Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quotes for the Signs #6

Aries: To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best.

~ William Makepeace Thackeray

Taurus: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

~ Mae West

Gemini: I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.

~ Albert Einstein


Seek a sanctuary,
Respect it, as it is holy,
Walk into it with a bare mind, bare feet and plain clothing,
Nurture your body, mind and spirit through a healing ritual,
Leave it with a pure heart until you find your way to it again.

~ Master Jin Kwon

Leo: Adults are obsolete children.

~ Denis Diderot

Virgo: From a drop of water a logician could predict an Atlantic or a Niagara.

~ Arthur Conan Doyle

I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical.

~Arthur C. Clarke

Libra: Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him.

~ Henry Louis Mencken

Scorpio: Secrecy is the element of all goodness; even virtue, even beauty is mysterious.

~ Thomas Carlyle

Sagittarius: It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip.

~ Robert Heinlein

Capricorn: A businessman is a hybrid of a dancer and a calculator.

~ Paul Valery

Aquarius: Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open.

 ~ James Broughton

Pisces: Faith is a passionate intuition.

~ William Wordsworth


Photo Credit: And I Quote © Zitramon

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