Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Merger Reminder: Moonwalk and Moongram

Dear Radical Readers,

Do you miss the Moonwalk posts? Just a reminder that the Moonwalks and my New Moongram monthly e-newsletter are now merged. All it takes to get my New Moongram, with many of the features from the old Moonwalks, is to sign up at the top of the sidebar. My mailing list is used with the integrity of a Radical Virgo. Colorful e-mail news and Moon commentary is sent monthly. There are only rare posts in-between (one so far in a year). Your name is never sold or shared unless you are specifically asked—so far, never. It’s easy to subscribe or unsubscribe.

The monthly New Moongram contains these features:

  • Date and time of the New Moon with link to translate to your time zone, if needed
  • A link to a previous post where the current Moon sign is discussed in depth
  • Behind-the-scenes news at The Radical Virgo
  • A recap of the monthly posts on my blog, in case you missed any
  • Updates on my projects, such as my Chiron research and book in progress
  • Chart of the New Moon with commentary on how these energies are likely to color your life in the month ahead
  • Information on the Sabian symbol on this New Moon
  • A meditation on this month’s Moon sign
  • Coupons! This month it’s 25% off my favorite reading to do, the astro-tarot. It combines the best of booth tools. These are a "See You in September Special," readings booked and advance-paid during this Leo New Moon cycle, but delivered during September when my schedule reopens.

What are you waiting for? The Moon is calling!

Thanks to all of you who already receive the New Moongram. Welcome in advance to those who join. Find out why I chose that lion sleeping under the Moon for this month’s New Moon mascot.

Warm sun and moonbeams to all,

PS - The next New Moongram will go out July 27.


Photo Credit: The lion and the moon in the fantastic desert 

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