Friday, September 17, 2010

The Chiron Resonance Quiz: What’s Your Chi-Res Score?

Kithara from ancient pottery, the stringed lyre-like instrument
that Chiron played and taught others how to play.

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Overnight, The Chiron Quiz: How Strong Is Your Chiron became the most visited post on my blog ever. I already knew quizzes were popular, but reader response was overwhelming! It’s clear you’re eager to learn more about Chiron—and what Chiron means to you.

My “Chi-Q” Quiz was modeled after Donna Cunningham’s tests on the strength of various planets. (Thank you, again, Donna, for encouraging me to get quizzical.) I was eager to place Chiron in the mix so we could each assess Chiron’s personal prominence, especially in relation to the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Since Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, creating a bridge to the far outers, it offers us a conduit for handling our own outerplanetary energies that constantly demand deep change from us.

The Chi-Q Quiz parallels the idea behind an IQ test where the Chiron’s signature in your chart (sign, house, aspects) is an indicator of your potential and path for expressing Chiron’s multiple meanings. However, it occurred to me that there’s another strong parallel—that’s to Emotional Intelligence or EI as put forth in the popular book of the same name by author Daniel Golman and many others. Emotional intelligence is a popular area of research today in the field of psychology.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is "the ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions."

Continuing the parallels, Chi-Q assesses your Chironic potential. Chi-Res—the test you have the opportunity to take next in this post—is primarily about your emotional response to, and identification with, those things that are associated with Chiron. Once you know your Chironic characteristics, you can consider your response to this information and how it might guide your thinking and actions.

We all know people who are extremely intelligent yet have no “horse sense.” We are often reminded that as humans, we use only a fraction of our mental resources. I have known people with so-called developmental disabilities, supposedly “slow,” who understand the important things in life better than some folks who qualify for Mensa. You could have a Chi-Q score of only 25, but if you strongly identify with the principles associated with Chiron, you may be more Chironic than a person with a Chi-Q of 65 who hasn’t connected yet to Chiron in a major way. Why? Because you are using, or at minimum, feeling the presence of the archetype of Chiron. You have used Chiron’s skeleton key glyph to open the door to his teachings in your life. The Chi-Q speaks to Chironic potential; the Chi-Res measures how you’re connecting with the Chiron archetype in your inner and outer life.

The real purpose of both these tests is to help you get to know your Chiron better and what Chiron means to you. The Chi-Res test is more subjective, yet it may actually be a better indicator of how Chiron works for you.

Basis of the Chi-Res Quiz: The Trifold Method for Discovering Planetary Meanings

The Chi-Res Quiz s drawn directly from “the continuing discovery of Chiron.” When new planets are discovered, we look to three things as astrologers to decipher their meaning:

  1. The myth after which they are named, which is often inspired by synchronicity
  2. Astronomical information
  3. Cultural changes in the years surrounding discovery
The Chi-Res Quiz has three sections. Each explores your resonance to these areas for mining meaning. You’ll discover that the biggest section is under the myth. This is where we get the richest metaphors, and it is also the oldest source. The Chiron legend has been told for millennia, whereas our astronomical and cultural information only came into being with Chiron’s discovery in 1977. Those sections are still “under construction.”

The Chi-Res Quiz

Mythological Factors

1. __ You were literally abandoned by one or more parents at birth, examples: given up for adoption, sent to foster care, or experienced the death of a parent as a child. (10 points)

2. __ You have felt rejected emotionally (rather than actually) by a parent (5, 10 if both parents)

3. __ You were conceived in an adulterous relationship, outside marriage, or in a relationship not “sanctioned” by society or your local culture. (10 points)

4. __ You were born with a birth defect or have a physical handicap. (10) points

5. __ (If you have a physical handicap, it involves your leg or legs, especially the thigh or knee. (10 extra points)

6. __ You were raised by a couple other than your biological parents. (5 points)

7. __This couple in #6 seemed very balanced, yin and yang, and often complemented each other. (5 points)

