Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Chiron E-Book: A Healing Holiday Gift for You and Yours!

Get It While It’s Hot and Before the Price Goes Up New Year’s Day!

Dear Readers,

Don’t let the year and the introductory price for Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer pass you by! In appreciation for your loyal support of The Radical Virgo and to give folks a break during this challenging economy, I offered a pre-publication price of $3.50 and an introductory price of $4.95. These prices did not include the wider marketing costs of the e-book, which I now must incorporate into the regular price of $7.95. The new price goes into effect on January 1, 2010. You still have plenty of time to get this loyal reader, introductory rate through December.

Give yourself a holiday gift that lasts! Here’s what a variety of readers, including astrologer friends and colleagues, are saying about Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer.

It was absolutely stunning and beautifully done. Big Medicine! I really appreciated the phrase "Chiron is the place between Then and Now." Well said ! ~ LW, Pennsylvania, USA

It is beautifully executed, and its insights and gentle wisdom were EXACTLY what I needed, as it soothed me when I read it. ~ MD, Australia

It's a knockout! As ever, very well written, clear and easy to read. I like your tone, which is well pitched between breezy and serious. Writing about people's Chiron placements by sign and house is a tricky matter … There is a 'distilled' feel to the knowledge, which feeds the writing. In the presence of an effective therapist, the client senses that that person has lived their own pain and distilled a quality essence from it, without the therapist having to say anything about their own journey. Your writing about Chiron has that feel to it ~ AW, Scotland

Wow. I have to say I wanted more. I wanted to keep reading more. Give me more. I loved it. I felt like you had been watching my life! Great E-Book. Wonderful insights. Also, I couldn't stay in denial about some things. You had brought them up and gently waved them in front of me! Thank You. ~ KH, Ohio

Of all the astrologers who have written about Chiron, your work resonates most clearly to me. ~ SM, Hawaii

If you have astro-savvy friends and loved ones who would benefit from Chiron and Wholeness, you can now purchase the new Chiron e-book accompanied by a custom gift “card” that is attached along with the  e-book in a separate PDF file.  The gift card is replicated here. The  text of the e-mail includes instructions for download and contact information in case of questions.

Healing Holidays!


Suzi Dronzek, Starcana said...

I HIGHLY recommend the New Chiron E-Book, as it was very helpful during my Chiron return, but also pleasurable to get to know Chiron through Joyce's eyes! It's content is beautifully written, it's affordable, and it's sinfully informative! Thank you Joyce! ~Suzi Dronzek

Joyce Mason said...

Suzi, thank you so much for this unsolicited testimonial! It's just the booster shot I need to psyche me up for the next project--a full-length book that's a meatier follow-up to this primer. Thanks, again. I needed that! :)