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Chiron 101 Summer School

Announcing an E-Course on Chiron

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My Q&A guest sessions in February on Donna Cunningham’s Sky Writer showed me how hungry people are for more information on Chiron.* In response, I’ll be teaching a six-week online class on Chiron conducted by group e-mail. I have taken writing classes this way and just love the format.

The idea: I e-mail a lesson on Mondays and Thursdays, sent to the class via the group e-mail list. There are always questions at the end for response and comment. We will use your own charts to illustrate examples and for overall learning, as part of the course.

Each individual responds to the questions and Replies All. We have ongoing dialogue—and, at the end of the six-week session, we have produced an e-mail reference “book” of our learning together on Chiron. (Just keep a folder for the class in your e-mail box.) Here are the particulars.

Chiron 101 E-Course
July 11 – August 19
Regular Fee - $79

Earlybird Specials
Purchase by June 1 - $59
New Moongram Mailing List - $55*
Limited to 20 students
See sidebar to purchase

*Anyone can subscribe to the mailing list and get this coupon discount through May 1. Sign up at the top of the sidebar. Moongram Mailing List special must use coupon link in Aries New Moongram. It will be sent to you after sign-up,

Required reading: Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs

(Please purchase on sidebar, if you don’t already have copies.)

This class may be offered on a periodic basis, and/or a second-level class may follow, depending on volume of interest and my schedule. However, this is the only time it will be offered in 2011.

Here’s the short outline of what will be covered in the six weeks:

Week 1: Overview of Chiron, the “School,” and Chiron’s myth as a typical Greek drama

Week 2:
Mythology Class – Most of what we know about Chiron is from the myth after which this first-discovered centaur planet was named

Week 3:
Astronomy and Social Studies Classes – Astronomical factors and cultural changes that add to our interpretation of Chiron’s meaning

Week 4:
Astrology Class – Chiron Signs and Houses

Week 5:
Astrology Class – Chiron Aspects and Transits

Week 6:
Astrology Class – Synthesis and Your Continuing Discovery of Chiron

Why summer? Why not? For those who sunburn easily or aren’t at the beach for any other reason, we’ll create a play date for learning.

For more details how the class works, click here for class guidelines and refund policies.

I’m thrilled to offer this opportunity and look forward to getting to know many of you better as a result of it.


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* Background and Q&A Posts on Donna Cunningham's Sky Writer

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