8. __ You spent a lot of time alone as a child. (5 points)

9. __ It has always been important to you to have an isolated nook or “cave” to retreat into when you feel overwhelmed by the world. (5 points)

10. __ You felt outcast and rejected by others, particularly peers, as a child. (10 points)

11. __ You have a lingering injury or illness of some kind—whether physical, emotional, or spiritual—one with ongoing residual effects. (10 points)

12. __The residual effect of #11 includes chronic pain. (10 points)

13. __ The lingering injury or illness in #11 involves your leg or legs, especially the thigh or knee. (5 points)

14. __ You continue to work or contribute in spite of pain or discomfort. (5 points)

15. __ You were wounded at or by a wedding (someone else married the one you loved, your mother married a man you despise, your parents never married—wide possibilities, including a literal accident or injury at nuptials). (10 points)

16. __ You are a teacher or mentor. (10 points)

17. __ You work with young adults (teens through twenties) in some other way, such as counselor or club leader. (10 points)

18. __ You are a professional astrologer. (10 points)

19. __ You are a surgeon. (10 points)

20. __ You are an herbalist or work with similar healing arts that involve the gifts of the earth such as flower essences or healing teas. (10 points)

21. __ You practice complementary medicine, both modern allopathic and some of the older tried-and-true medicines such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, etc. (5 points)

22. __ You practice holistic medicine as your sole focus. (5 points)

23. __ Your teaching style is to “bring out the best” in each student or person you mentor. (5 points)

24. - 29 You practice any of the following (5 points each):
24. __ Archery

25. __ Martial arts (t’ai chi, qi gong, etc.)

26. __ Playing a stringed instrument (examples: guitar, banjo, piano)

27. __ Astrology (non-professional)

28. __ Matching people’s skills to a job or need

29. __ Turning out heroes or stars in whatever form
30. __ You are altruistic and very giving of your time and talents. (10 points)

31. __ Others have always come to you informally for advice or counsel. (10 points)

32. __ You have overcome a problem or hurt in your life and made a career of helping others “in the same boat,” such as an alcoholic who facilitates at AA meetings, or a formerly speech impaired person who is active in mentoring others in Toastmasters, or a person with a disease (Michael J. Fox) who becomes a spokesperson or advocate to find a cure. (10 points)

33.__ You “look different” in some way which has been wounding to you. (10 points)

34. __ You feel neither here nor there, like you don’t fit in, yet you can “work the perimeter” of very different worlds. (10 points)

35.__ You a weaver, someone who can take diverse ideas, artwork, talents—whatever—and stitch them into a tapestry of wholeness. (10 points)

36. __ You have strong intuitional skills. (5 points)

37. __ You are not right or left-brain dominant; you’re both brained, with a balance of logic and intuition. You’re possibly even ambidextrous. (10 points)

38. __ You have a great sense of humor and appreciate humor’s healing potential. (5 points)

39. __When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. You know how to find the silver lining, lessons, or good in situations. (10 points)

40.__ Finding your place in the community where you can give your talents and experience is important to you. (10 points)

Astronomical Factors

41. __ You have progressive ideas, yet get along with conservative people and are able to open their minds to new ways of looking at things without alienating them. Similarly, you can get the most outspoken liberal people to understand the perspective of a convervative, even if just a little. (5 points)

42. __Humor is often your bridge in this process described in #41. (5 points)

43. __ You consider yourself a maverick or a rogue. (5 points)

44. __ You are a composite being in some way, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, or bionic (mechanical body part replacements such as an artificial limb, knee). (10 points)

45__ It’s difficult to categorize you or “put you in a box.” You’re one of a kind. (5 points)

46. __ You often find yourself in the role of go-between or acting as a bridge between differing others or concepts. (5 points)

47. __ You are relatively small in size but often considered powerful by others. (5 points)

48. __ You have an uncanny sense of timing. (5 points)

49. __ You experience many synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. (5 points)

50. __ Something personally important happened to you in the year 1977. (5 points)

