Friday, May 3, 2013

Planetary Fishing: The Moon

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Welcome back to our May Planetary Fishing Trip. Today we’ll examine the Moon and the Moon in your chart. You might want to give today’s playwork a little additional time, if you can spare it, in case any emotions bubble up. You know the Moon’s rep for stirring up feelings!

Do as many of the exercises and/or subparts as you can. Better to do some than none. (You really don’t have to do them all. You can come back to them another time.) There are no right and wrong answers, just observations and sensations to learn from.

Moon Fishing Instructions
 1.  Pop onto your favorite search engine. Look up Moon worship.

a.   What do you learn?
b.   What pops out as important to you?
c.    How do you “worship the Moon” in your own life?
d.   What symbol of the Moon is your favorite? Why?

2.  About your Moon and its sign:

a.   Do you resonate to it: more, less or about the same as your Sun sign?
b.   Do you feel you embrace your Moon or are feelings, nurturing and things like intuition tricky for you?
c.    How do you think the Moon serves you or challenges you in its particular sign?
d.   What element is it? (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) What does the element say about your emotional needs?
e.   How many planets make a major aspect to your Moon? [1]
f.    How many of the planets are in close aspect, within 3 degrees or less?
g.   How do the aspects complicate or support your Moon’s energy and basic mission?

      3.  Last but importantly, what does your Moon and its position say about your mother or your primary nurturer in your formative years?

Extra Experience: Go out tonight and look at the Moon. Can you see it? If not, comment on how the Moon (feelings) are sometimes hidden. If you can see it, what phase is it in? Look at it for several minutes. What do you feel when you commune with the Moon? Write it down.

That’s it for today’s catch. See you Tuesday when we’ll try to get our hooks into Mercury.

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[1] This is often easiest to find and view in summary in a matrix on the chart wheel page or in one of the “reports” offered, if you have astrology software.

Don’t forget to Comment and let us know what insights you catch! Every person who comments on these May fishing posts will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Joyce's Chart Interpretation 101 e-book.


Kat said...

Left w/ the closing qestion: I adore my Saggy Moon, however, in this moment when I equate the symbolism w/ my Mother ..I felt short changed on quality nurturing. She was too busy being free to do her own thing - that same moon trining Uranus certainly amplified the experience. All along I thought it was "Her" and I often felt angry and hurt. When actually, it was my Astrology! Fancy that. Do others w/ fire moons resonate??

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Kat--

I hope other readers with Fire Moons share their experiences! It was sure an aha moment for me to realize that Mom is just our own Moon projected outward. I just saw a pun insight in that, i.e., "own Moon" is the key. When we own our own Moon and see mom was just a projection of our similar lunar issues, it's kind of mind boggling. What great news to know you love your Sag Moon even if there were some hurts involved with mom. Shows you've indeed owned your Moon and brought it home inside you.

Thanks so much for this thoughtful share!

Snowabbit said...

I worship the Moon as the “Triple Goddess” of light and life. Its interesting to be asked this question now because it seems to be coming up a lot for me lately in the form of energy work/study … there are no strange coincidences, only blessings for us to learn from, right!

Anyway, when I was younger (about 20 years ago), I was working in a textile mill, and going to college full-time paid for by the company, and they decided to make me a manager. I was only 25 and there was a lot of animosity towards me from people that worked in my departments and under me that thought they should have been given the position. Needless to say the negativity, along with the long hours, made for some trying days!

Then one day I walked into work determined not to let the situation get me down, and I did this “thing” right as I walked in the door where I envisioned a bright, white light surrounding me and filling me, and coming from me, and I set the intention of that light to protect me and make me a better person, and get through the day gracefully. Well it worked! And I did it successfully every day I worked there as well as at school!

It wasn't until later after I had finished college and moved on to another job (and had time to read again! Lol!!!) that I picked up a copy of Margot Adler's “Drawing Down the Moon” (a book on modern Neo-Paganism) that I realized what I was doing … because for years it was “just my thing I do”.

It turned out that “my thing” is actually a Pagan ritual that involves drawing the spirit/essence of the Triple Goddesses of the Moon into the High Priestess of the ceremony/ritual who then communicates with the coven ... I certainly have never used it on that level, but once I made the connection to the Moon I thought it was very awesome that I could call upon a little of the Triple Moon Goddess's pure energy to bring me to a higher place. I still still do this exactly the same to this day … although much subtler now like a wave washing over me … and I get the connection whenever I see/feel the Moon.