Friday, November 1, 2013

Prayer to Chiron

This is the first post of Prayer and Thanksgiving Month on The Radical Virgo.

 © 2013 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Gentle healer
help me see past pain
to its purpose:

Help me know
that a broken heart
or body part
cracks open
my structures
pulls them apart wider
for more love and life
to flow through.

Help me laugh at myself
embrace humor’s healing balm
as you surely must have
laughed at your own predicament:
a man with a horse’s ass
who wasn’t one

the universe in its multiple
providing the riddle
that we ultimately solve
returning to the One
where all pain
and separation ends
where joy is endless.


Author’s Note: Written in honor of the 36th Anniversary of Chiron’s Discovery – Nov. 1, 1977. (See discovery chart data.)

Photo:  Centaur sculpture purchased in Greece, photo by Joyce.

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