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A Prescription for Planets in Pisces: SoulCollage® Your Natal Chart

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Would you like to increase your understanding of how the astrological archetypes express themselves in your life? The abundance of planetary activity currently in Pisces suggests you might find your answer by creating a set of SoulCollage® cards based on your natal chart.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Soul as:

“1. a: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life”

 … and Collage as:

“1. a: an artistic composition made of various materials (as paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface.”

SoulCollage® is a creative process of self-discovery developed by Seena B. Frost, M. Div., M.A. in which collaged cards are made from found images.

Originally used in the early ‘90’s as a therapeutic tool for her clients to access their inner allies and challengers, it has since turned into a worldwide phenomenon. There are now over 1,000 trained facilitators conducting workshops in 20 countries, where participants discover their inner and outer guides as depicted in the images on their cards.

Unique to each individual, the card decks are intended for personal use. They can be used as an oracle or to help deal with grief, illness, and other life issues.

Although it’s been around for well over a decade, I was first introduced to the process in 2007 when I came across Michele Lessirard's monthly SoulCollage® Challenge!  Michele had expanded the technique and adapted it to explore the signs of the zodiac.

The law of synchronicity was certainly at work when I made my first SoulCollage® card on a Pisces New Moon.

Basic Instructions

First, you’ll need to collect a variety of images. These can be found in magazines, calendars, books, cards, stock photos and/or personal materials (e.g., photos, one’s own art).

Second, you’ll need crafting supplies: a small, sharp pair of scissors; glue, rubber cement, or gel medium; a burnishing tool (something to smooth out bubbles); and a 5” X 8” rectangle of card stock or mat board for each card. All of these supplies are inexpensive and can be found at most drug and craft stores.

Prior to beginning construction, take a few moments to focus your attention through whatever centering method you prefer.

Look through your collection for images that are particularly appealing or that speak to you in some way. Chose two or three of those that seem to work together and begin to create a composition.

Once the card is finished, sit with it. Ask what you learned about yourself and what surprised you during the card’s creation. Journal your response, describe your feelings and the meaning each image in the collage holds for you.

Finally, use the “I am the one” exercise to identify the aspect of yourself that your imagination has brought forth; make it a positive affirmation.

Personal Examples of Cards and Journal Entries

You can adjust your creative approach to suit your particular interests.  I jumped into it with little knowledge of the process aside from the basic idea referenced above and quickly modified it to fit my style. Instead of paper and glue, I work with scanned or digital images on the computer. When the card is complete, I print it on card stock and laminate it.

What began as an exercise to make twelve cards with the archetypal energy of each sign quickly evolved into an ever changing and insightful contemplation of my natal chart.

Aries Soul Collage ®
April 17, 2007

I began this cycle with the idea to make my SoulCollage of the archetypal energies of Aries. However, it clearly ended up reflecting the sign of Aries as I experience it, intercepted in the 12th House of my natal chart.

The background upon which the rest of the collage was built is a photo of a Van Gogh painting called “Corridor in the Asylum.” That alone says quite a bit.

Through the process, I realized that I’ve always been motivated to explore my spirituality. I looked into the shadowy sides of Aries when I faced my vanity, anger, impatience, arrogance, and attention-seeking behaviors.

I learned (amazing after nearly 62 years) that spring is indeed a creatively inspired time of yea for me. In the end, I was surprised to find myself saying, “I am the one who inspires others to look within.”

I’ve also found SoulCollage® valuable for exploring outer planet transits and synastry aspects. Your intuition will bring forth original insights regarding your life experience. Imagine creating a set of cards (one for each planet, point, and house combination in your chart) to use as a powerful personal oracle.

As Joyce points out in her article on Chiron in Pisces, we’re in a cycle optimal for healing through art. If you have difficult configurations in your natal chart, the SoulCollage® technique may provide a curative remedy. The timing is right for this inexpensive and fulfilling creative activity that can be done alone or in groups.

Cancer SoulCollage®
July 22, 2007

This SoulCollage reflects the energy of Cancer on the cusp of my 4th House with the Moon/Saturn conjunction applying to the IC and containing a Venus/Pluto conjunction in Leo. I based it on “The Chariot,” the tarot card for Cancer.

I learned through this creative process how the intertwining of beginnings and endings, life and death, love and fear are the source of my life experience and how important the sense of being in control is to my emotional security.

I was surprised by the fiery intensity that came through the imagery. “I am the one who thrives on change.”


Note: Click here to view the full set of Sandra’s Natal Chart SoulCollage® Cards.

Sandra Mosley and her husband, David, publish the annual Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Calendar in hard copy and make a monthly version available free on-line. Their web site features a changing collection of astrological perspectives on the current lunation cycle, along with advice on how to get the most out of it.


Anonymous said...

Sandra has made some gorgeous cars. The elephant and web in the 12th house card speak volumes to me personally.

Thanks so much for sharing these.

Sandra Mosley said...

Thank you auntiemoon. It was an odd experience sharing something so intensely personal.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant to say cards, not "cars."

Yes, it's odd sharing something so personal, but it can be a blessing to others.

Sandra Mosley said...

Thanks again auntiemoon. My intent was to encourage others to work with the process. In addition to being a relaxing and meditative activity, the insights can be astounding.