Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Answered Prayer

A dear friend and I have gone to the same manicurist for some time. I was shocked when I phoned recently for an appointment to find out that “Ami” had left the salon where I saw her for years. My friend and I were brokenhearted to lose our connection with her.

The salon owner was eager to hook me up with another manicurist and not to lose me as a customer. Her lips were sealed for any information about Ami, and I was pretty certain she’d claim ignorance of her whereabouts. I didn’t even bother to ask, thinking it was probably impolite to be so obvious about the fact that I’m loyal to my manicurist, not so much to whichever salon she happens to work for. At my next appointment with someone else at the old salon, I heard another customer express her deep disappointment to lose Ami.

I probably should explain: I come from a family of hairdressers, and because of it, I have unusual standards about my relationships with providers of personal services. Changing hairdressers or manicurists is a very big deal for me, and they are part therapist as well as glamorizers to me. Losing those people in my life is tantamount to a divorce. It’s traumatic. (Read more on this topic in my article Bartenders, Beauticians and Baristas.) My reliance on these heroes to fulfill the needs of my Venus-driven astrology chart is a major bond of trust, and the time I spend with them represents some of my few hours of relaxation and letting go in my whirlwind life. They need have to have good energy, as they’re part of something much bigger in my life than a cut, color or pedicure. They put new life into me with along with a coat of nail polish or hair color, and it’s all about the love and vibes that go with it. (My hairdresser and I hug and say we love each other all the time.)

How could I ever find Ami? I didn’t figure I could stand in the middle of town and yell her name and hope she’d run out of one of the dozens of nail salons in our small city.  I assumed she was lost to us.

For some time, I’d been eyeing the nail salon next to our neighborhood Rubio’s restaurant where my husband and I often have dinner or get take-out. That was even before losing Ami. In fact I wondered, given I was so happy with Ami, why this salon seemed to have some sort of curious draw to me. Once I heard about her disappearance, I figured it’d be a good place to explore for someone new since it was “vibing” at me. It’s near home and I eat and shop in the vicinity often.

The other night, I was going to pick up food at Rubio’s. I looked at the salon, peeked in the window and thought to myself that I should check their prices when I came back out from buying dinner.

By then, I was in my exhaustion mode, how I get by early evening after a hard day—so tired, I couldn’t even remember where I parked, much less continue to think about manicures. Standing between the salon and the restaurant, I was trying to get my bearings about my car. Suddenly I realized someone was calling out my name with great enthusiasm. I turned around …

… and it was Ami! I was so excited to see her. We hugged like long lost relatives, and I told her I’d been so sad, thinking I’d lost her forever. The salon that kept standing out in my mind in yellow highlighter is her new place of work.

If you read my blogs often, you probably won’t be surprised that this happened to me … because these things happen to me a lot. It’s because I’m intuitive, and that “thing” that was drawing me to the new nail salon was a message from Spirit. If Ami hadn’t found me first, surely, I’d have followed that pull and found her myself, sooner or later.

This story proves that Spirit is whispering messages to us all the time. It was even hinting at the answer to my prayer before I even knew I was going to have a need. Intuition is Spirit Within. The universe answers our prayers all the time, but sometimes we just aren’t listening or picking up the signals.

So here’s a prayer I wrote for sensory tune-ups:

Eternal Light, help me see your hints, hear your clues and recognize your pulls toward fulfillment of my needs and desires. Remind me often that all prayers are answered, maybe not in the way I expect—and at other times, in ways much bigger and better than I ever imagined. Lead me on the exciting journey of seeing my ability to manifest what I need in the material world. Thank you for the joy of discovering my own creative power.

May you find what you lose and love what you find!


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Sandra Mosley said...

Loved this post from every perspective. Thank you!

Joyce Mason said...

Sandra, you're so welcome. No matter how many times these things happen to me, I never lose my reverence for the way the universe works--and works through us as individuals.

Turned out there was a big backstory to Ami's quick change of salons. Too personal to get into, but I'm sure she was also magnetizing me back to her for some healing she much needed. I was able to help her put some big upsets in her life into perspective. Plus she sent me off to my book launch feeling beautiful!

New Beatitude: Blessed are they who channel beauty, for they become it, inside and out.