Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Solstice Prayer

by Joyce Mason

God, Goddess, All That Is:
Help me see in the dark.

This longest night of the year
we celebrate the turning-point
between the Night Force and Day.

Meanwhile, hibernation.
We protect the seeds of our own creations
nurture them underground
until frost turns raindrops and each pod’s promise
bursts through dirt, darkness, and lack of faith.

And at long last, we see the value of the Night—
its part in the Perfect Plan—
to know You

and our part in it.


© 2009 by Joyce Mason. All Rights Reserved.

Happy Yule/Solstice on December 21st!

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Susannah said...

That is beautiful Joyce - Happy Solstice / Yule to you - x

Joyce Mason said...

Thank you, Susannah. A joyous Solstice and soul-satisfying winter to you, too! I love the dark, introspective time of year for all the creativity that quietly gains power for bursting forth in spring.