Friday, July 30, 2010

A Gift Exchange with “The Radical Virgo”

Share Your E-mail, Get Ongoing Extras from The Radical Virgo

In the original article, The Radical Virgo, the namesake of this blog, I hinted that Rads are a little less fussy and compulsive than your typical Virgo. The time has come for this Radical Virgo to get better organized! With new events, publications, and other goodies popping fast and furiously, I’d like to be able to contact those interested in my writing, products and appearances. If you want to get discounts and specials on services and publications and the first heads-up on events, please share your e-mail with me. And did I mention? I’ll write some things in my monthly newsletter I don’t put on the “public wall.”

Don’t miss my first New Moongram in time for the August 9th Leo Moon! Each monthly Moongram will have a short New Moon meditation and some of the other goodies already mentioned. Thank you in advance!

What I Won’t Do

Don’t you hate those sites that won’t let you get your toe in the door till you give up your e-mail address? Am I the only who finds this offensive? Maybe even bullying? Especially when you try to leave and all kinds of “but wait!” messages pop up, along with confusing tricks to make it difficult for you to click out.

I would like to avoid such tasteless tactics and honor the fact that when you share your e-mail with me, it’s a gift. It’s one I promise not to abuse! I’ll never sell my list and will operate in a tried and true e-mailing system with Safe Unsubscribe. I won’t deluge you with so many e-mails, you’ll want put a padlock on your e-mailbox and yank out the “@” key from your keyboard.

What I Will Do

1. Give you discounts for letting our communication be a two-way street. Starting in September, special offers will be exclusive to readers on e-mail list. This is my first gift back.

2. I will make sure my e-mails are worth opening—interesting, colorful, and worth at least 5 seconds of your time to determine whether or not you’re interested in what I’m writing about.

3. Finally, I’ll make it easy to jump off the list if your interests change and you want to hold off on hearing from The Radical Virgo for the time being. We can only process so much. Separating the wheat from the chaff (the good e-mails from the junk) takes a lot of energy. It takes a Virgo to know!

The gift exchange starts here. See the sign up box on the sidebar, top item.

Thanks and warm regards to all,

PS – Another reason to sign up: Pre-publication discounts on books. I have a new one coming out this fall!


Photo Credit: Golden Key with E-mail Symbol © Marinini

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