Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moonwalks and New Moongram Merge

How to Keep Up with the New Moon

Dear Radical Readers,

As previously announced at the bottom of the Moonwalk: Gemini post, the monthly Moonwalk will now be absorbed into my monthly New Moongram newsletter. It’s available free, by subscription only. If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so quickly and easily on the top of the sidebar.

We’ve taken a dozen lunar strolls across all the Moon signs since last summer, starting with Cancer in July 2010 and ending with Gemini in June 2011. The Moonwalks are among the most popular posts on The Radical Virgo, but also some of the most time consuming to write. The redesigned New Moongram will include the chart of the New Moon, some concise comments about the chart and month to come, and refer back to previous posts on the general characteristics of the current Moon sign. It will retain all its other juicy New Moon features—information on the New Moon’s Sabian symbol and a mini-meditation for each New Moon sign. Note the opportunity to see a sample by the sign-up button, if you want to look before you leap. The sample you’ll see is “pre-merger.” Imagine it with the New Moon chart, some interpretation, and all the other updates, including what’s happening behind the scenes at The Radical Virgo.

Try it—and if for any reason you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe in a click.

The Moonwalk/Moongram merger is one of a number of changes to come, at least in the short-term, to allow more time for completing my research and writing my book on Chiron during the second half of this year. As the badge low on the sidebar says, I’m a passionate blogger … but there’s only so much time and energy. My book is long overdue, and there will be times where blogging will have to focus on quality rather than quantity in order to bring you longer, more meaty material in book format.

I haven’t quite figured out what “blogging less” will look like. Every time I’ve tried it in the past; I just seem to blog more! Since I can’t seem to stop doing it (blogging is like eating potato chips), I think there may be shorter pieces in the months to come … but, as always, I’ll let the Moon lead me. Join me in a sense of surprise and wonder about how it will all work out.

Happy Summer Solstice--The Growing Season!

As always, I welcome your input, feedback, and above all, your continued support. I love the community we have created on The Radical Virgo, and I hope you’ll continue to walk on the Moon with me in a slightly different way.

Have a wonderful summer,

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