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How the World is Becoming More Virgo

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“The Radical Virgo”

 was very annoyed on a recent trip to Safeway to find the cart handle and hand sanitizer empty—again! That’s when I got it. The world is becoming more Virgo, and complementary disinfectant at the door of most grocery stores is only one example. A few observations:

Virgo Signs of the Times

Hygiene. There was the day when Virgos were made fun of for being OCD. No one thinks hand washing is tantamount to obsessive compulsive disorder anymore. With the outbreak of so many dread diseases, Ebola being just one of them, the whole human race is becoming savvy to what Virgos have known all along. Hygiene counts!

Healthy, Natural Food. Healthy food choices are no longer the realm of veg heads and/or Virgos or people with too many planets in the sixth house. People want pure, unadulterated, non-GMO, non-bug-sprayed food. Suddenly, this desire has reached critical mass thanks to filmmakers like Richard Linklater (Fast Food Nation) and the divine domino effect of people who finally get that “you are what you eat.” Michael Moore’s film Sicko about our broken health care system in the USA is probably all the incentive anyone needs to practice prevention, starting with diet.

Non-Shrink Analysis. People with the V-sign in their charts like to analyze things. With the way modern communications and inventions have speeded up the pace of life, the results are a world of constant choices. Everyone needs this Virgoan skill, and I notice that modern humans are honing it more than ever. I mentioned this idea in The Radical Virgo Revisited. The need to sift, winnow and digest data grows exponentially with every new major social media site and gismo.

Facility with the Written Word. If you’re past your Chiron Return, did you ever think writing would be the major way people would use to communicate every day? Or typing for that matter? Virgos are the writers and secretaries of the zodiac, and now we are all writers and our own secretaries when it comes to our communications. Even CEOs and presidents do it. To look good “out there,” you’ve also got to brush up your grammar, spelling and general writing skills. How Virgo is that?

Small Pets. The most talked about topic on Facebook is cats! But don’t think Facebookers are leaving out their dogs, gerbils, ponies or pot-bellied piglets. They post their photos, discuss their health status (see above) and mourn with their virtual Facebook family when they lose their fur babies. They post pet jokes, pet tips—and pets even have their own social media sites. Now, I’m not saying love of pets is strictly the realm of the Virgo, but the obsession with small critters seems to be a growing trend that, in my mind, is part of the Virgo New World Order.

Why So Virgo Now?

I wondered: Why was I noticing a shift toward more Virgo-ish concerns nowadays? If a conjunction starts a cycle, we can look to the 1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo to see what got started and what’s coming  in this pair's next “crisis of evolution,” represented the Pluto/Uranus square(s) of the past three years. I like the summary of events of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction that started it all, reported in this short piece on The Astrology Place website:

  • The contraceptive pill became available, a vehicle of feminine empowerment.

  • Concerns about sexually transmitted diseases accompanied the introduction of the pill, along with concerns about the relationship among body, mind, spirit--and the planet.

  • Attitudes began changing about health, habits and our past abuse of resources.

The Sixties reflected radical changes in thinking about daily living, and the initiating cycle of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, back then, was complemented by Chiron in Virgo’s other polarity, Pisces. Chiron was in Pisces then as it is now. I like to think the Sixties are coming of age these days, both for elevating some of these concerns and highlighting how much more work there is to do to achieve personal and planetary health and holism.

So wash your hands, eat your organic vegetables, and brush up your analytical, writing and organizing skills. Bring your pet along fur inspiration. To borrow a line from the Desiderata, no doubt the universe and the Radical Virgo vision are unfolding as they should.


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shelly Virgox6 said...

Virgos rule, and we are all Virgo.
Gaia is us.
Thank you for all that you do.
Shelly Virgox6

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Shelly, for dropping in to cheer me on! I really appreciate it.

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