Thursday, April 2, 2015

Help Give Tim a Lift! (and Joyce, Too)

Tim works out at rehab gym during recent, month-long hospital stay.

Dear Radical Readers,

I’m taking an early, short break in our humor reposts to give you an opportunity to participate in another kind of uplifting experience. This one’s literal!

Most of you know that my husband, Tim, is disabled. He had a recent setback that has seriously affected his mobility from a walker to a wheelchair. Whether or not it’s permanent remains to be seen, but we anticipate this will be “where he lives” for some time. The result, for me, is full-time caregiving and the reason why I am posting few new articles this year and have much less time for writing.

If you’re a long-time reader, you know I’m more about giving than asking for help—which doesn’t come easy to a Uranus-square-Sun independent type! (Tim and I are born only 10 days apart, so that goes double.) As you’ll read in the GoFundMe link below, Tim wants to get a wheelchair lift that will allow him to stand again, help at home and more fully participate in life.  It’s more than we can afford on our own.

Help Give Tim a Lift!

I have not been comfortable in the past asking for donations on this site, but my friends have pointed out gently that I’m too independent for my own good.  :) For those of you who have gotten inspiration from The Radical Virgo blog or blogger—and if you’re so inclined—thank you in advance for considering a contribution to Tim’s Uplift Campaign.

Every blessing from here to the Sky,

PS – I’ll eventually write some Astro-memoir on what I’ve learned about Chiron from our healing adventures.

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