Cultural Factors

51. __ You resonate to the ideal of integration, whether cultural, racial or the integration of ideas. (5 points)

52. __ You strongly support feminism and gender equality. (5 points)

53. __ You often like extremely “opposite” people or ideas. Example: You might have close friends who are atheists and others who are religiously conservative. (5 points)

54. __ You resonated to the ‘70s—sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll—at least two out of three. If you didn’t do drugs, you still sought physical or emotional highs. (5 points)

55. __ You feel the movie Star Wars changed the world. (“May the Force be with you.”) (5 points)

56. __ You believe the music of the ‘70s (Elvis, Beatles, Motown, etc.) changed the world. (5 points)


Highest possible score is 400.

0 – 62: Low resonance to Chiron at this time

62 – 320: Moderate resonance to Chiron *

321 – 400: High resonance to Chiron

* This wide moderate range assumes scores will fall in a normal bell curve. With such a high point range in the middle, it makes sense to subcategorize. Let's call 62-100 low moderate, up to 101-200 mid-moderate, and up to 201-320 high moderate.

What’s Next?

Here are some suggestions for putting this information to work for you.

1. Compare Your Chi-Q and Chi-Res quiz results. Are they similar in quality—both moderate, both high—or are they dissimilar (one low, one high). Contemplate what that means for you. Do you have more Chironic potential than you’re expressing? Conversely, are you maximizing the Chironic potential these tests light up?

2. If you have a high Chi-Res score, how does knowing this make a difference for you? How do you feel about it, and does it suggest any redirection in vocation or approach to personal growth? (For example, my Chi-Q is on the higher side at 43, but it pales compared to some of our test takers on the previous quiz who got way upwards of that score. My Chi-Res, however, is 330—quite high. It explains why I've been a Chironoholic since 1988 and suggests that I found the right astrological specialty.)

3. Participate in research. If you’d like to be part of the research for my book in progress, please contact me with “Chiron research” in the header. This will involve sharing your birth data, Chi-Q and Chi-Res scores, and personal information that exemplifies how Chiron works in your life. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Remember, your Chi-Q is fixed at birth with your Chiron configuration in your natal chart. It is a map of how Chiron can potentially work for you. However, your Chi-Res or Chiron Resonance is fluid. You could take this quiz at various times in your life and probably come out with a considerably different score. Some things will stay the same, like whether or not you have a physical disability, but others will vary as you accumulate Chironic experiences and identification with Chiron's wholemaking role. The Chi-Res quiz shows how you relate to Chironic principles at this time.

I look forward to your comments and hearing how the two quizzes compare for making Chiron more personal and accessible. Your feedback will help me refine the quizzes and to make them more helpful for others in the future.


LMA said...

Chi-Q 40, Chi-Res 202. I'm so glad I found this blog, because I've never paid much attention to Chiron before, and to say learning about where he is in my chart has been enlightening is an understatement to say the least.

Harriett Broughton said...

Oh so fascinating!

My Chi-Q is 35 and my Chi-Res right now is 265.

Chiron's in my 10th along with Venus, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Pholus.

I'm gonna end up spending the weekend pondering over all this. THANKS Joyce! LOL

Joyce Mason said...

Linnea and Parin, thanks for your early comments and the sense that this food for thought is health food! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce. Chi-Q 73, Chi-Res 195, so pretty high. I find this very interesting, because I've never actually looked at Chiron and yet it seems to be so strong in my chart. I'll think I have to be one of your guinea-pigs or would that be guinea-centaur?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's a bit late where I am, and I'm burning the midnight oil for a deadline. The 73/195 score is mine, but I forgot to put my name!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Natalie--I love "guinea-centaur!" I'll look forward to having you participate in the research.

LB said...

Hi Joyce - Wow, what an in-depth quiz. And such good questions.

Chi-Q was 52; Chi-Res is 245, but my score may go down if my current physical situation improves; only time will tell. I laughed at some of the questions - to say 1977 was a big year for me would be an understatement (LOL!)

