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Flower Remedies for Practicing Astrologers

Shooting Star

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Flower remedies can be an excellent support for the astrologer, especially when just starting out. Those early days are so filled with self-doubt, as well as the inevitable challenge of synthesizing the multitude of factors in the horoscope and determining what is important. Here are some:

Shooting Star: Excellent for astrologers—helps in attuning to and understanding planetary factors. Also helps with the feeling of not belong on the planet that many of us have.

Madia: Helps concentration and focus, so one is able to deal with details without becoming distracted.

Shasta Daisy: Aids in synthesizing the chart, going from the bits and pieces to an overview of the whole. Helps integrate ideas from many different sources. Combats an overly-analytic approach, bringing intellect into balance with emotional understanding.

Yarrow:  Psychic shielding and protection, so that one doesn’t take on too much negativity from the client or become drained.

Yellow Star Tulip: Developing empathy and the capacity to truly listen to and understand the client’s suffering, putting oneself in the client’s shoes, in terms of how events or the reading itself might be impacting him or her. Compassion and caring is enhanced.

Rock Rose: Releases the panic that sometimes comes up before a reading, exam or talk. (Stage fright or performance anxiety.) Part of Rescue Remedy, but can be taken singly from the stock bottle (concentrated form) before the event.

Goldenrod:  Combats social pressure or disapproval from family, society, and peers to follow the path you know is right for you. Here, helps deal with the negative press, skepticism, and scorn astrology and astrologers sometimes face.

Sources for These Remedies

Most of the above remedies are available from:

Nevada City, CA - USA
(800) 548-0075 or 530-265-0258 

Remedies from FES will be in stock (concentrate) form and need to be diluted. Mix in one-ounce dropper bottles, like those used for nose drops. (Get them from a local drugstore, health food store, or order them from FES.) Fill the dosage bottle with spring water, then add four drops of each concentrate, upt o five remedies at a time. Shake 100 times. Take four drops, four times a day.


This is an excerpt from Donna’s book, Flower Remedies Handbook (Sterling: 1992). You might also be interested in  Donna's ebook, Flower Remedies: How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us.

Donna Cunningham, MSW, is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. For the past 11 years, she has co-created Vibration Magazine and Blog with Deborah Bier. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications  Visit her blog, Sky Writer.

Note: This article is provided purely for informational purposes. Readers are asked to make their own determination regarding the quality of the services and products described above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.

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cjwright said...

Thanks for sharing these, Donna. They sound like really good tips for astrologers and other kinds of readers, too. Shasta Daisy is especially interesting. Would these remedies require a certain time period (hours, days) before they took effect?

Donna Cunningham said...

Well, there's a difference between using them as a sort of tonic--e.g. mixing them in a glass of water before a consultation to help you get through the session--and using them in a dosage bottle for weeks or even a month in order to get a substantial improvement that lasts.
Donna Cunningham