Friday, September 3, 2010

Moonwalk: Virgo

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Virgo sextiles Cancer, the Moon’s “natural” sign—a harmonizing relationship. There’s an easy way to capture the Moon and all its gifts—if you own a Virgo Moon yourself or if you’re just enjoying a walk under the Virgo New Moon with the rest of us this month. How do you capture the Moon? By hand.

The sign of Virgo is often clairkinetic. People with key planets in Virgo often pick up psychic information with their hands and fingers. That’s why you’d always see Adrian Monk, a consummate Virgo archetype, do that “funny thing” with his hands at a crime scene. Virgos are drawn to occupations that involve the use of their hands—writing, editing, cleaning, nursing, accounting—because their hands hold their emotional intelligence.

Take anything I say about the sign of Virgo in general times ten when it comes to Virgo Moon. My dear friend and wise astrologer, Gregg Castellucci, once told me in an offhand remark, while I was reporting something I was sensing (and probably moaning about):

Virgos can feel their blood circulating.

That’s about it. When I stopped laughing, I realized the profundity of what Gregg was saying. The Virgo sensitivity is so heightened; that’s why we seem like a bunch hypochondriacs. We’re not imagining we’re sick; we’re just hypersensitive. We feel things more acutely. Imagine that on your Moon. Imagine the pressure to get it right and to feel all right.

Clairkinetic or Sensing Clearly is the power to “sense” other dimensions; is essentially what we mean when we say “I had a hunch” or “It's a gut feel." It's when you're overcome with a physical sensation and you can't explain it, all you can say is "I just know."

There are many sensitive Moon signs, the water Moons (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) foremost. I put Virgo Moon right up there with them. Virgo Moons feel their emotions in their body. This can be both a blessing and a curse. One key word for a sextile—back to Virgo’s sextile to the Moon’s natural placement in Cancer—is provides structure for. Virgo Moon is like Cancer Moon with a container “built in.” The container is the body itself. Of course, everyone’s emotions reside in their body. Virgo is just hyper aware of it, making the container even sensitive to itself. Feelings and body are one.

Sometimes that makes it not so easy to live there. The sensation of carrying your emotions pulsing in your body and to function well at the same time means keeping your physical vehicle clean, organized, and efficient. This is how Virgo Moon lives. When Virgo Moon isn’t comfortable in his or her own skin, that’s when the nervous twitching starts, along with digestive problems—and dare I mention, neuroses? Recently I’ve interacted often with a Virgo Moon friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. I am exhausted. If she wears me out, I can’t imagine what it must be to live in the center of that chronic worry and fretting 24/7. The evolution of that energy is to trust utterly your feelings. Then there’s nothing to worry about, because your body is giving you biofeedback for every decision you need to make and direction you need to travel.

In a little bit, we’ll talk more about the upside of the Virgo Moon, in the usual Radical Virgo way. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the Virgo Moon that’s the opening act to our next lunar month’s manifestations.

This Virgo New Moon

Continuing my precedent of observing the moment of the New Moon from San Francisco, capital of the Left Coast: I note that this Sun/Moon conjunction and new starting point for the lunar month spells a certain relief. There are no aspects to the Virgo Sun and Moon by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Whew! A reprieve? A breather?

Click chart to enlarge

Let’s not get too excited. The New Moon is widely conjunct to Mercury in retrograde. While I’m not sure that colors it in dark crayon from 9°, let’s not forget that Mercury Rx is still in Virgin territory. Mercury Retrograde invites us to review, revise, reconsider—and, in general, to go inside ourselves to contemplate what’s happening from an inner perspective. As you can only imagine, people with Virgo Moons already spend enough time there and may balk. They should still do it along with the rest of us. The non-VMs can tune up their sensations and get a glimpse of how the other twelfth lives. Not only that, you can experience the Virgo Moon gift, an internal barometer that let’s you know how to proceed or not on most anything you’re involved in or considering. It reminds me of the sign a very metaphysical friend had on her office door, “Inquire Within.” Yes. This is a month for it, more than usual. If Virgo is a communicative Earth sign, time to get into your personal chunk of earth, your body, and have a confab with yourself. You’re wiser than you know!

