Monday, March 9, 2020

Spring Chickens: A Vernal Equinox Poem

Poem © 2020 by Joyce Mason

Deep inside me
seeds are desperate to crack open
as the Sun warms the earth a bit longer
every day
inching to the Equinox.

The seedlings are chicks pecking at eggshells
from the inside out.
New hopes, dreams, goals, changes:
Resolutions to revolutions.

No one knows what work it takes
to mount or withstand this energetic build-up.
It’s dark, jabbing into the unknown.
It is disconnection and disorientation at their cruelest.

Yet one day like the Tortoise and the Hare,
the slow chicklets of resurrection 
crack the shell as we do the crust of our winter malaise.

Like the slow results of escape with inadequate tools,
We make our jailbreak.
All heaven breaks loose.
Holy Aries!


Photo Credit:© 1evgeniya1 |