Thursday, August 26, 2010

“Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer” Makes Top 12 Summer Reading Picks on Spirited Woman

Dear Radical Readers,

I thought you’d like to know that my e-book, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer, was just named a Top 12 Summer Reading Pick on Spirited Woman!

If you haven’t already read my Chiron Primer, I hope its inclusion in this delightful dozen will prompt you to consider it in your next-reads. (The primer is in some very cool company, including the romantic mystery novel Dying for a Date, by my friend and Sister in Crime, Cindy Sample.)

My recent Chiron Quiz sparked lively discussion in the Comments and confirmed that many readers are hungry for more information on Chiron. Chiron and Wholeness offers a great orientation, if you're new to Chiron, and many new insights if you're continuing your discovery of the centaur planet, the one that helps us weave wholeness and find the gifts in our chronic pain and pesky-to-resolve issues. Chiron is the key to our vocation—the work we are compelled to do, the lessons we yearn to share and give back, and the thing no one can do quite like like you. When we finally can contribute that special talent, we find our true place in the world. That's called fulfillment, another word for wholeness.

It’s a great time to highlight, too, that both my Chiron e-books, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs, are on sale through Labor Day, September 6, as a package deal for $9.99. (See sidebar to purchase individually or at the pair price.)

Why poems? As a living Chiron archetype myself, meaning a multifaceted Renaissance person (Chiron was the original Renaissance Man way before the Renaissance), it took me till this year to figure out where poetry fits into my medicine bag. What do astrology, tarot, dreamwork, flower essences—and writing, especially poetry—all have in common? Certainly, the common thread is symbolism. But there’s more. Chiron is a weaver. He stitches your diverse talents and assets together into a tapestry of wholeness. Turned out poetry was more a “healing art” than I had imagined.

Recently, I read a book I recommend to all poetry lovers, Saved by a Poem by Kim Rosen. In it, she talks about the rhapsodes, ancient Greek itinerant poetry reciters, who ultimately wrote prescriptive, individual healing poems for people. I must have had some sort of intuition months before I read this book about the healing poets. While I can't do a personalized poem for thousands of monthly readers, individually, I might be able to capture some essence of healing for groups of you by Chiron sign. File this under Unbelievable: In my twenties, I actually set up a business called Wordpix, where people would answer a questionnaire about a loved one—or themselves—and I’d create a personalized poem for them, usually humorous, humor being the biggest healer of all. (Yes, I may dust off that idea that was before its time, especially while Chiron is in Pisces. I expect there will be a resurgence of appreciation for poetry, especially in poetry as a healing art, during this Chiron placement which lasts through 2019.)

As some of you may remember, I associate Chiron with synchronicity. Soon I found myself compelled to create a poetry blog called Stitched Verse, since that is how rhapsode translates from Greek to English. (My half-Greek genes were having a Big Fat Greek Threading, weaving together all these coincidences.)

To top this all off with a French knot, that fancy stitch in embroidery that looks like a raised dot or period, my local Institute of Noetic Sciences is having a poetry-as-healing workshop on August 27. I don’t think I have to tell you who will be in the front row!

These e-books are some of my most concise sources for learning about Chiron until my full-length book becomes available in the months ahead. Treat yourself to a review of your life considering how Chiron fits in. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time, and I hope you’ll enjoy the TLC and vocational fire that’s gone into these e-books—that Chiron inspires you as much as it does me.

Chiron is truly the greatest gift of healing I’ve ever received—and must share. It has been for me the most integrative archetype of my lifetime.

Hope you’re having a great summer growing season,


Reader Feedback: Here’s what a variety of readers, including astrologer friends and colleagues, are saying about Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer.

It was absolutely stunning and beautifully done. Big Medicine! I really appreciated the phrase "Chiron is the place between Then and Now." Well said! ~ LW, Pennsylvania, USA

It is beautifully executed, and its insights and gentle wisdom were EXACTLY what I needed, as it soothed me when I read it. ~ MD, Australia

It's a knockout! As ever, very well written, clear and easy to read. I like your tone, which is well pitched between breezy and serious. Writing about people's Chiron placements by sign and house is a tricky matter … There is a 'distilled' feel to the knowledge, which feeds the writing. In the presence of an effective therapist, the client senses that that person has lived their own pain and distilled a quality essence from it, without the therapist having to say anything about their own journey. Your writing about Chiron has that feel to it ~ AW, Scotland

Wow. I have to say I wanted more. I wanted to keep reading more. Give me more. I loved it. I felt like you had been watching my life! Great E-Book. Wonderful insights. Also, I couldn't stay in denial about some things. You had brought them up and gently waved them in front of me! Thank You. ~ KH, Ohio

Of all the astrologers who have written about Chiron, your work resonates most clearly to me. ~ SM, Hawaii

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