Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Native American Prayer for Healing

Mother, sing me a song that will
Ease my pain, mend my broken bones
Bring wholeness again.
Catch my babies when they are born,
Sing my death song,
Teach me how to mourn.
Show me the medicine of the healing herbs,
The value of spirit,
The way I can serve.
Mother, heal my heart
So that I can see the gifts of yours
That can live through me.


Photo Credit:  Dreamcatcher © Tomasz Zajda -; Number 300 © Bertold Werkmann -

I found this prayer in a collection of Native American Prayers in a brochure at our local hospital's chapel. I cannot imagine a more Chironic prayer. As Chiron is the informal patron saint of this blog, I am happy to share this as the 300th post on The Radical Virgo. Thank you for your support and for converging here for healing, insights and laughter.

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