And although I didn't count it as a physical disability, I've suffered from bad knees (Chondromalacia) since I was a young woman. Thankfully they only act up occasionally. I know you can probably relate to what a "pain" knee problems can be.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, LB--I'd count those knees! It may be temporary, but since Chi-Res records your Chiron resonance now, why not? Yep, I've got "severe arthritis" in my L. knee. Shh. Don't tell it. So far, a combo of Chondroitin and Glucosamine plus Turmeric keep it from barking very much or often. Mostly, I don't know it's a problem except for stiffness. Only when I do t'ai chi. Owie wowie! Normally I don't get the points for chronic pain, but after I take my 5 points for t'ai chi, I could fairly say I've got some lingering pain ... but gratefully, not for long.

I'm glad to know the quiz reflects my normal tendency to go deep. I'm not surprised at your big score. Some day you'll have to tell me about 1977, if you're willing--off the public wall! :)

Donna Cunningham said...

145. I gave myself only 5 points for abandoned at birth. My father went to Pearl Harbor for WW2 and my grandfather became a surrogate father. His death when I was 2 seems very significant.

I was orphaned at 40--does that count? Donna Cunningham

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for taking the quiz, Donna. I'd count the death of grandfather as the abandonment by a second parent, since he had become your surrogate dad. So rather than losing two parents in the traditional mom/dad way, you lost 2 dads. If you still feel the impacts of being orphaned at 40, I'd count it since the Chi Res Quiz is meant to measure Chironic characteristics now and is by definition mutable.

Thanks again for inspiring me to create the Chiron quizzes!

Rose said...

I got 27/125. Thanks for the Chironic ideas...

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Rose. Hope you learned some new things about Chiron in the process!

Anonymous said...

I got 290 for my Chi-Res and 26 for my Chiron score.
I think my Res score is probably about 10-15 points higher after reading some of the other people's responses.
I didn't count my knee problems and I didn't count the full score for childhood abandonment because my real father didn't want me,but I was raised by another man until I was about 12 or 13 and then he left and I never heard from him again.

Thank you for this quiz.
It's very interesting.

Marie Kirkwood said...

These two Chiron quizzes have opened my eyes to my Chiron, big time! Thank you! Chiron has always fascinated me, but I don't feel I understood him very well, especially as he works in my chart. I took to heart your comment about Chiron being the tension reliever for your Moon, and am now looking at my dog leg aspect with close conjunction tightly opposing my close conjunction - Chiron being one of the "relievers" to this dynamic "disaster". Neptune is the other reliever,and I have always focussed on that one, until today. Time now for Chiron to get some attention! :D

My Chi-q is 55, my Chi-Res 240. Chiron is in Sagittarius, in my 4th house.

I have some a queries relating to the quiz questions. I apologise if some of them seem to be hair-splitting. :
q#1: I have assumed that abandonment of my mother by her husband/my father, prior to my birth, would count as a yes answer to this question? Also my grandfather was my surrogate father until I was 5, and died when I was 10. I hadn't considered that until I read Donna's post.
q#6: I was not raised by foster parents all my growing years, but definitely from the age of 14-16. Does this count? I have answered yes to this, as it was a very crucial time for me - a time of pivotal change and growth with these wonderful people.
q#12: The chronic pain developed in my lat 30's and continues to this day. I am now 61. Just checking that this counts as a yes?
q#17: I don't work with teens/young adults as a paid job, but am currently finding young people are starting to come to me for guidance and mentorship. I have answered no to this question, but am uncertain ... ?
q#43: I had a bit of bother with the degree of "maverick or rogue" here. I am a Sun Aquarius, and a non-conformist at heart, but am I a maverick or rogue? I really don't know, lol. I answered no to this question, but I admit to having doubt. :D
q#52: My interpretation of this question was "strongly support feminism and/or gender equality". I am totally for gender equality, but would not call myself a feminist. I'm just throwing this one in for clarification. I answered yes to this one. Semantics can really get in the way sometimes!

