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Aries Auntie: Learning Astrology through Children

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Robbie: "Look, Ma--one hand!"

Well over 40 years ago, my sister Janet and my brother Don made me an auntie with the birth of their children, just two years apart. Robbie was born to Janet on March 24, 1967. Dawn was born to Don and Rhonda on April 15, 1969.

At the time, I had not yet studied astrology. While I had more than a passing curiosity about it, I don’t remember ever thinking much about the fact that both these kids had Aries Sun. How poetic with the Aries penchant for being first that the child who first made me an aunt—Robbie— was an Aries. And as for Dawn, she was my first niece. How fitting they’d both be Aries, both of them firsts in my auntiehood, each in their own way.

Although I lived away from home in Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin while they were growing up in Chicago, I spent many a weekend and holiday with the kids. I adore children and loved spending as much time with them as possible. Our time together when they were little became even more precious to me over the years, since it was not in the cards for me to have children of my own. Back then, I remained hopeful. In fact, I remained hopeful till the cusp of my hysterectomy at 45.

Auntie Joyce and Dawn, 1970
What brought this up for me, lo these many years later, was a flash insight on something I learned from my Aries niece. She went a million miles an hour, especially in her tub walker while working herself up to Aries sprinter speed. But when her energy was spent, she fell into a deep sleep. This girl and sleep were best friends. This is a relationship it took her auntie till Social Security to “get.” I’m still chuckling at how she knew how to handle her Mars. When she was up, she was going in hyperdrive, but when she was running out of gas, she docked her personal spacecraft and snoozed. She went to bed relatively early and was up at the crack of her name, Dawn. While I’m still not jazzed about the front end of the morning, I’m becoming more like her as I’m finally gaining respect for my energy limits.

From Robbie I learned to lean into life, even if I might fall. His toddler stage was scary, as he’d lean far forward into his first steps without quite having his balance built up for the task. I watched him do this while holding my breath. I wanted him to succeed going forward but was scared he’d fall flat on his face and seriously hurt himself. Robbie, of course, was unconcerned. He made these moves with total glee, and I still appreciate to this day his fearlessness and Aries pure desire to put his goal first and to keep heading out, no matter if his legs could quite carry him yet.

Children often express astrological energies in a very pure form. If you get a chance, observe your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Their little friends, too. Do their charts and watch how they express their star maps in an uncomplicated way. This might indeed be one of the best ways to learn astrology—from the human beings that are still in touch with their starry beginnings, who carry past-life wisdom without realizing it, and who simply know how to be.

Joyce - age 3
And if you want to have even more fun, do what I did. Think back on what they taught you that has personal significance from their pure astrological self-expression.

Do you have a favorite picture of yourself as a child? What part of your chart comes through? Here’s mine.

I see a Venus Girl with something in Scorpio ... How 'bout you--in mine or yours?

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