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DOUBLE SCOOP of BIG NEWS! The Crystal Ball Book Release, New

 The Crystal Ball Video Book Trailer

Dear Radical Readers,

I’m sure it’s no accident that I’m getting to check off Item #1 on my Bucket List during Prayer and Thanksgiving Month on The Radical Virgo. My bucket is overflowing with gratitude about the publication of my first novel. This is the answer to a prayer so old; I wondered if I’d outlive the response. (No wonder I made sure my book had longevity as one of its major themes.)

The Crystal Ball: A Micki Michaels Mystery, the paperback version, is now available for order on Amazon’s CreateSpace store. In about a week, you can purchase it on the “full service” store, where you likely shop for most things on Amazon in the US ( Availability on Amazon’s other channels in the EU and other countries outside the US may take longer. I’ll update links, as they become live, here on The Radical Virgo (check the sidebar) and on

The first eReader version is now available on Smashwords. (Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, others.) The Kindle version will be available soon. Again, check the sidebar here and

Website Revamp. Speaking of, I’m happy to announce yet another milestone I met today. My website makeover is now complete. Please visit and enjoy my new cyber “digs.” I’m grateful to friend and graphic artist Sara Fisk for her fine work and artistic eye that gives the site a brand new atmosphere to celebrate the release of The Crystal Ball and make it an “information kiosk.” Besides being the place that will focus on my fiction, will “give directions” on where to find my non-fiction blogs and books, including those on astrology. All astrology and related topics are now housed here on The Radical Virgo. My namesake website will be dedicated primarily to my new career as a novelist and being the one point of referral with links to find all my publications.

The Blurb. The plot and flavor of The Crystal Ball are captured on the book trailer video, above, but if you’d rather have it in words, see them at the new party on The new incarnation of my namesake site really does have a balloons-and-confetti atmosphere, complete with Fun and Games and a Treasure Hunt on the bottom of the homepage.

Sacramento Book Launch and Signing Party.  If you live within driving distance of Sacramento, California: Don’t miss my Book Launch and Signing Party on Nov. 20, 3:00 – 6:00 PM at The Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar, 815 11th St. (at H), downtown Sacramento. There will be food, fun, drawings, fabulous people, and of course, books. I’m so excited!

Not Local, but Want it Signed? See the Crystal Ball under Books on for details on how to get a signed bookplate.

How You Can Help Spread the Word and Mainstream Astrology. On the bottom of the new homepage in the How-To section, there’s a list of ways you can help get the word out about The Crystal Ball. Readers and writers have an interdependent and exciting dynamic for making a book successful—and the sooner it catches fire and the more popular The Crystal Ball becomes, the more Micki adventures I’ll be able to bring you. I hope you’ll be a part of the buzz, because it really does give you one!

One of the many things I’m jazzed about is the potential for The Crystal Ball to help mainstream astrology. Read more about that in my Thanks  to all of you for your support and friendship. It's at teh bottom of the News on my website.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments or personal emails regarding these new adventures: joyce [at]

What Early Readers Write About The Crystal Ball

A real page-turner and a guilty sweet pleasure … provocatively woven with fiction and facts, past and future, New Age and pragmatism--resulting in a tightly beautiful and colorful wordsmith's tapestry.  An intelligent, fun and thoughtful read.
Michael Bartlett, Business Consultant, Astrologer and Co-creator of AstroTheatre

Glittering, breezy, and a bit sexy … The Crystal Ball shimmers with Joyce Mason’s obvious delight in storytelling, mystery, and especially her spunky heroine of a certain age, Micki Michaels. She will delight you, too. 
~ April Elliott Kent, author of The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

Charming and well-written … Joyce Mason took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions from laughter to tears and excitement to fear as I kept turning the pages to discover what would happen next.   If you're looking for a mystery novel with a New-Age twist, look no further than this memorable book.  If I were to look into a crystal ball and read this book's future, I'd say it will be a big success." 
Ingrid Hart, Author - My Year in California: A Journey Toward Midlife Renewal

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