Joyce Mason said...

Marie, thanks for your comment! I agree with how you responded to all the "questions in question." I also agree that semantics can be tricky. On the final one about gender equality, what I was trying confirm that you don't have an old-fashioned, 1950's style vision of the strict separation of roles between men and women.

My turn for a question. It's about an apparent cultural difference in expressions. (English varies so much by country!) I'm not familiar with the "dog leg aspect" and didn't turn up anything on a search. How many degrees or what pattern does that refer to?

Thanks, again, for sharing.

Lorehnah said...

Dear Joyce, I am also glad to have found this blog. I am reading the Chiron book by Barbara Hand Clow and decided to go online and look at my Chiron aspects. On the quiz I got a 38 but it goes by 10 more if I also count asteroids as planets. On the resonance I got 260. My Chiron is in Pisces in the 4th house with aspects to Moon, Mercury and Venus.

I am only beginning to figure out what this all means. Be glad to volunteer for any research if you need people still.

Thank you again for all this information!

Joyce Mason said...

Lorehnah, glad the quiz was illuminating for you. I would love to have you in the research. See link for details in the upper sidebar of The Radical Virgo.

There are many articles on this blog about Chiron. Just enter Chiron in the search box and enjoy your continuing discovery of him.

Thank you for being here!

Kalisto said...

I scored 265 on the Chiron Resonance Quiz.

I would love a similar quiz made for Lilith!

Janet White said...

My Chi-Q 69, Chi-Res 290. I am just beginning to learn about Chiron. I was very impressed with the Chiron Resonace Quiz. It proved very insightful and is making me want to do further research on Chiron.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Janet White

Pamela said...

Hi Joyce,
My Chi-Q totaled 47, Chi-Res 130. Never knew I had so many aspects to Chiron. I had my Chiron return in 2009 at 25 Aquarius 5H during the Neptune/Jupiter/Chrion conj. At the same time I had a Pluto transit conj. Saturn and a Saturn transit to Venus/Mars.
Needless to say - I am still in recovery.

Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

Chi-Q 20, Chi-Res 300.
The questions in the Res quiz were uncanny- I thought I was some sort of oddball and have had trouble with that most of my life. People describe me as a chameleon, as a "one of a kind", and many of my friends are surprised by some of the other people I know.
I have an uncanny gift for showing up in odd places at odd times and running into a friend or friends who were just talking about or thinking about me, who need me for something. People are frequently amazed by this- it happens almost daily. There's a running joke among my friends that I'm like Superman woman, because I always show up when I'm needed.
I was adopted at age 3, and experienced the deaths of both of my adopted parents at a young age. We also moved a lot & every time I made a friend, either we'd move or they'd move. I spent all my time alone and that has been a big challenge- learning to let myself develop attachments has been a long process.
I was also born in 1978, year of Horse. (Concieved in '77!)
Thank you for making this. I'll read more about the myth and maybe find ways to deal with the crazy life I have. Will it ever calm down?

Joyce Mason said...

Bren, thank you so much for commenting! Your Chironic nature is so evident. I don't know if it'll ever calm down, but with continued life experiences, chances are you'll appreciate the trip more and more. I hope you'll read my new book that's about to come out, "Keywords to Unlock Chiron." Your powers of synchronicity are likely to be one of your greatest gifts. It takes one to know one, and I ultimately learned they are not "weird." This is what's supposed to happen when you're in tune with the flow of life and the cosmic hints all around you. Direction abounds and experiences are brought to your doorstep.

Delightful to know you ...

Anonymous said...

My Chi-Q is 28 Chi-Res is 205. I have Chiron in the 8th house in Taurus, conjunct my North Node in Gemini also in the 8th house, both opposition my Mars in the second house in Scorpio. Chiron is also sextile my moon in Pisces in 5th house placidus, 6th house if equal house system is used. I also have sun in the 6th house in Aries.

