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Planetary Fishing: Saturn

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Today let’s get a line on the planet Saturn. Saturn is rarely loved like Jupiter. With Jupiter, for the sake of balance, I hinted that we might want to tone down our optimism about old Jove, a Jupiterian tendency, and to recognize that overdo is not always a blessing.
I think we need to approach Saturn from the opposite direction. Many people dread seeing Saturn coming. They make a cross with their index fingers, wear garlic and treat old Chronos like a vampire that’s going to suck all the fun out of their life. Saturn has his true positives, and we’ll go for balancing the fishing boat on this one, too. (The only planet that’s probably less popular is Pluto.)

     Let’s take a look now at Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, time, wisdom, practicality, grounding, efficiency, authority, restraint, guilt, caution and aging. (If you’re not having fun yet, don’t worry. You will.)

If you’re joining us in progress, here’s the background post about our May Planetary Fishing Trip. 

   Saturn Fishing Instructions

1. We’ll start with a Saturn appreciation exercise. Imagine a crucial part of your life having no limits or order. Maybe your love life, parenthood or job. The one I like to use is driving my car. Visualize no traffic lights, no turn lanes and general chaos that would leave you with two types of road: freeway and free-for-all. How would you feel? Not very safe is my guess. 

     Now think of the House where Saturn resides in your chart. What does Saturn do in the positive to bring safety, order grounding and practicality to this part of your life? Feel free to find other Saturn attributes that are likable. One of my favorite images of Saturn is the good father, one who helps you out when you’re in a jam, always has something wise to say, and makes you feel like your feet are planted firmly on the ground in his presence.

2.  Research time! Go to your search engine. Find out about the god Saturn. What are some things you like and dislike about what you’re reading? Any new revelations? One I like: Saturn’s reign was depicted as a Golden Age of abundance and peace.(Wikipedia) No wonder those Saturn-ruled Capricorns do so well in business.

3. About your Saturn and its sign:

a.   Does your Saturn sign, in your opinion, support your favorite and least favorite facets of this planet’s expression?
b.   What quality of Saturn would you like to develop more in your life?
c.    What’s the element of your Saturn? (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) How does that quality help or hinder the quality you want to develop in 4b?
d.   What’s the quality of Saturn’s relationship to your other planets? Mostly compatible or a struggle?
e.   How many planets make a major aspect to Saturn [1]?
f.    How many of the planets are in close aspect, within 3 degrees or less?
g.   Do these aspects make “doing Saturnian things” easier or more challenging?

 4.  Who was “Saturn” in your life? What did you learn from him or her? What do you want to keep from that experience and what do you want to toss?

Extra Experience: Look at one of your lingering guilt trips today with the practical side of Saturn. Do you really still need to go there? Alternate experience or in addition: Take an opportunity to share wisdom with someone today. How does it feel?

Next week we’re onto Chiron and Neptune, both in Pisces now—so the fishing should be great!


Photo Credit: Saturnus Polidoro Caldara da Caravaggio 16th century, Wikipedia, public domain. 


[1]This is often easiest to find and view in summary in a matrix on the chart wheel page or in one of the “reports” offered, if you have astrology software.

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