Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Books by the Fire: Winter Astrology Reading 2011

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January 2010’s, Winter Astrology Reading: Five Astrologers Share Their Faves was a popular post all year long! There’s nothing like curling up with a good astrology book when the weather outside is frightful, preferably in front of a blazing fire. In fact, the idea felt so good, I thought we’d try a second round of winter book recommendations, and if your interest holds, we’ll make it an annual tradition. (For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, these tomes make equally good beach reading—don’t forget your plastic bag to protect your reads from sand and surf! OK, sometimes I’m a traditional Virgo.)

This year, I got extra help. I belong to an astrology bloggers group on Facebook. I asked my colleagues to recommend their favorites. As with last time, I have decided not to link astrologers to their specific recommendations. They are all fine practitioners and authors themselves and a thumbs-up from any of them on this biblio has equal footing—in my book.

For your convenience, the titles are linked to Amazon for more info—or if you can’t resist purchasing. (Typical conversation among astrologers: “I need to build an addition onto my house for all my books.” This is why I got a Kindle.)

Favorite Books

(An asterisk* means it was mentioned twice by members of the panel.)

Arroyo, Stephen – Relationships and Life Cycles

Ashman, Bernie – Sun Signs and Past Lives

Blaschke, Robert – Relationship Analysis

Cunningham, Donna – Healing Pluto Problems

George, Demetra – Asteroid Goddesses

Hall, Judy – The Hades Moon *

Hand, Robert – Horoscope Symbols

Herring, Amy – Astrology of the Moon

Koval, Barbara – Time and Money

Spiller, Jan – New Moon Astrology

Spiller, Jan – Astrology of the Soul

Sullivan, ErinRetrograde Planets

Sullivan, Erin – Saturn in Transit

Tarnas, Richard - Cosmos and Psyche

Tenzin-Dolma, Lisa – Take Control with Astrology

Tompkins, Sue – Aspects in Astrology

Favorite Astro-Authors Mentioned by Name

Arroyo*, Hand, Rudhyar, George, Blaschke, Tyl, Leo, Carter, Forrest, Tarnas, Green, Sullivan, and Levine/Jawer.

Our Distinguished Panel of Astrologers

I hope you’ll get to know these wonderful star people on their blogs and websites. If you know them already, here’s a chance to get to know them even better. They’re very well read. Here’s your chance to return the favor!

My Current Reads

And just in case you’re curious, I’ve been proving I’ve got Uranus in Gemini by reading Blain Bovee’s Sabian Symbols in Astrological Analysis on my Kindle and in paper,  Alison Chester-Lambert’s The Future in the Stars: The Astrological Message in the Stars for 2012 and Beyond about the newly discovered dwarf planets, the category to which Pluto was demoted. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds that laughable. Has Pluto ever been small in your life?)

Happy Learning!


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Mandi said...

Thanks Joyce...there's a few on the list I haven't read yet...time to go shopping I think, as if I need an excuse :)

Donna Cunningham said...

Thankx for the mention on your booklist, Joyce. I swear my book Healing Pluto Problems is immortal, as would fit a book on Pluto. It was published 25 years ago and is still in print. People are still writing to tell me how much it has helped them.

On a sadder note, Robert Blasche, another of the authors on your list has recently died. Donna Cunningham

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Donna--

One of our distinguished panel members recommended Healing Pluto Problems, and I agree enthusiastically. It belongs on any basic astrological reading list. Also mentioned was what a great resource your blog is! Since the focus of the post was on was books, your comment gives me an opportunity to remind readers of the treasure trove on Sky Writer. I learn so much there, Donna. It's a model for how we do Jupiter in the 21st century in one focused article or forum at a time with lots of community interaction.

I felt the irony in the mentions of Robert's books. At the time I was interacting with the panel, Robert was still among us and died just before I wove the post together. This is the beauty of being a writer. Our words live on, and he will always be much admired and appreciated. How fitting that we'd be discussing Pluto and someone's passing in the same comment.