Monday, February 2, 2015

The USA: Scorpio Country!

Sun Sign Stats Surprise Me

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E Pluribus Scorpius

Recently, I wrote about how the world is becoming more Virgo. Well, at least my part of the world. Virgo is the #2 Sun sign in the USA. Check out these stats from Statistic Brain*:

Most to Least Common Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Sign
Percent of US Population
0.094 %
0.093 %
0.092 %
0.090 %
0.087 %
0.084 %
0.083 %
0.082 %
0.081 %
0.073 %
0.071 %
0.063 %

*Stats verified as of July 2012. I was unable to find anything more recent, but I assume there is little variation in a population as large as the US over a relatively short time.

Are you as amazed as I am to find out that the #1 Sun sign in the US is Scorpio? There are a couple of reasons why I was less surprised on second thought:
  • Many Scorpios are so secretive; they won’t share their sign. You could know 50 more Scorpios than you think you do because they just won’t give it up.
  • The winters are cold in many parts of the country. It makes sense that there would be more conceptions in winter and more children born approximately 9 months later in autumn.
I wondered why more of those intense summer romances don’t result in offspring. The signs nine months later are among the sparsest in the population. High temperatures are known to affect male fertility. That must be it.

There was a convincing case made by the late David Solté and others about Scorpio Rulership for the USA chart.  Café Neptune offers a brief comparative analysis of the most popular rising sign charts of the USA. Given that more US citizens are Scorpios than any other sign, maybe it’s another “sign” that the Scorpio Rising chart is worth a second look.

Am I the only astrologer on the planet who didn’t know these stats, or are they news to you, too?

I’m not sure what it all means, but just in case they’re plotting a takeover, be kind to your Scorpio friends—and enemies! Here’s to making the national cocktail the Stinger. And don’t forget those eagles—another symbol for Scorpio—on our currency and other Americana.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.

That is, if you’re not one of those secretive Scorpios who doesn’t want to share.  ;)


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Cameron said...

I love this very VIRGO post, having it rising, myself. Never really thought about this particular breakdown of the most prevalent signs in our country, but it truly is fascinating!

I had to try 3 times to get the Captcha image to be readable in order to post this comment. How Virgo is THAT? ;-)

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Cameron--

How great to hear from you on both my blogs today! Glad you liked this post, brought to you by my monkey mind. I was wondering how many Geminis are actually twins, then one thing led to another, and soon I was curious about the distribution of signs over the population.

I rarely get the Captcha on the first try, either. It's beyond Virgo. It's Miss Manners on steroids. I prefer to think that some of us are of such a rarified vibration, you just can't Capatcha our essence! LOL!

I always enjoy hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Being a double Virgo, I loved this article. i only wish the demos showed Scorpio population by state. THAT would be interesting to know