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Laugh Alert! It's Humor Month on The Radical Virgo

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April is National Humor Month. Combine it with this year of reposts by topic on The Radical Virgo, and warn your funny bone. It’s in for a ticklin’! The fun, of course, begins today on April Fool’s Day.

Most of us already know the benefits of laughter. One of my favorite articles on the subject ever, How Laughter Works, notes that the average adult laughs 17 times a day. Since we’re stargazers, let’s take it up a notch and raise the ante to the sky. Set a goal for your new MDL—Minimum Daily Laughs. How many laughs a day do you think you can handle? Start with at least 20, more if you dare, and notice them. Even if you don’t count each one like an obsessive Virgo counting vitamins or a Capricorn counting tax deductions, just observe how life changes with the commitment to more laughs.

Astrologers and astrology students tend to be heady types, and when we’ve got our eyes either in a literal or figurative telescope all the time, our vision is so focused; we sometimes miss the divine comedy all around us. This is why I particularly love astrological humor. It brings us back down to earth, where the interpretation of all that sky stuff matters. If what we see in those cosmic metaphors doesn’t make life better in some practical way, what’s the use?

Humor is an attitude toward life.

Something else I’d love to share with my readers that I’ve learned—humor is an attitude toward life. I explore this idea in You Talk Funny!, an article on my New Ink blog. Humor comes in all styles, and it will depend a lot on your Jupiter.

So, when you read or reread the humor posts that compare the Tribe of 12, be sure you read your Jupiter sign as well as your Sun sign. That’s your funny bone!

Happy Humor Month,

PS – Swami Beyondananda, aka: Steve Bhaerman, kicked off another Humor Month for us on The Radical Virgo in 2011. I thought his repost would be the perfect starter for the laughs to follow.

An Interview with Steve Bhaerman and His Alter Ego, Swami Beyondananda (09-May-11)

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