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Radical Reposts: Astrology and Humor—and Humor about Astrology


 Astrology in General

Astrology and Humor (16-May-11)

I had an encounter with a woman many years ago—someone very “proper.” She couldn't understand why I use humor so liberally when talking about Chiron, because Chiron is “so spiritual.” I have a very different perspective, namely: We’re closest to God when we’re laughing.

What’s you’re AQ—Astrobabble Quotient? Take this 10-point quiz to find out if you speak Astro-gibberish and offend everyone around you—and make sure the uninitiated never want to speak the language of the stars.

Astrological Aspects and Signatures

In these posts, you’ll be introduced to The Radical Virgo’s smart-alecky alter ego, Auntie Joyce.

When Auntie Joyce was very small, there was a wonderful kids' show called Romper Room. This educational offering on early TV (1953)had a wonderful character called Mr. Do Bee. This oversized Bumble Bee taught children how to behave--the do’s and don’ts of manners. Auntie suspects the inspiration for this post came from too many screaming children on recent air travel or from wearing too much yellow. In either case, she hopes you enjoy her turn at being Ms. Do Bee on a romp around the zodiac. We’ll start with the Don’ts and end on a high note with the Do’s.


The Cardinal Cross of 2014 may be gone if not forgotten … but never to be forgotten within this post is the style of coping that each signs uses when meeting intense astrological aspects demanding major change.

There’s always another Mercury Retrograde just around the corner! What my Moon taught me about Mercury (double Gemini mom) and how your Jupiter (humor) will save you from going crazy during Mercury’s dance backwards.


Auntie Joyce, known for her funny and pointed astro-aphorisms, just arrived at the door of The Radical Virgo in her gym shorts to talk about Mercury. She thinks we could use the equivalent of a Pilates class to get our Mercs in better shape for this crazy cyber sprint we’re all signed up for, this marathon of Mercurial madness called the Virtual World. (Not to be confused with the Virtuous World.)


Only Auntie Joyce could find a relationship between those side-by-side signs that seem like they have nothing to do with each other, starting with: A Virgo is just a Leo with stage fright. Enjoy this unique trip around the zodiac with Auntie J.


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NEXT: Humor’s in Season – Laughs for holidays and winter, spring, summer and fall.

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