Monday, February 16, 2015

Chyron: A Homonym for Chiron

Article © 2015 by Joyce Mason

When I announced this year of Radical Reposts, I said I’d pop in now ‘n’ then to share tidbits or poems, especially when I can’t resist commenting on something. I had an insight that popped my eyes open wider about the word chyron. It’s pronounced the same way as Chiron, the centaur planet.

I first encountered chyron a couple of years ago. You see it nearly every day, but many people don’t know what it’s called:

From Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

n. Graphics or words at the bottom of a TV screen usually unrelated to the current viewing content.

The chyron usually contains a moving band with news flashes—often the stock market fluctuations or headlines. You see a big chyron on New Year's Eve if you watch the ball come down in Times Square. According to the official Times Square website, "The 3,685-square foot electronic icon in Times Square is known to millions worldwide for its signature wavy LED ribbons and eye-catching curved ticker ..." The ticker ribbons make up the chyron.

I heard the character Mac talk about the chyron in one of the final episodes of  my favorite TV program, The Newsroom.  She made me aware of the word again, and here’s my insight. The chyron on your TV screen gives you information flashes on the bottom of your screen—therefore at the bottom of your visual attention or awareness. Chiron the planet does the same. It gives information from the bottom of your awareness—often your unawareness—of things that you need to know to complete your quest toward wholeness. It helps you get to the bottom of what issues need healing to move on. Sometimes the information it shares seems unrelated to what's currently going on, but it's your unconsciousness of these matters that's the trouble. Chiron—like the chyron—helps you tune into the news you need to get the full picture.

I have no idea how the chyron got its name. (If anyone knows, please share). But I have to love how language is instilled with subtle meanings and astrological references.

What are you starting to discover about your Chiron that could go on your chyron? In the TV show of your life?


Photo: Watching CNN on 19-Jan-15. CNN makes more liberal use of the chyron than most networks.


AstroFix said...


LB said...

Good catch, Joyce.:) Chiron/Chyron definitely finds ways to try and get our attention.

My husband (who doesn't always remember the names of astrological bodies I talk about) recently called Chiron "airon", which reversed would be "on air". Ties in nicely with your post.

Adding how with transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Uranus (television) opposite my natal Chiron, I ended up on the news ~ talking about making a difference, no less.:)

The ruler of my 6H Aquarius Chiron (12H Uranus in Leo) seems more and more to hold the key to my healing. I believe my Chiron was in Aquarius during my last lifetime too, so the issues aren't new to me.

Nice to see you posting. Take care, my friend!

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, LB!

Good to hear from you. I think I had a premonition I would, because I was recently thinking it had been a long time and I wondered how you were doing. Thank you for your ever insightful, meaty comments.

Your husband reminds me of my mom with her malapropisms. She had a major hearing loss in one ear and stubbornly (Taurus Rising) refused to wear an aid. She heard things funny and spoke them as she heard them. For instance, when my cousin took up scuba, she told us he was "scoop diving." As you can see, her slightly mangled way of saying things often had a meaning closer to the facts than the original. (People scoop things up while diving underwater, right?) I love "airon" and on air, just another example of the mystical muses conveying information with their corny senses of humor. What a kick in view of this post.

Thanks for sharing how much Chiron continues to hold the key for you. Being married to Chiron (Tim has Chiron in the 1st), my new posts are going to be iffy this year. This one was posted ahead. Good thing! He has been in the hospital for over a week due to complications related to his disabilty ... but he is getting excellent PT/OT and overall help that will make a big difference once he's home. It's the kind of thing that would likely have never happened outpatient, so silver lining.

LB said...

Your mom's "scoop diving" made me laugh. It does remind me of my husband, who also has a Taurus rising. About a month ago, when I told him he was having a 'transit', he joked how he'd always wanted a 'train set'.

Sorry to hear Tim has been having a rough time but glad something good will come of it. It's not easy for you either, I suspect. Wish you both courage to go along with all that love.:)