The Sun/Moon Relationship

“Moon Out of Bounds” and “Moon Rising” are poems from a new book I’m writing. I think “Moon Rising” offers a visceral way of experiencing the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are in their most intimate embrace at the same degree during the birth of the new moon cycle. A cat is feminine, lunar, and nocturnal, but she recharges herself while she sleeps, absorbing the Sun through her fur. Her absorption of light represents the relationship of our Moon to our Sun. We feel our way through life and experience its daily rituals, small cycles of ups-and- downs and our moods through our Moon. Yet, we need to absorb our Sun, as if it were light penetrating our skin. We must do this in order to have the energy to do what can sometimes be extremely draining—to live by the light of the Moon. That’s why cats sleep so much, and why Moon-emphasized people eat so much—to refuel as much as to comfort. To live by instincts and moonlight is very physical from an energetic standpoint. There’s nothing like the Sun to replenish it. When this poem came to me, it spoke to me of yin/yang balance, of why men and women and the masculine/feminine need each other. The complements of these two energies power the world.

New Moons are new beginnings—new births. It takes a man and a woman—male and female energy—to give birth to a baby. Some goes for the embrace of Sun and Moon, representing male and female, in the monthly lunar cycle. When eclipses are involved, it’s a birth of major significance. Perhaps you are giving birth to a king, queen, prince—or a future President of the United States! Metaphorically speaking, that is, but for some people on earth, it may even be literal.

Need a visual? There’s a nice tutorial on Molly’s Astrology about eclipses, complete with an animated sketch showing how lunar and solar eclipses are formed.

July 11 New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse

Here's a fantastic article on eclipses from one of my favorite astrologer/writers, April Elliot Kent. It’s called Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: Eclipses and the Narrative of Change. While it refers to the last eclipse and the Cardinal Climax when the Cardinal T-Square temporarily “got Cross,” it’s a great read, if you haven’t seen it already, on several scores. First, to talk about where we’re going this month, it always helps to know where we’re coming from, where we’ve been. (You know how Cancer loves history!) Second, April offers some deeply insightful thoughts on eclipses in general and she delineates how an eclipse might feel when it aspects the various planets in our charts. Third, April has other lunar articles that complement this post.

Solar Eclipses. Any eclipse makes a lunation more powerful. Solar eclipses are a seeding time, when we plant important intentions that “set” till the Full Moon, over a period of about two weeks. These particular intentions tend to be important, and their significance is palbable for six months or more. How the seeds sprout and flourish becomes increasingly obvious. Solar Eclipses are a time to set important, major personal growth goals.

If there’s something you ache to achieve or set right, the Solar Eclipse may pack the wallop to be your magic wand of manifestation.

July 11 Solar Eclipse. This Cancer eclipse calls for seeding in the areas of family life, popularity, the public, women’s issues, safety, security, roots and heritage, emotional issues, food and comfort. In this string of lunar subjects, what resonates to you? Or is there another one I haven’t mentioned? Take a moment to meditate on it. When you know, write one or more simple affirmations of what you want to manifest this month that will reverberate for the next half year. These are your seeds. Keep them somewhere you can be reminded of them often. At the Spring Equinox each year, my Solsisters group and I actually put our strips of papers in seed packet envelopes to keep on our altars or desktops as a reminder of what we’re up to on the emotional front of our co-creative process.

Cancer Moon

In High Signs 1: Living on the Upside of the Zodiac, I identified containment as the key Cancerian issue. Cancer Moon must find a safe container for all her feelings. This invisible bowl or goblet is the Holy Grail of our inner life, regardless of Moon sign. If you have Moon in Cancer, this container is of utmost importance. The bigger the emotions (water signs or aspects to Neptune, for example), the bigger, safer and more secure your vessel must be to hold all your feelings.

The container is what makes it safe to express emotions. For anyone to express him- or herself optimally, whether in relationship or that juicy relationship to All That Is we call creativity, a sense of boundary and containment must be firmly felt.

While Moon is considered traditionally in “detriment” in Capricorn, it’s my Capricorn Moon that taught me the lesson of containment. With my Moon out-of-bounds and under siege by several squares, the Saturn rulership of my Moon, famous for providing structure, is the only thing that keeps me off street corners bawling my eyes out and making a fool of myself in public. (That Neptune square Moon makes me wish I had invested in Kleenex, because I cry at the drop of a hat—a sad newspaper story, over my TV characters, and let’s not talk about how it triples if I have even one glass of wine.)

The right partner, home, friend, or down comforter—a precious cat or dog—all can act as containers.

During this kicker, Cancer, Solar Eclipse New Moon: Learn about your container. What holds you? What makes you feel safe? Where do you lack the Holy Grail in your inner life?

Maybe one of your seeds to sow is to find a pot to bliss in.

Isn’t the free flow of feelings heaven? And isn’t “heaven” the ultimate safe haven?


Photo Credits: Solar Eclipse © Argus456  and Cat Enjoying Sunshine © Noonie, both by

Your Comments on this new feature are important to me. I’d love to hear if you find this of value. If yes, I’ll admit my Moon is a good navigator for the 4,865th time! If not, I’ll write about Mars, Mercury—or something else.


Opening Quote. Thanks to Lee Abramson  of Rumi Music  (@LeeAbramson) for sharing the opening quote on Twitter. It became the catalyst for this article and series.

Finding Your Declinations. Most astrology software programs offer a report for every chart that indicates the declinations of the planets. I use Solar Fire. Declinations are in the Chart Analysis Report, one of several columns with mathematical information on each planet’s position, along with details like Latitude and Right Ascension. Any planet with a declination higher than 23o 28’ North or South is out-of-bounds.

Time reference for the first Space Walk is from Scholastic Teachers.

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Summer Reading Two-Fer Special!

Dear Readers,

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Free Poetry Reading. Come September, I’ll be offering a free conference call “poetry reading” of Poems to Heal the Healer with discussion of the 12 Chiron signs, starting with the poems. The poems synthesize the key issues of each natal placement of Chiron. Reading both of these books beforehand will enhance your participation in what I hope will be a lively discussion. Tentative dates are September 18 or 19. I’ll confirm in a subsequent post closer to the event.

To purchase, see Both Chiron Books on the sidebar. Both books will be delivered to you via e-mail as PDF attachments. (Note: It is not an instant download. Your order is fulfilled by me personally and may take up to 24 hours, though it’s usually much faster.)

$25 Off Consultations! Now for the best summer "reading" special of all. All readings/personal consultations will be $25 off when you mention this post, if booked and paid by Labor Day. This is another Radical Readings Return special, and I hope many of you will take advantage of the savings.

Meanwhile, Happy Summer. Are you playing yet?

Blessings all,


Photo Credit: Woman on Sandy Beach Working on a Laptop © Yuri Arcurs

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