Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Blessing for Mercury Retrograde

As Prayer Month winds down and there's another Mercury Retro in the wind during the holiday season (December 3-22), here's a prayja vu we can all appreciate. Use your mind to make your Retro fit into your holidaze with its Rx of of taking even short breaks to slow down and breathe in the best of love and peace season.

Bless my mind
my short trips
communications devices
and all the words I exchange
in whatever form.

Bless me with the gift
of hesitation
the willingness
to shift my pace
to honor the slow dance
backward spin
the Great DJ in the Sky.

Bless me with patience
to reconsider
and renew

to discover
a slower rate
where less glitch happens
dancing to the beat
of the cosmic drum.

Let no words
Pass my lips about
the Curse of Mercury Retrograde

Let me open its gifts
and gossip about them.

© 2010 - 17 by Joyce Mason
Please credit when you share.


Photo Credit: It’s My Life © Kydriashka

Suggested Use: Say at least once daily during Mercury Retrograde, preferably first thing in the morning.

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Mercury Retrograde can be such an ongoing thorn in the side of humanity, we treat it like a vampire who bites our neck and sucks out any semblance of order for three-and-a-half weeks, several times a year. It concerns us so much; The Mountain Astrologer dedicated an entire issue to it. Links to the articles below.

How to avoid Mercury Retro disasters by keeping your activities focused on what it’s good for—and by keeping your sense of humor. Personal cautionary tales from when I didn’t follow my own advice.

Here are some ideas about how to go with the flow and celebrate that every gear shift has Reverse for a reason. It’s true of your vehicle—your body—too.

What happens when the winter holiday season and Mercury Retrograde converge? Tips to make it a merry Mercury Retrograde.

Ten more ways to celebrate Mercury Retrograde. It almost always sneaks up on me, and I find it difficult to practice what I preach about setting aside time to reflect on the Mercurial issues in my life because I haven't  I haven’t planned for it. Here are some how-to planning tips.


Radical Recommendation
Mercury Retro is great for “re” words, including recreation! If you haven’t already, consider taking a break with The Crystal Ball. It’s my mystery novel, a romp that happens at a longevity organization’s silver anniversary costume party on New Year's Eve. The theme is “come as you’ll be in the future.” You’ll see a lot of wild Mercury expressed, including some pretty crazy Geminis and Virgos. Check out all 5-star reviews and 4.9 rating on Amazon as of this writing! Only $2.99 in Kindle . See sidebar or click here for details.

A Blessing for Mercury Retrograde is from my book in progress of astrological blessings, prayers, and meditations.


LMA said...

This is great! Thanks for a different perspective.

Joyce Mason said...

You're welcome, Linnea. So glad you like it. I believe most of our problems with Mercury Rx happen because we won't align ourselves with the slower, reflective energy of the cycle. That leads to disaster, which literally means "against the stars."

Have a good Retro! :)