Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Radical Virgo Blog!

Make a Radical wish!

Can it really be five years since I first launched The Radical Virgo? Born March 21, 2009 at 8:48:40 AM in Rocklin, California: The Radical Virgo blog has bloomed and shown its Aquarius-Pisces and 10th-11th house emphasis. The RV is all about sharing insights and inspiration with the world and merging minds with forward-thinking Astro friends across the globe. There have been 319 posts, an average 64 per year (weekly or more).  I have wondered more often of late if this blog has run its course.

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However, just when I think I’ve got nothing left to say, the cosmos downloads a whole new slew of ideas to my mind. This tells me there’s still life left in this blog—and to keep my mind open, because there are probably yet more “deliveries” in store. At first I used to plan my posts months ahead. Now I’m in the moment. I post when the spirit moves, which is surprisingly often.

I thought you’d enjoy knowing:

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Here’s this Year’s Radical Solar Return. Somehow, with Sun and Part of Fortune conjunct in Aries in the 9th House of publishing and Mars conjunct Vesta and North Node in Libra in the 4th House, I don’t think I’m done here. Seems like I’m still supposed to keep the home fires burning in this special place in cyberspace, publishing new ideas.

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Some people say blogs are passé with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites. Of course, blogs and social networking sites are different media. Blogs allow longer, more intricate essays. They can present the possibility for thoughtful analysis—pieces that “make you think”—in a world of sound bites and oversimplification. For someone like me who likes to “go deep,” it’s the Internet medium of choice.

One thing I miss is that the interactions in Comments have gone way down in in the past year or two. Other bloggers tell me the same is true of their blogs. I think people are busy and like the quick remarks they can make on the fly on their social networks. On the other hand, there’s an increase in readers who send me personal emails, which I appreciate. Maybe it’s backlash to so many conversations being held on the public wall.Sometimes I feel naked here, myself. It seems unnatural to have what feel like more appropriately private conversations in front of others, something I’m still getting used to with the omnipresence of cell phones. Whatever the reasons for fewer comments, I’m curious about the change and what it means for blogging. Comments are down but pageviews are up.

The hardest part of being a writer is waiting for feedback that often comes in trickles and/or far apart, if at all. For some articles that have required a lot of BS&T and what feels like a pound of my flesh and essence, I may never hear/know how they have been received.  It takes a lot of faith to keep shooting ideas into the atmosphere and wondering if anything “took.” Or if I grazed a cloud with my idea arrow, and if that means rain will come. (That's a good metaphor for what happens when something hits home so hard; I brought you to tears, which I only know when you graciously share.) As long as you keep letting me know you appreciate what I write—and my ideas keep flowing along with the time and energy to write them—I’ll be here. The Radical Virgo one of my primary vehicles of planetary service.

Thank you so much for five wonderful years. They have done more for me personally and as a writer than I could begin to describe.

Grateful and still amazed,


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LB said...

Happy Birthday, Joyce.:) I thought of you (and the Chiron archetype) this afternoon, after watching the film, "Sympathy for Delicious". It's about a young man who ends up in a wheelchair, becomes homeless and struggles to find his place in the world. His life goes through a series of dramatic changes when he discovers he's been gifted with the ability to heal others.

It was written by and stars an actor who was paralyzed from the waist down after an accident. On the cover of the movie's box, right below the title, are the words, "You get the healing you need."

That pretty much sums up the movie's message, though apparently not everyone appreciated it to the same degree. My husband and I both really liked it. Hope you do too, if you get a chance to see it - or maybe you already have.

Take care, my friend!:)

Anonymous said...

I would not worry about comments down, views up. People are more protective of online identity these days (at least those of us drawn to you) as business/corporation will search on that as part of hiring criteria. People are more careful of their online footprint.

Kat said...

Golly! Five seems so young. And yet 2009 so long ago at the same time.
I'm reflecting back to some of your more prayerful messages of recent. They really moved me and the set the tone for my day. I wanted to comment - but didn't. Failed to grab that present moment practice. Fascinating how it has evolved in your blogging...from meticulous future planning to the spirit of the moment inspiration. Gonna steal your opener; I liked it so much! "The Cosomos downloading a slew of new ideas" whewwww! Aint that the truth.
You make a difference. Thanks for being their Jocye xoxo much love, kat

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for your input: LB, Anon and Kat! Just back from the fabulous Left Coast Crime mystery writers' conference in Monterey. Eyes glazed over but happy to hear your thoughts and good wishes for me and RV!

Blessings All,

Lana said...

atmancanahyDear Joyce
Could not let this blog go without commenting on it!
Thanks for this trip down the last 5 years of memory lane, and congratulations!
I felt every line of this, as a blogger myself, and it takes stamina to post year after year.
The mere hint you mentioned of discontinuing the blog I felt as a physical blow, really!
And the honest reflections, such as one's relationship to the comments, I felt keenly, also physically.
I feel as though we are different branches on a tree, Joyce, and I for one hope you will continue as long as possible.
Thanks for your role in the astro blogging community.

Joyce Mason said...

Dear Lana,

What a supportive and heartening comment from you, my sister Astro-blogger! One of the amazing things I've learned from Chiron is why my life continues to be so "hybrid." Though I'm shifting more attention to writing fiction, letting go of some of my Astro-writing seems to have had many positive results. I'm writing fewer posts, but I think they're higher quality. And sales of Astro books are the best ever. Best of all, by writing fiction in-between, I have less chance of burning out all together on writing astrology.

As I've been recovering from some major Pluto transits, it's not surprising that this year's curriculum in the School of Life is "Lessons on Letting Go." Blog hits are also the highest ever.

I think we can relax for now. (My stomach also hurts to think of giving it up.) It feels like I've intuited just the right formula to keep going on this leg of the Radical journey.

Hugs to you,

Joyce Mason said...

Note to LB, first commenter on this post: A personal email I sent to you bounced. If you see this, thanks for dropping me an email note and updating me on your address. Thanks!

LB said...

Joyce ~ Good thing my intuition told me to check back this afternoon. I just sent you an email with my new address.:)

And since I failed to say it in my first comment, please keep on blogging. I appreciate you.

Anne Whitaker said...

Happy Happy Birthday, R.V.Joyce! Just you keep going as and when the mood strikes. The web needs in- depth, quality, great writing so don't even think of rounding things off.

Yours in remaining braincell,

Anne xxx

Joyce Mason said...

Anne, I'm so glad our remaining brain cells are so often rubbing together in various shares and conversations. Your support means much to me! You are such a beautiful example of the quality friendships this work has brought me.

With gratitude,