Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Looking for Laughs in Your Natal Jupiter

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In Astrology and Humor, I gave celebrity examples to illustrate the various humor styles of the Jupiter signs. I want to talk a bit about a recent insight I had about Jupiter and the importance of “working your Jupiter” as a taproot to more happiness.

When it comes to transiting Jupiter, we wait for those lovely moments when the J-planet waltzes through our key houses, usually the angular ones, or trines our Venus or something equally delightful. But I did say moments.

As I’ve noted before, Jupiter transits seem like they last seconds compared to the outer planets, especially Pluto. The PUNCs feel like they’re pressuring us for decades. They’re like a not-so-favorite visiting relative who won’t go home. I got to thinking, why do we sit around waiting for Jupiter’s short-lived, relatively cheap thrills? It seems hedonistic at best and boring in-between visits by astrological Santa. There must be some deeper and more effective way of harnessing old Jove’s fun and playful energy. But then, my Jupiter is in Scorpio. I’m always stalking the deep end of the pool.

This aha came up as I found myself in very Scorpionic circumstances, noticing how my personal Jupiter sign was responsible for tickling my funny bone. My husband’s disability suddenly worsened recently, and he’s now in a wheelchair. He has some accompanying health issues to where, at least temporarily, I’ve been his 24/7 nurse, complete with bedpans and urinals—personal plumbing and lower chakra parts being very Scorpionic territory. If you remember that scene in Mr. Mom where Michael Keaton dons a gas mask and long tongs to do diaper duty, you have an inkling (stinkling?) of the potential for humor. I cannot tell you the Scorpionic things we have laughed about, almost till we both needed Depends. Also consider we’re both Virgos. “Can you imagine Mr. Monk doing this?” I asked one day. The visual alone of a semi delivering his day’s supply of wipes was enough to give me belly spasms.

Since Tim and I were born close together and both have Jupiter in Scorpio, we double our tendency toward gallows and scatological humor. (Don’t ask our reaction to the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles, the first time anyone dared to air certain sound effects on-screen.) And don’t get me started on sexual innuendos. We can’t help ourselves. He also made a comment after one of these hilarity conniptions that I’m entering into my Compliment Hall of Fame:

"You make life fun, even when it sucks.”
~ Tim to Joyce

Isn’t that, ultimately, what we all want to be able to do? To laugh and find the “light” even when life gives us lemons? Making lemons into lemonade is also a very Chironic concept, and we both have Chiron in Scorpio, as well.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Take another look at Astrology and Humor and the topics that are dear to your own Jupiter. Be sure you find comedians, movies and life circumstances that put you in the middle of those topics, because there’s where you’ll “find funny”—and healing.

The health benefits of laughing are well known, both physiological and psychological. Consider the turf of your natal Jupiter the pop stand where you get your joy juice, your elixir of life. If you’ve got “hard” aspects to Jupiter, they’re worth working through to get to your humorous.

Just one caution. Try to stick to the most appealing side of your J-sign. And remember, Jupiter tends to overdo everything. Some Jupiter signs would not want an excess of what makes them laugh, mine lately, especially!


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LB said...

Wow, Joyce. Hats off to you and Tim for making the best of things and being able to laugh at your challenges.:)

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, LB. The road has been hard but the laughter the journey has evoked has been a real elixir of life. We're doing better!