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Planetary Fishing: Uranus

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Aion-Uranus with Terra (Greek Gaia) on mosaic

Just joining our fishing party? See May Planetary Fishing Expedition for background.

No matter how you pronounce it—YOUR-uh-ness, Your-AH-ness or the YOUR-anatomy-part that these other pronunciations try to avoid—the first outer planet beyond Chiron is weird, wonderful and a lightning rod for growth to earthlings.

Uranus is cosmic coffee—an awakener and jump-starter whose influence spans from the unexpected (and often unwelcome) to things we all crave like independence and freedom. In-between, we encounter some of the U-Planet’s mixed bag of tricks: breakthrough, brainstorms, innovation and insights. These are complemented by explosions, tactlessness, rash acts, revolution and technology for better or for worse. Some Uranians we may meet on this fishing trip include reformers, humanitarians, heads of organizations, inventors, astrologers, leading-edge communicators, geniuses and scientists. Uranus rules electricity. He's King of Our Ultra Electronic World. If you’ve experienced a power outage anytime lately, you know just how dependent we are on the gifts of Uranus.

Uranus is called the Primordial Being of the Sky and the influence of the planet named after him is that all-pervasive.
 Uranus Fishing Instructions
 1.   Here’s my question for Uranus: What is the value of shock in your life, including abrupt changes?  When has this premier characteristic of Uranus come into your life, and what did you learn from it? We can call this, literally, shock value.

Prometheus chained to a rock, pecked by an eagle every night.

2.   For your research segment this time, we need to look at two myths and your response to them both:

a.  Rev up your search engine and enter Uranus mythology. What do you learn about Father Sky and his relationship to Mother Earth—or any characteristics that jumps out to you as important?

b. In what has long been touted as one of the best astrological essays ever written, Richard Tarnas makes a great case for the myth of Prometheus as the more meaningful story for modern Uranus.  Visit Amazon and read the write-up for his book, Prometheus the Awakener: The Archeypal Meaning of the Planet Uranus. For “extra credit” or enrichment, search a bit more on Prometheus.

After reading a little about both, to which of these archetypal expressions of Uranus do you resonate more? Or is it a bit of both. Why?

3.   About your Uranus and its sign:

What does your Uranus sign say about the nature of your brilliance and visions of the future? For instance, if Uranus is in Taurus, you may have body wisdom because you get flashes of insights that you feel very physically. Uranus in Gemini might be brilliant at communicating insights.

What’s the element of your Uranus? (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) How does that element help you cope with some of the leading edge ideas that visit your psyche in unpredictable patterns?

What’s the relationship of Uranus to your other planets? Mostly compatible or challenging?

How many planets make a major aspect to Uranus? [1]

How many of the planets are in close aspect, within 3 degrees or less?

Do these aspects make it easier or more challenging to be an ambassador of tomorrow? How do they impact the loneliness factor? (It’s lonely out front, being the first to experience what’s ahead.)

Who in your life was very experimental, quirky, even far out? His or her courageous individuality may have either inspired or intimidated you. What did you learn from this individual?

Extra Experience:
Look deeper at one of the shocks you once experienced in #1. What is the good you got from it in retrospect and what did you learn about coping with something big and out of the blue for which you were unprepared? (I share a personal example in my post on Hot Flashbacks/Cool Insights, A Stroke of Luck: The Power of the Wake-Up Call.) Where was transiting Uranus in your chart when this happened?

Next week, we’ll wrap up our month-long fishing expedition with Neptune and Pluto. May has flown by fast!

I’m  considering doing a similar series where we explore the 12 signs in more depth and how their energetic and mythological imprints blend into the mandala of our charts. If you like this idea, please Comment and let me know you’re giving it a thumbs-up. We’ll likely take a rest and not do another self-paced process like this that focuses on the signs until at least July.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, and see you at the boat launch on May 28th.

Photo Credits: Uranus with Terra on the Wheel of Time, Wikipedia, public domain. Prometheus, public domain.


 [1] This is often easiest to find and view in summary in a matrix on the chart wheel page or in one of the “reports” offered, if you have astrology software.

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