Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buzzin' and Rompin’ ‘Round the Zodiac with Auntie Joyce, AKA Ms. Do Bee

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When Auntie Joyce was very small, there was a wonderful kids’ show called Romper Room. This educational offering on early TV (1953)had a wonderful character called Mr. Do Bee. This oversized Bumble Bee taught children how to behave--the do’s and don’ts of manners. Auntie suspects the inspiration for this post came from too many screaming children on recent air travel or from wearing too much yellow. In either case, she hopes you enjoy her turn at being Ms. Do Bee on a romp around the zodiac. We’ll start with the Don’t’s and end on a high note with the Do’s.

Don’t Bee

 Aries -  Don’t Raminisce.

Taurus -  Don’t let the plod thicken.

Gemini- Don’t Twinch.

Cancer- Don’t bake Crab cakes.

Leo - Don’t let the Sun catch you crying.

VIRGO -  Don’t give others the chaff.

LIBRA -  Don’t work for Scale.

SCORPIO -  Don’t be possessive, or we just won’t gel, us.

SAGITTARIUS – Don’t be arrow-minded.

CAPRICORN -  Don’t miss your Saturn.

AQUARIUS – Don’t weigh in; way out.

PISCES – Don’t ignore what Confusion say.

Do Be

ARIES – If the doorbell rings too often, do ram-a-dam-a-ding dong.

TAURUS – Do your Venus in blue jeans.

GEMINI – Do be a Gem.

CANCER – Do fly to the Moon.

LEO – Do be a royal mane.

VIRGO -  Do fuss your budget.

LIBRA - Do "Be Mine."

SCORPIO – Do listen to your in-stings.

SAGITTARIUS – Do jump on Jupiter.

CAPRICORN – Do goat to bat for your employees.    

AQUARIUS – Do bathe in water bare.

PISCES – For some of you, do use your fog lights. For others, doobie, doobie, do.


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Joyce Mason said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for noticing this inadvertent omission, now fixed! (Libra was just off-blog around the corner smooching on her sweetheart.)

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