I have lower back problems, discs bulging sometimes pinches my nerves and I get pain, tingling, etc. in my hips, thighs, down my legs, feet and toes, and a few weeks ago I lost control of my right knee. it kept bending involuntarily, and I could not make it stay straight.

I was interested in volunteering for your research, but I don't use outlook, well honestly I don't really know how I am not super techy. Lol

Anyways thanks so much for your work, I look forward to learning more about Chiron.

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Amii--

It's always great to hear from Chironic readers. Participating in the Chiron Research Pool is easy. Just click this link for directions on how to give your input and e-mail it to me: joyce [at] (Sorry I can't link it due to spam bots. I have been getting close to 100 unsolicited ads a day, very time wasting, while my provider's network is getting some updates and the spam filters are down.)

I'd welcome your stories about Chiron in your life. I draw from this "pool" in my writings. There are many articles on Chiron on this blog. Just put Chiron in the Search window on the sidebar to find them.

Great to "meet" you,

Maria said...

Hi. This is an enlightning article about CChiron. I've never really paid much attention to Chiron. It's odd because it's one of my highest astrological scores.

I've got 52 Chi-Q and my Chi-Res is 165. Believe me it makes sense. There are so many bias about my childhood that are hard to forget. By the way, I've should have add more points to my score but I was trying not to check so many truths :)

I still have a lot to learn. Healing it's a part of growing up and developing our sense of purpose. I'm getting there :) I hope so :)

Thanks for your article :)

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Maria, for taking the time to comment and share your experience with Chiron. The purpose of the quiz is to increase your awareness of the Chiron archetype in your life. Sounds like you got an "A" in awareness! We're all works in progress. Sometimes it's hard to see how far we've come. I rely on my closest friends to point out the inner growth I don't always realize in the middle of it. Healing and love to you ...

Anna said...


my Chi-Q is 49 and my Chi-Q is 85.
Chiron is in 8th house in Gemini.

Many things of the test I haven't done yet, but I feel very drawn to (natural healing arts, counselling,..).
And although I wasn't born in the 70's yet, it sounded really fun. :-)

Thanks for the test!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Anna--

As you explore the Chironic part of your nature, I got a "hit" I want to share. You might try using the '70s as a way into feeling your connection with Chiron, especially things that happened near its Nov. '77 discovery date. Watch Star Wars with an eye to its Chironic themes. Wear something vintage '70s. Take a look at the history of the times. Just a fun exercise! My article on Chiron in Pisces may give you some ideas, because it covers a lot of what was going on around the time Chiron was discovered. With your placement, regeneration of the ways you communicate and connect with people are other good things to look for.

Thanks so much for taking time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for commenting so late. Your blog is very interesting.

My Chi-Q is 62 and my Chi-Res is 220. Chiron is in Scorpio in the 5th house.

I have often wondered what makes people open up to me so easily. People often tell me very private things within the first or second time of meeting me. I guess it may be my strong Chiron.

I was not born in 1970's then. I am not even 18 yet, but I'm very interested in astrology, psychology and the sort. I like it so much I've started a blog about it.

Cheers and best wishes~

Unknown said...

Hi Joyce,

Are you still taking Chiron tests scores?

Love your Blog.



Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Annick!

Thanks so much for your interest in participating in my Chiron research. I am not doing any further scores at this time. (See today's post.) There will be a prominent announcement on the blog if I start collecting data again.So glad to know you enjoy The Radical Virgo!

Have a great New Year,

Gina said...

Hi Joyce, thank you so much for your wonderful blog.
I was stunned by the questions like I was reading my whole life.
My test results Chi-Q = 68 and Chi-Res = 360.
I have Chiron Retrograde in Pisces in the 12th house.
Looking forward to read more of your insights.

Rainbow blessings from Gina.

Tiziana Amagda Morgana said...

My Chi-Q is 72, my Chi-Res between 280 and 290 (I could have missed some) and I use Chiron in Astrology charts since 2003, when Italian Astrologer Paolo Crimaldi published his second book.