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Do You Trust Astrology--or Your Gut?

Sirius A, the brightest star in our nighttime sky.

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A Bigger-Than-the-Sky Post 

When it comes down to a choice of following astrology or my instincts, my answer isn’t always that simple. It isn’t always the same, either.

For instance, I researched a good electional day and timing to launch The Radical Virgo blog. The stars more than delivered. My new venture was successful out the gate, quickly exceeding the traffic on my other blog, where I had labored for over two years for relatively minimal participation. In no time flat, the volume of visits here on The Radical Virgo was five times those on my first blog.

Like a good astrologer and cosmic soldier, I applied electional principles to my first meeting with my childhood sweetheart when we reconnected after 36 years. I lived in Sacramento; he lived in Dallas. Around Christmas 1996, we knew seeing each other in person was the natural next step—but Mercury Retrograde was coming up. (I joked that he’d better get used to the stars and scheduling!) Waiting till January 18, 1997 paid off. There was an impressive kite pattern in our “first remeeting” chart, a Jupiter, Sun and Neptune conjunction—and a Grand Air Trine between Moon, Uranus and Mars. We alternated traveling between our cities four times from January to April. On his final visit in April, he said he wanted to come back to stay. We were married the next year—on another carefully considered electional day, balancing parameters of romance and practicality (two Virgos with Venus in Libra). We wanted to get him on my health benefits before his ran out from his last job.

Two years ago, I had another dilemma, speaking of health. I had to have some rather delicate eye surgery. Like most physicians, my ophthalmologist only does surgeries on certain days of the week—in her case, Thursdays. She wanted to do my surgery on July 23, 2009. From an electional perspective, it didn’t look so hot. In fact, some of my astrologer friends were downright worried—one in particular, an individual who’s opinion I highly respect. Trouble is, I couldn’t find another Thursday in the foreseeable future that would work any better. Many of them were worse. I wasn’t sure what to do.

So, I did what I always do when cogitating gets me “know where”. I got quiet, went within, and got a clear answer: I should go for July 23. The more I sat with it, the more my gut instincts said, keep that date.

I grew increasingly more comfortable with my decision, but I was very guarded about sharing what was going on, especially on the public wall. Among people I trusted to tell, I insisted that no one send me worried energy or have any vision except an excellent outcome. This was challenging with one of my relatives who tends to gasp and go to the worst place in her mind when any health situation arises. “Please don’t do that” in a loving way worked!

Once I surrendered to this cognitive dissonance between my belief in astrology and my instincts, the universe rewarded me with a little help from one of my Twitter friends. A devotee of the channeled teachings of Lazaris, she told me in a series of tweets about his teachings regarding the most powerful day of any year—July 23! Since I talked about the lost civilization of Atlantis in the last post, now it’s Lemuria’s turn:

While Lemurians were present in your world, the Lemurian year revolved around Sirius. The first day of the Lemurian year began on what you now call July 23rd with the Rise of Sirius. That is the day when Sirius rises on your horizon just before the Sun. This brilliant light is immediately swamped, swallowed up by the fires of the Sun, yet an opening has begun. The Rise of Sirius begins a 55-day cycle — July 23 to September 15 — when the Vortex is opened and more fully and widely than at other times. The universe is renewed. It is a time of beginning more profound than spring.

It calmed my nerves to know that in some system of cosmic thinking my instincts were validated. The surgery was successful; however, in fairness to those who worried about it, there was a complication. With gentle patience and a conservative stance between my doctor and myself to trust it would resolve itself; it did.  All’s well that ends well.

There’s nothing for me that overrides the guidance system built into our bodies. Instinct and intuitions steers us in the right direction when we learn to listen.

Happy July 23 and opening of the Sirius Vortex. The fixed star Sirius is at 14 Cancer 05. Where does it fit into your chart?

I thought you’d like to know about this potent day of new beginnings. I plan to do something special, and I’d love to hear your Comments about other times you’ve thrown astrological caution to the wind. How did it work out?

In my case, going to the dogs (Dog Star) was a good thing … and at least so far (hold that vision!), he’s not a seeing eye dog, either.


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Anonymous said...

This is very thought provoking, Joyce. At the end of the day, once I've weighed the astro scales, I'll still go with my intuition.

I've been working with it longer than with astrology, and it has served me well most of the time.

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, CJ. I couldn't agree with you more. Body wisdom is spirit's way of taking care of us, and gut instincts are often much more immediate and pointed that astro-analysis. In a crisis, we usually need the bottom line, right then and there. Both methods of decision have their place, and it's perfect when they dovetail. I've had too many disasters from ignoring my intuition and too many miracles when I believed it. That's why I respect it as a divine whisper--or shout!

Thanks for sharing. You do allude to an important factor. Intuition gets sharper with use and we trust it more when we see the outcomes it brings in retrospect.