Friday, November 3, 2017

Sky-ping with the Universe: 5th Annual Prayer and Thanksgiving Month

Since 2013, The Radical Virgo has devoted November to interfaith prayers combined with posts about gratitude.  As my own spirituality has evolved, I perceive God/Goddess/All That Is as the ultimate energy source rather than a Man in the Sky, an energy that is the substance of the Universe itself. It is the ethereal stardust that attracts and forms all things, or as I like to say, it’s Creativity with a Capital C or the Creative One. For me there is no separation between science and religion. They are the same. Quantum physics proves this hypothesis more each year.

I like to include as many flavors of spirituality as possible in these posts, something for everyone. I’m not just aiming at inclusiveness but at discovery. There is also something for everyone in traditions that you weren’t raised in or don’t believe in as an overall philosophy. That’s why I love November on The Radical Virgo. I always get new inspiration.

In honoring the orientation that gelled my own spirituality the most, astrology, I realized once again that we pray to Someone or Something in the Sky. The earliest religion was sun worship, and while I don’t believe the planets “make us do it,” I think the right place to look is Up. There are so many metaphors in that upward glance, positivity and the gesture that goes with believing in something bigger. It reminds me of an endearing phrase my husband and I use, “I love you bigger than the sky.” 

For most of us, the sky is as big as it gets. (“The sky’s the limit.”) Astrology fits right into this plan as does a pen-and-ink I own called Time, the zodiac as a clock. The universe is a giant mechanism with lots of moving parts that shepherds us across the human construct of time by repeating cycles just like the wheels in the clockworks. We are made of the same stuff as the stars. Prayer is star conversation, the act of evoking the Creative One to help us in our dense, daily, earthly joys and challenges. It is communicating with the god/good in which we’re all connected, the web of stardust and Creation.

My first spiritual teacher used to say that prayer is talking to God; meditation is listening.

When I finally managed to achieve a daily meditation practice this year after 40 years of trying, I realized I had nearly stopped praying and missed it.  Listening is great but I also want to chat with the literal Powers That Be. However you perceive Higher Power, talking to Him/Her/It feels very good for me—and I hope for you, too.

The Celtic Caim Prayer

I’d like to start this year’s Prayer Month with a beautiful audio meditation/prayer from David Cole on Insight Timer.  The Caim Prayer is one of protection, where we draw an energetic circle around ourselves, keeping in what we want such as love and keeping out what we don’t want, such as fear.

Every blessing,


Photo Credits: Fotolia: Thank the Universe - ©Nikki Zalewski, Celtic Circle - ©macrolink

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