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Spring Equinox Contest! Give Chiron a New Tagline

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by Joyce Mason
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Spring is about resurrection, renewal, and planting new seeds. It’s the natural new year, and this one is particularly powerful. I’ll be out doing my usual Equinox ritual with my Solsisters, but this year, I’d like to do an additional ritual of renewal here on The Radical Virgo. I’d like to see if we can come up with a better tagline than the Wounded Healer for Chiron. He needs better branding. Maybe a marketing consultant!

After 23 years of working with Chiron, “wounded healer” is really getting old for me. I can’t say wounded healer without also saying wholemaker, because wounded healer implies staying stuck in our misery forever.

Wounded Healer is so limiting. It implies that Chiron is just a pain!

The Chiron myth, the source of an estimated 75 percent of how we interpret Chiron, does show us a resolution to pain and suffering. First, mythical Chiron shows us to serve with joy in spite of it. Think of Michael J. Fox refusing to allow his Parkinson’s disease to rule his life, his great sense of humor, and how he’s helping inspire others while also supporting research for a cure. He’s a very Chironic character with Chiron in the 1st trine Neptune and Mercury, opposed Pluto.

Second, Chiron’s story revolves around self-sacrifice and caring about others. Chiron trades places with Prometheus, who is already being punished and suffering for eternity for stealing fire from the gods. In releasing Prometheus, who represents the collective or community as a metaphor, Chiron, too, is released. The gods are so impressed with his giving spirit, they liberate Chiron from his bonds of immortality, which were literally a real pain. The gods allow Chiron to die, and he is raised to the heavens in a constellation.

This doesn’t mean we have to die literally to get to “heaven”—or at least only once at our appointed time. What it does say is that we have to let a part of ourselves die. We need to surrender our suffering—and when we do that combined with a desire to offer it up to help others, we are lifted up. We don’t notice our chronic bum knee. We are too busy helping other people learn how to transcend their pain and stumbling blocks. We find completion or resolution to our life’s story. We become our own hero, like those extraordinary Greek adventurers that Chiron mentored. Maybe it doesn’t all happen in a day or even in the confines of a 50-year Chiron cycle. But bits of this story keep replaying —and with them bits of healing and finding our place in the world—till our final leap back to the stars. With our increased longevity, we might even get a Second Time Around and another Chiron Return if we live to 100!

So, with that in mind, here are the rules of the contest.

Chiron Rebranding Contest Rules

  1. There are two categories, Serious and Humorous. Label your e-mail entry according to which category you want to enter. Examples, Serious - My wounded healer and wholemaker. (You can do better than that. If I liked it so much, I wouldn’t be having this contest.) Example, Humorous: The dog tags illustrating this post with another nickname for Chiron, centaur mentor.

  1. There will be one winner in each category. I will be the judge, and my decision is final. The prize will be your choice of either of my e-books on Chiron—Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer or Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs. If you already own these books, thank you for purchasing them! In that case, you may opt for a mini-reading by e-mail. I’ll answer in depth on one question about Chiron in your chart.

  2. In entering the contest, you agree that your taglines, including the winners, will be published on The Radical Virgo and give permission for optional publication in my forthcoming book on Chiron. You will be credited. Who knows? Maybe your tagline will be the new one to catch on!

  3. Entries are due by midnight PDT on March 26, 2011. E-mail them to You may also submit any entry by way of the Comments, but be sure you also send me your e-mail address for communicating in case you win and so I can transmit your prize.

Good luck, and I hope I get a lot of entries!


Photo Credit: Dog Tag Sketch © Pecak | “engraved” by Joyce; Blossom Flower © An Yunak |

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