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Dream Prescribes Healing Stone for Big Skyworks

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The shape of things to come.

Many blogs are diaries of personal experiences. On The Radical Virgo, I primarily write full-length articles. Lately, I can barely find time to do a few of those, so I’m going to “go diary on you” sometimes and share what I’m learning about astrology in everyday life. This time, my lesson came from another symbol system.

In Astrology and Dreams, I gave you a glimpse of how dreams often speak to me in astrological symbols. I had one recently that was not only helpful to me. I think offers something for you to chew on, too. (I’ll say no pun intended in advance.)

Bitten Amulet – Dream Feb. 2, 2014

There’s a man visiting me or my neighborhood with a jewelry display in wooden, folding cases that expand out to set on tables. We seem to be in what feels like a convention or conference center. The necklaces and items all look like amulets. He feels like someone semi-famous that I know or have heard of. He reminds me in looks of Russell Brand.

He has what looks like a talisman that seems almost aboriginal or Native American with some flat gold ribbon worked in. I say jokingly, “You’ll let me have this, right?” He grabs it and says, “I don’t think so,” explaining it’s worth mega bucks.

For reasons I don’t know—it feels like a compulsion—I grab a taupe-brownish necklace off his display, shaped like an elongated U on a silver chain. It’s spotted with black dots. I bite off the end of it. I don’t know why. I am embarrassed and know I “did wrong.” I also know I’ll have to fess up, but for now, I swipe it and slip it into my pocket, hoping for the right time to tell the man I took it.

My Dalmatian Jasper, found on Etsy.
I know I risk your thinking I’m completely demented by sharing this strange night movie. I felt a compulsion to identify the stone and to get one. The task was challenging enough to exercise my Virgo research muscles, but it didn’t take long to identify the stone by its unique gray/beige color and spots as a Dalmatian Jasper.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I would never steal anything. That part of the dream really bugged me, but in retrospect of several weeks, I now realize that anything I wanted badly enough to go against my own integrity to obtain would have to be a prize worth more than money to me. I went onto learn the characteristics of Dalmatian Jasper.

Sticking to the ones I resonated to most, as there are many: A pull toward this stone may mean you need more fun in your life. It reminds us to cope with difficulties with humor and laughter. (Lately I’ve had more of the former and less of the latter, despite my normal, jovial nature.) It is calming and balances yin and yang. A 1st chakra stone that eases stress. Interestingly, it is a great anti-smoking stone which allegedly helps people quit. I haven’t smoked in nearly 38 years, but my other big compulsion is certainly up for healing—overeating-- and I’m sure it’s no mistake that I bit into the stone. From a physical perspective, Dalmatian Jasper helps heal muscle spasms. I have been plagued with this problem in my mid-back.

I’m sure there are other qualities of the stone that will show themselves to me. I bought one and am wearing it as I write. It feels very comforting and grounding.

I was still puzzled by the U-shape of the stone and why I bit it off in the dream. Finally, it came to me. To bite the rounded end off a U-shaped stone would render its shape square.  This stone must be my amulet to help me navigate the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross, which looks like a big square when the aspects in the configuration are connected, as in the opening photo. Indeed, a Grand Cross consists of four squares.

Watch your dreams to see if they’re offering any healing tools for your upcoming transits. I’m a very Cardinal person, so the April Grand Cross closely impacts my chart.

I also learned something else very useful. It bugged me so much that I bit the stone; I looked up the definition of pica. It’s an eating disorder, the persistent ingestion of non-nutritive substances which are developmentally inappropriate. (In other words, eating them is inappropriate for anyone older than a baby. It’s only natural for infants to put everything in sight into their mouths.) Exploring that further, I discovered that my habit of chewing ice cubes is considered a form of pica, not to mention terrible for the teeth. There’s another bad habit to break.

Then there is pica, a printing term based on a 12-point font size, the size writers traditionally use in manuscripts. The kind I’m always chewing on in a figurative way.

Even the shapes in our dreams can lead us back to our astrology charts and other helpful advice. Who knew the Sandman was a medical astrologer?


Photo Credits:  Chart image from Solar Fire software.


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