Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Radical Reposts: The Planets – Venus

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I just had to come back to the Radical Reposts for some Venussy inspiration. Being a Venus Girl myself, there have been plenty of posts on the topic of the love-and-relationship planet. Enjoy, re-enjoy—or simply bask in some virtual hearts and flowers of the season.

We’ll be back with more on Chiron next week …

Exploring Venus

Now's the time to fish for beauty. We'll be exploring Venus, the planet of relating, everything lovely and the craving for peace and justice.

Valentine's month is the perfect time to think about where your love lives. Your Venus sign is your love style—its house, your base of operation. There are so many aspects of life to love, but the house where your Venus resides will tell you about the slice of life where your love shines.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas!

Venus as a planet is about our one-on-one connections with others, so the art of gift giving has to do with observing those we care for and making mental and physical notes of their needs. If it doesn’t come second nature to you—and it doesn’t for everyone—here’s a trip around the Venus signs with tips on how to polish yours to gift-giving perfection. Apply the suggestions, with minor modifications, to relationships of all kinds.

We all have to deal, ultimately, with fading looks and how we “do Venus” over time. Just take out your albums and look at your “young” pictures. Admit it. With few exceptions, you looked great then compared to now, especially if you’re past your midlife transits. It’s all relative.

While this article focuses on love on or after the Chiron Return, I think you'll find what I've learned about love, packed into this post, to be ageless wisdom synthesized from the pain and pleasure of being a Venus Girl.

Doesn't matter who owns which one; the pillow talk will be similar. See what certain astrological aspects do for—or do to!—love.


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