The only major aspect to the New Moon is a trine to the North Node, a trine that’s even closer to Mercury Rx. My take on this? As long as you work on the quieter rewrite, redo, reconsider things Mercury Retrograde calls for, you’re likely to harvest a true sense of accomplishment by the next New Moon in Libra. Ignore the swift messenger’s call for activities that, literally, aren’t so swift this month because of the opening Mercury Retrograde? It’ll be just as easy to reap accomplishment disaster—the reminder that “disaster” means against the stars. I honor Mercury during every retrograde cycle with a photo of the winged messenger on my altar. Paying homage does help avoid the disaster, but you’ve got to be willing to shift into reverse with him, too.

While the New Moon isn’t linked directly to the Cardinal T-Square this lunar month, there’s still a biggie going on in one corner of it. There’s an exact Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on Sept. 19 that will be “in orb of feeling” for most of the month. I asked my colleague Anne Whitaker, author of Jupiter Meets Uranus and her blog of the same name, to give me a standout example of what can happen during this planetary meet-up, since she has done extensive research on the subject. She shared this comment left on her blog by “Sherry” on 22-Jun-10 :

The last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (in February 1997 at 6 Aquarius ~Anne.W.) was in my 5th house. I was 43. Had already raised 4 children, youngest was 17. Both of my daughters experienced sudden unexpected pregnancies within 8 weeks of each other and of course I thought, “This is the transit”…3 months later I found myself pregnant against all odds. So, I have a daughter the same age as 2 of my grandchildren.

In sharing this example, Anne said, Talk about unexpected! She was definitely my Uranian “twist.” Anything is possible!

Things Are Looking Up—Grabbing the Best of the Virgo Moon

Some positive Virgo traits to try on, if you’re not exactly a Virgin in the astrological sense—or if you are, qualities to celebrate:

Logical, analytical practical, health-oriented, clean, orderly, efficient, unassuming, service-oriented, loyal, pet lover, work lover, healer, helpful, hands-on

Questions to Ask Yourself During the Virgo New Moon

.. and for the Lunar Month from September 8 – October 6, 2010:

• How will I serve?

• How will I take care of my health?

• How will I cleanse body, mind, thoughts, work space—whatever area of my life that needs it?

• How will I use my hands?

• How will I synthesize information?

• How will I find what is healthy and whole in all situations?

• Am I willing to discard all the rest? If yes, how?

• How will I practice Annunciation—the moment when Mary, the ultimate Radical Virgo, accepted the mysterious role of birthing the Christ? She said a no-holds-barred yes, totally trusting Spirit to work out the details of her unusual, and to the less faithful, unbelievable assignment. In this vein, how will I bring light into the world and trust how the Ultimate Creativity works through me this month?

Suggested Exercises

• Play the piano, guitar, or any instrument with your hands and feel the music in your body. This is the best of the Virgo/Pisces continuum, the abandon of the music playing through you and the precision of the Virgo mind to master the mechanics of the notes and finger placements.

• Experiment with clairkinesis. When you’re trying to “pick up information,” hold your hands open slightly in front of yourself at the level of your heart chakra. Move your fingers a little. (Once a psychic reading me said, “Your fingers are like 10 little antennae.” Exactly.) Pick up the vibes. When trying to read another person or situation, do this about a foot from the individual, aiming your finger antennae their way. In a situation you’re trying to decipher, like Monk’s crime scenes or finding your car keys in the disaster area known as your teenager’s room, close your eyes and wave your hands over various parts the room sequentially. Notice your sensations and go to the location where the energy and temperature on your hands changes. Did you find your keys? (Are you ever lending them to him or her again?)

• Get in better touch with your body-mind connection. One way to do this is to read the wonderful book by Dr. Elson Haas, Staying Healthy with the Seasons. Find the optimal fuel for yourself at this time of year. Slowly switch your diet and carefully observe and journal, if possible, your bodily reaction to this “purification.” How does it impact your bodily sensations?

• If you’re already a Virgo Moon, the next suggestion will be easy. If not, you’re going to impersonate a VM (that’s Virgo Moon, not Virgin Mary). Sit quietly for at least 10 minutes. Feel your blood pulse. Tune into your heartbeat. Imagine your various bodily functions, including slow breathing and air exchange. What do you feel? How does this intensified awareness of your body feel? Journal the results.

