Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Peace Offerings

Prayer in Action

© 2017 by Joyce Mason

Growing up Catholic, I was taught to offer up my suffering. The nuns said that suffering, when united with Jesus’s suffering on the Cross, helps convert sinners and atones for sins.
That sounds dark, preachy and almost borderline masochistic from my 2017 view of spirituality, but I realized it has both something to offer on its own face and the potential for a more positive spin. If we tone down the punishing language a bit, sinners and sins are just people who miss the mark of best behavior and sins are errors made in learning how to really live. Our suffering can lead to better behavior and paths for others by their option to learn from our mistakes and our wisdom to share what we learn from our own pain. All relationships, I’m sure even our one with Spirit, are about sharing joys, woes and growth.

The astrological/mythical spin. The idea of offering up suffering is the same thing mythical Chiron did when he chose to take on Prometheus’s punishment for him, giving up his own immortality in the process. Prometheus is a symbol for Uranus, society, freedom and the higher mind, the same pool into which we all pour our pain. Poolside we are witness to great acts of love and altruism, compassion and to suggestions for ways to do—or not to do—things. If you think everyone’s suffering doesn’t affect everyone else, think of the Americans for Disabilities Act and how there is now access for all in public places. That’s a blessing for everyone, because even if you have no mobility issues now, as we age, most of us get wobbly and need a cane or other assistive device.

The positive spin. What if we were to do the same thing with acts of kindness? Offer them up not just to the individual who directly benefits from them but to be aware how they benefit us all. In doing these things, we put more kindness into the Cosmic Cloud, where all acts are documented just like our written documents are saved in another kind of Cloud. The idea is similar to the Akashic record of all happenings. Think of it as putting money in a world bank where kindness, good deeds and fun add to the world’s wealth while crime, bitterness and power trips are like bank robberies and major losses. What can we do to keep the world afloat and everyone’s needs met?

Awareness is the key. In these times of turbulent change where the festering boil of hate, racism and an icy winter of discontent can easily cloud the vision of truth (speaking of clouds), acts of kindness and consideration are needed more than ever. Example at Walmart yesterday: I was waiting in line for my deli order when a man who said he had “terrible vision” wanted directions from the clerk to the bread aisle. He clearly could not see where the deli man was directing him several aisles down, so I offered to take him there while my order was being filled. Since it was still a bit of a wait when I got back to the deli, I took the extra minutes to compliment the woman next to me on her choice of glasses frames. We had a pleasant chat.

Little things, but they benefited two people and everyone in the Cloud. I imagine it like one of those electronic boards on the Commodities Exchange. Acts of Kindness up two. Yet the energy of the entire universe is a web of light that each person’s actions affects. I believe that thinking or saying to yourself " ... and I'm offering this up" adds energy to those acts and pitches them into the Cloud with extra strength.

This is a simple idea—offering these things up not only for the direct recipient but for all of us. Imagine what peace would come from strengthening the Cloud with love, knowing how light overcomes darkness. What a return on investment for the real wealth of a world that works for all.


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