Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Announcing the Winner of the Chiron New Tagline Contest!

Dear Radical Readers,

Chiron has a new tagline for us to try out—and a winner of the Spring Equinox New Tagline Contest! Help me congratulate Bill Pratt of Bayport, NY for his entry:

The Only True Alchemist

Bill further explained his tagline means turning pain (lead) into joy (gold). His tagline illustrates what I consider to be one of the single most important facets of Chiron. I often describe it with the expression:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Mythical Chiron did this by soldiering on and continuing to teach and mentor despite his lingering pain. This is what we all must do, because Earth is not a pain-free zone. Our spirits live and learn in a body; it’s vulnerable. I have quoted many times astrologer Stan Riddle who said Chiron transmutes—helps us to see things differently, and in that change of perspective, the alchemy of turning pain/lead into joy/gold takes place.

Thanks, Bill, for grasping and sharing Chiron’s magical alchemy!

Bill has won his choice of my Chiron e-books.

How Chiron Transmutes 
"Experience is transmuted into knowledge through intention ... returned as a blessing to the wounded one."
~ Stan Riddle, Chironicles, April 1995

And thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. Interestingly, all the entries were in the serious category—none in the humorous one. Kudos, also, to these:

Honorable Mentions

Wisdom Healer – Kat Randall from Webster Groves, MO
The Challenged Challenger – Sarah Beaber from "all over the Midwest"

The contest may be over, but I’m always interested in new catchphrases for Chiron. Come on over for some lemonade anytime and let’s chat!

Gold to All,


Bill Pratt is versatile—a Teaching Reiki Master, Magnified Healer, AnRa Master Healer, a hypnotist and medium. Add to these eclectic, Chironic skills a psychic, intuitive, empath who works with EFT and other modalities. “Life has been defined by Virgo North Node conjunct Chiron and Pluto in the 7th House squaring a Scorpio stellium, including Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Pluto’s opposite Aquarian Moon—a nice ‘T.’ Throw in Neptune Midheaven.” Bill was shocked he won, but are you even surprised?

Photo Credit:  Food (Lemonade) - Mario Beauregard © Fotolia.com

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just saw this. I really love that tagline. I've been fascinated by the history of alchemy for years - it's great material for a story or two. Although what the alchemyst actually did, is more or less lost in time. They did so much of their work in secrecy, the secrets died with them. But for the alchemist the process was the important thing, the journey from matter to spirit, and that resonates with Chiron too, I think. Congratulations to your winner!