One last thought. At the Full Harvest Moon on September 23, when this lunar cycle has peaked try this:

Go outside, form your fingers in two slightly separated semi-circles, and raise them so you can see the Moon through your fingers, framing it. Now you’ve got the visual to go along with this month’s message about touching the Moon.

May it touch you back.


Photo Credit: Moon Girl © Gerrit Hein

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Natalie Normann said...

Hi Joyce
As a Virgo with sun, moon, pluto and uranus all snuggly together, I can relate to the hands thing. I've always thought of my writing talent as being in my fingers, but I've never thought of it in terms of emotional intelligence. But I do get swollen and achy fingers in periods of stress, and stomach aches ...Of course, now I have to try the thing with the waving fingers. Thank you for a very intersting post.

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Natalie--Wow, you *are* a Radical Virgo! Glad this post spoke to you, and I'll be interested in hearing how the "finger wave" works for you.

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Joyce

thanks for your wise words and counsel re Mercury Retro and this upcoming Virgo New Moon - both in my first house,
just as I am deciding I need to get over my resistance to using facebook, twitter, linkedin etc and do some other than word-of-mouth PR. And just as I am deciding this, you give my work a wonderful plug. Thanks so much!


Susannah said...

Wonderful article Joyce, I really enjoyed it! (This Virgo new moon will conjunct my North Node.)

Joyce Mason said...

Anne, my pleasure! I love social networking. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. So happy to give your book a plug. BTW, I just ordered it from Amazon and should have my copy any day. Just in time to be prepared for this month's exact conjunction!

Susannah, I had such fun with this one. Glad you enjoyed it.

Trishia said...

Hello, Joyce, I came here via your guest blog on Skywriter. I'm one of those neurotic Virgos you mentioned:)!ha! Your information about the use of the hands was very enlightening to me. I had no idea that was a Virgo 'thing.' And, since I've recently developed a physical problem with my pinky that is now progressing to the next finger -- you've given me a new avenue to explore in regard to what the problem could be. Looking forward to reading more and more on your blog!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Trishia! Wow, get those fingers waving! :) Maybe it's just the clairkinesis wanting to come out of your fingers. Seriously, I hope you're doing better and get to the bottom of the issue to be sure there's nothing of concern from a medical standpoint. My fingers go numb from carpal tunnel syndrome at times; however, even with the tunnels 50% blocked, I've managed to keep it at bay, an issue for all writers who keyboard as much as I do. If I had an odometer on this thing, my fingers would keel over in shock just from learning their annual mileage.

Thanks for coming by and come back often. So glad the article gave you something new to explore. We have a lot of fun here and learn so much from each other. Healing to your hands!

PS - Neurotic is a nice place to visit. I've spent some long sabbaticals there myself!

Cameron said...

Wonderful article, Joyce!

I have Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon and Virgo rising, and feel somewhat an affinity for the Virgo influences you describe. You mentioned playing the piano -- it's funny because after a few years not practicing, I suddenly got the urge to start playing again (as of 9/4). I've been playing every day since then and derive great satisfaction from the activity at this time.

Thanks for the validation!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Cameron! I'm tickled that your fingers picked up on this Virgo New Moon and my discussion of clairkinesis!:) I've had the urge to start playing the piano again, myself. Thank you for being my synchronistic second prompt. Glad you enjoyed the article and hope to hear more from you, especially when you write your first symphony!

Cameron said...

Joyce, THANK YOU for your thoughtful response.

I encourage you to play the piano!

I'm actually a professional French horn player, also a composer of music for various instruments, such as harp and recorders (which I also play), piano and orchestra.

Although I haven't written a symphony yet, per se, a couple years ago I did compose a 15-minute suite of music which I dub my "Halloween Symphony". You can hear it on the music site I occasionally participate in:

Feel free to download it and play it for the trick-or-treaters!

If you click on my name "Cameron" on the song page, it will take you to my artist page with my other compositions.

Please excuse this shameless plug!

Keep up the good work, and get busy on that piano!